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Collection by Nexit
Debris of the Binary Eclipse
Collection by Frump
A set made in co-operation with FULL METAL DOTA for an upcoming tournament. Check out FULL METAL DOTA Follow me on Twitter @Frump3d
Tribune's Set
Collection by xtab
King Chomperton
Collection by Le-Dano
It’s good to be King! One in a long line of regal rodents, King Chomperton reigns supreme over a small empire. While his favourite pastime is, undoubtedly, working his way through logs, trees, and driftwood, he does take time out of his busy schedule to sp
Set of Brilliance
Collection by ultimatec | topillas
Set for Rubick :D
Hellion Trinity
Collection by Paskie!
This is a set that i have made for Lion. It concists of three items: Crown, Arm and Scepter. There is a chance that i will add some shoulders if they are good. I will rename the set then :) I hope you like it!
Time of War
Collection by [ME]Smailer
Time of War
Hunter of the Jungle
Collection by Dku
Weapons created by the master hunter himself, when he found himself within the heart of battle without a weapon to his name. Any hunter knows that improvisation is the greatest skill of all.
Collection by GoldenHeart
Lord of Hell set
Collection by Viktor.avi
Collection for spring2014
Collection by Viktor.avi
My Favorites
Collection by Carnage-
Rikimaru - Golden Shadow
Collection by dev.*****.md
Black Orc's Armory
Collection by Ksenobit
Luna - The Emissary of Losna
Collection by Meshroom
Phoenixism Invoker set
Collection by 深海魚男
Inheritors of Phoenixism are eccentric and imperious, those who has a stone face but a furious heart,always appears on the tip of a battle and change the wind. However, no matter how fierce his enemy are,invoker beats them down with his unstoppable will
The Keeper of Knowledge
Collection by .nullf
Last Locuthi Dragon
Collection by Cesar Sampedro (Follow us on Facebook) [url=https://twitte
Funny DOTA 2 Items
Collection by Suppressor of free Jester speech
Items for DOTA 2 that I find hilarious or interesting :3
Rockman9's Gadgets
Collection by ImNoobCarryMe
Just start learning about modeling and texturing three days ago! Hope you enjoy this!
The Slyrak Armor Set
Collection by SANDKING
The ancient power of dragons slumbers in the Dragon Davion, a knight when he calls it the Armor of Slyrak with impermeable armor shielded from dragon scales.. a gift from the dragons...
Collection of Demon red mist
Collection by Foma Kinyaev
During an unequal battle Axe was enslaved by ancient demons who bound him and handed mace incredible strength. To be freed from the shackles need to collect more than one thousand dush, thereby quench the thirst of the Dark Lord.
Vestments of the Phantom Feather
Collection by DNADota
Set for PA.
Thorns of the Dark Earth Tribe
Collection by Stars' Dust
Legend says there was a tribe once made Earthshaker their god. They used their ancient knowledge and put together an armor containing the very soul of the ground. If worn by the Earthshaker himself, the armor can release marvellous power upon every strikes
Riki - Golden Saboteur
Collection by Jeremy Klein
Riki - Golden Saboteur
Present of the Deep
Collection by MisaMisa
When Luna returned Silverwoods with the alliance of the Deep Ones, a present was brought to express the admiration of the princess.
Quirky Emoticon Pack
A collection of cute and cool emoticons for use in DOTA 2! Check out the 1st pack here:
Garments of Serenity
Collection by Clyptic
Kattenfrost - Crystal Maiden Set
Collection by PEAR
Gladiator Set
Collection by Dolan Draper
An item set for Phantom Lancer
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