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Collection by: [HwC]OomJan
Builds for Lion.
DotA 2 items
Collection by: hickwarrior
These items are items I'd like to have in DotA 2. I'm not sure if it will help their popularity, but I hope that my partoicipation will help make these items more popular.
My Shit
Collection by: Rasengan
Blade of the Birthright
Collection by: Teeird Buying Knives For Cash
The two swords "Blade of the Birthright" collection.
love drow
Collection by: SEQUELADO
Aqui dedico espaço esclusivamente ao meu primeiro char no dota *-*
Phanton Assassin
Collection by: YΔHWEH ✙
Seria buen arma para Phanton Assassin la hace ver mas interesante.
Phantom Lancer
Collection by: [TBR] Itchy [BUL]
Some nice things for Dota 2
King Wars
Collection by: Genkito.
Collection by: mode
This is my Own, Modified and Suggested ideas of possible design for the heroes.
Dota 2 :)
Collection by: † ฿яαïαи[Dx] ツ
Best Of The Best
Collection by: imar
BOTB .....
3he doter
Collection by: Im in love with the CoCo-ro
Collection by: RoGu3xGuNn3R
Collection by: Ṧẫ\/ẫǤ€
Collection by: ¡ | D2i | V[i]sT1ruk2s~☯
Collection by: Denaiz
Collection by: ZebraListrada™
Tem como abjetivo criar um courrier Coala
dota 2
Collection by: speedyz92
Collection by: GONG ZILLA
Collection by: Best_Player11
Collection by: Epta_Xula_Bla
Collection by: Vallium
blood seekr set
butcher zombie
Collection by: Khong Minh Phuong
Templar Assassin Angel's version
Collection by: Bao Bei
I love all the templar assassin skills are unique and different from other heroes. In addition to agile and fast, she also has a very big damage. Nah, It was some of the details on how to play my version of the TA. check this out.. Purchase Order...
Лучшее !!!
Collection by: Shadow'Virt
Тени сизые смесились, Цвет поблекнул, звук уснул – Жизнь, движенье разрешились В сумрак зыбкий, в дальний гул… Мотылька полет незримый...
Red collection
Collection by: ᅠᅠ
Collection by: talgasema
Dota 2 Workshop things
Collection by: aMIDGETwithcheese
cool things from the workshop that i think should be added to dota 2 :D
Yakuza style of Chinatown
Collection by: HardLine
New set coming soon ...
Scrapper Axe
Collection by: Rook
Over time, waterfalls of blood have eroded Axe's equipment. Rather than dealing with a blacksmith, Mogul Khan instead began salvaging what he could from his slain foes, shaping the metal he found bit by bit until they were ready to be used in battle. To...
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