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Polycount Monthly Unnoficial Dota 2 competition - APRIL
Collection by T_Vidotto
Collection by Magraun
Tomb king
Collection by Dr. Robo
Pyramid Pyramid Pyramid hurray tomb kings
Collection by Mewok
Chosen of the Wind
Collection by DigitalCrest
Windrunner has quite many sets focusing on the nature aspect, so I wanted to make something different, that had more to do with her lore. Chosen of the Wind is a (still to be completed) set with focus on the wind- element, which had an important role in th
Maiden's Crystal blades
Collection by slashdas
Twin blades crafted by the magic of the Crystal Maiden
Ish'Kafel's Resolve
Collection by Clyptic
Monstrous Armor of the Stalker
Collection by 7thBattery
Heart of Torment
Collection by Hawkseye
Set of 4 items for Leshrac.
Dota 2 in Pajamas
Collection by Pajamas
bloodthirsty cyber killer set
Collection by darline
bloodthirsty cyber killer set
Nao Nao the Trickster
Collection by OniLolz
A new courier for our New Bloom 2017 collection! Concept art, loading screen by 2Minds Portfolio 3D model by OniLolz and Zaphk OniLolz Portfolio [url=https
Collection by 🅶🅰🅽🆂
Garb of the Bloodlust Magi
Collection by Wyld Stallyns
The garb and relics of the greatest blood mage to ever walk the land. They say the power of this great mage has never before and will never again be matched. Sadly, the wizard died in an unfortunate alchemical accident and the Ogre Magi found his body
Collection by Dr. Robo
Warhammer omniknight sets with shaders and sculls!
Half Hyper
Collection by Heimdall
HyperStone for Anti Mage
Battle Queen
Collection by Melchiah
Battle Queen enters the battlefield with the motto "If you want something done well, do it yourself." Set in the style of 18th century monarchs period. Comment please, we need you opinion!
Heroic Gear
Collection by LOUZMO
This will have sven new gear that i will try making, it will make him look more heroic ans tank some more :).
Collection by Sturmgewehr 44
Astral Reaper
Collection by Nikey
New set for Outworld Devourer!
Set of Imagination
Collection by RexXxuS
Shards of Ember
Collection by MdK
Frozen Warpath
Collection by MozyGFX
Hey guys. This is my first set for Dota 2 , i learned a lot about the process and i hope you guys will like it. ^_^
Thorn Blades Set
Collection by danielriversart
Ancient blades made by an old indian tribe. Woods taken of strong sequoias, blades forged by a forest monster hungry for blood and thorns taken off big tigers. This weapon was made from this monster to survive and become the greatest predator of all times.
Deadly Twin Set
Collection by ^0Fren2y
Collection by IGWTmenace
Pudge so I frightened all enemies by the craft, the manner to kill and devour corpses of the victims that enemies began to run away or hide as soon as feel that Pudge nearby. Then Pudge decided to apply a camouflage suit. It cut a sheep and made of a skin
DOTA 2 International 2014 (LoadingScreen)
Collection by Maxumen
DOTA 2 International 2014 (LoadingScreen)
Set of the Zhong Kui's wrath
Collection by CiDDi
Items for Phantom Lancer
Out of hell
Collection by [DP] Fucking God
Wizard from Thicket
Collection by Zalak
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