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The Northern Fire
Collection by Pernach
The Northern Fire
RoX.KIS Pennant
Collection by ArtRage
Shards of the Relic
Collection by Segek
Collection by AngryBeard
Corrupted Stone of the Void
Collection by luluz
With his intelligence, Dark Seer can see through the enemy's mind and manipulate that weakness. Someday, his journey meets him with mysterious green void stone. Fascinated by magical power that he feels from the stone, Dark Seer creates the mask so
NI Conventions Season 1 - Wraith King - The Immortal Glory
Collection by Meshroom
Top 8 teams battle in event for $100,000 and only one will take the NI Conventions Season 1 trophy home!
Gangstah Meepo
Collection by Sexy Cherrie
I used BIC's round stic M to finish this work. I was inspired by my hood and the rat at my work place.
The dood Pack
Collection by anyfin
The "dood Pack" contains three new emoticons, all of which convey happiness to the other players! Do you feel thrilled about your team's performance? Use the Storm Well Played! emoticon! Do you feel pleased about the enemy team falling into your trap
dota 2 collection
Collection by Matulapapa
Collection by Believe
My Custom Games.
Dota 2 fav.
Collection by Elimelech
Collection by Digozica
Dota 2
Collection by Квабрбалг
Моя коллекция
Outstanding Works
Collection by Kitsune
A collection of works much worthy being in game. This collection is based on my preference and will continue to grow.
PLEASE add this amazing set for Kunkka.
Collection by -NegatiV-
I would love this set to make it in-game i would buy it 5000 times :) please add Armaments of Leviathan Kunkka set.
Courier Crab (Zoidberg)
Collection by Tasty Num Nums
This is my model for a Courier Crab like the one (Zoidberg) in Dota. He is to walk sideways and carries items via the urns on his back. I still need to work out the UV Textures. I'll upload images as soon as I'm done!
DOTA 2 collection
Collection by PSYChO
Wards Of Dota2
Collection by Light bless you
Моя коллекция)))
Collection by C.u.B | limpid U.G.A
DotA 2 Collection *¬*
Collection by N.G.L
... Material DotA 2 Unlimited ^ ^
Dota 2
Collection by JaguarTheGod
Dota 2 Workshop things
Collection by aMIDGETwithcheese
cool things from the workshop that i think should be added to dota 2 :D
Acquisition of the Rising Sun
Collection by ToxicAvenger
A Spring 2014 'set' for Keeper of the Light. A golden lantern staff and Queue hairstyle. ------- I am working on armor atm, but deadline is coming up fast....
Triton Dark Reef
Collection by Cesar Sampedro
Triton_dark_reef set Thanks for your support on Twitch. Created by: Cesar Sampedro Facebook Twitter Twit
Mountain Tramplers tribe
Collection by mihalceanu
A winter theme armor set for centaur lore: The mountain Tramplers are a proud group of centaurs located in the icy mountains ; they succede in places where ordinary heroes could not even dare to venture . They'r armor is light but warm to facilit
Spider Courier: Webley
Collection by hydro134
Flying and Ground Courrier of Spider named Webley
The holy Flamepain
Collection by Dol@n
There was once a dragon slayer named Mithos dragonscale. He is the famous for slaying dragons that attacked Lordaeron and for capturing and slaying many dragons across the whole region. Heck, he is more popular than some of the paladins. He had it all.
Ire's Edge - Riki
Collection by Wiggy
Main hand and off hand for the Ire's Edge daggers.
Collection by Gracek [MSF]
Mam nadzieje na zanalezienie najlepiej zrobionych dziewczyn z doty :)
Drow Ranger
Collection by SurprisE :D
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