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Моя коллекция)))
Collection by C.u.B | limpid U.G.A
DotA 2 Collection *¬*
Collection by C-3PO®
... Material DotA 2 Unlimited ^ ^
Dota 2
Collection by JaguarTheGod
Dota 2 Workshop things
Collection by aMIDGETwithcheese
cool things from the workshop that i think should be added to dota 2 :D
Triton Dark Reef
Collection by Cesar Sampedro
Triton_dark_reef set Thanks for your support on Twitch. Created by: Cesar Sampedro Facebook Twitter Twit
Acquisition of the Rising Sun
Collection by Frosty Voodoo
A Spring 2014 'set' for Keeper of the Light. A golden lantern staff and Queue hairstyle. ------- I am working on armor atm, but deadline is coming up fast....
In the Heart of Mercurial
Collection by Intoy
Mountain Tramplers tribe
Collection by mihalceanu
A winter theme armor set for centaur lore: The mountain Tramplers are a proud group of centaurs located in the icy mountains ; they succede in places where ordinary heroes could not even dare to venture . They'r armor is light but warm to facilit
Spider Courier: Webley
Collection by hydro134
Flying and Ground Courrier of Spider named Webley
The holy Flamepain
Collection by Salt - Dol@n
There was once a dragon slayer named Mithos dragonscale. He is the famous for slaying dragons that attacked Lordaeron and for capturing and slaying many dragons across the whole region. Heck, he is more popular than some of the paladins. He had it all.
Ire's Edge - Riki
Collection by Wiggy
Main hand and off hand for the Ire's Edge daggers.
Collection by Gracek [MSF]
Mam nadzieje na zanalezienie najlepiej zrobionych dziewczyn z doty :)
Drow Ranger
Collection by SurprisE :D
Luna collection
Collection by Vert ♥|Green Heart|♥
The princess of Nigth Ruturns!
Collection by Márcio
Aquatic Regalia
Collection by Xenodyne
A Kimono and Sword for Naga Siren, made for the Spring 2014 pack.
Mage slayer
Collection by Pippo
Collection by YOLO MAN
Baba Yaga Courier
Collection by Мразохерство!
Baba Yaga! Hey Hey!
Lesale's Mutations
Collection by ♣TadMod♣
Just a set for Venomancer. I will upload the final item (the ward modifier) when I get the rigging working properly. Until then, enjoy! :)
Thunderous Godhand
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
A set created by MugenMcFugen and Vermilion Wlad. Dota 2 Item Set: Thunderou
Dress of the Fiery Princess
Collection by Monolith
Dress of The Fiery Princess Entry for the Dota 2 Polycount Contest Polycount Thread:
Collection by Face
Collection by Ank
As the description says this is the red devil version of Rikimaru, I guess is basicly a reskin. If there is any feedback you'd like to give its very welcome as long as it is constructive :P
Blades of the Old Master
Collection by Binary
Blades forged in the likeness of the eternal spirit of the flame. (Lacking in particle effects to make up the blade area, just use your imagination.)
Collection by Pikachu
Astral ate.
Collection by RedShot_
Miner of the Ruins
Collection by Brandy
Wild Frenzy Berserker
Collection by Pippo
Collection by TobiaszTT
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