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Legacy of the Forefather
Collection by bounchfx
Elder Titan - Legacy of the Forefather Set Made in participation of the Polycount Community Chest Event. Concept and Illustration by CiDDi Model and Textures by bounchfx Thank you for looking!
Collection by .
Gyrocopter Plerion Vulcan KN-10
Collection by guts
Super Mega Epic Skin Collection!!!
Collection by
Thorn of Bloody Rose-滴血玫瑰刺
Collection by Legacy eSports
Assassin's Set
Collection by Noc_Attenti
A new look for Phantom Assassin !
Brewmaster's Fortune Master Set
Collection by Jigglypuff
Brewmaster's Fortune Master Set
Absolute Garbage
Collection by I I do who I who is
Shitty items that are just to funny or bad to pass up. Here are some of the worst items the Workshop has to offer. Come, enjoy the shit show.
Victorious Set
Collection by Sebastian
Set for 64Quarters Cup
Gal set by pudge
Collection by ExpLoDe
The Wood's Warrior
Collection by DeerHunter
The Wood's Warrior has harnessed the powers of not only the wood but of gem and stone.
Spirit of the Oceans Set
Collection by Zoja
Hello Community this is my first set! Feedback would be awesome.
Great Garment Turstarskuri's Set
Collection by Midas King
No thx
Silent assault
Collection by MalokeT
Keep the mouth shut or die!
incandescent rage blades
Collection by oxhid3
incandescent rage blades
Elder Guard Set
Collection by Ksenobit
Lava Nightmare
Collection by blingbling
Lava Nightmare, designed for Bristleback.
Reliquary Of The Damned
Collection by Prophet9 [Rusty Anvil]
A powerful weapon and suit of armor, forged and quenched with the blood of King Ostarion's enemies, forever caging their souls within.
Rush collection
Collection by мой май
Deadliest Weapon seen many fights
The Lion's Fury
Collection by Pernach
The Lion's Fury
Lava Blades - Ember Spirit
Collection by Sapphire
airship courier
Collection by RAVEN
airship courier
Dota 2.o
Collection by Zach
Eclectic, and simple. An artform in itself. My collections speak of modern day life, and the little things that make you smile. Prepare your self for limitless imaginationi!
Collection by Aft0ck^
Латные конструкции и неординарные цвета как оружия, так и лат ... Наплечники, мечи, нахвостники для героев с хвостом (СК, Пак и другие)
Exzul Weapon
Collection by PCG
Wearable weapons
Courier army
Collection by Nexory
A nice collection with the best Couriers. I hope you like it ! :)
Dota 2
Collection by Idea=IQ ''Th3 B|@CK L!gh+''
All Dota 2 Collections.
D Magazine
Collection by Lara Croft
Dark Wood
Collection by ☠Coyot Ugly☠
Good things
Collection by Qouse
Everything that is pleasant
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