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Collection by Kibami
A collection of beautiful items which Valve has to add! Note: The following items were not made by me, nor do i have any connection to their creators. i only wish to share their wonderful and amazing works!
Flame Timbersaw
Collection by Penguin -Road To 3k-
Timbersaw ın yeni itemleri çok begenilecek timber saw ın kollarındaki ve ayaklarındaki alev şekilleri ile ona yeni bir tarz yaratacak ve kafasındaki pervane ile gözlerini üstünden alamicaksınız.
Collection by BladeFear
Dota 2
Collection by GROM
Do użytku osobistego
Collection by <Cute>
Collection by RAZVRAT
Эта интересная коллекция она понравится каждому это моя первая коллекция не судите строго
Collection by Kão
Warped Luminant Set
Collection by Spec
The Warped Luminant Set Includes: Helm of the Luminant Armor of the Luminant Bracers of the Luminant Robe of the Luminant
Set of the Sumo Fighter
Collection by Shiny
Valve Anti-Mage
Collection by Pixeltic
This collection includes one amazing item so far! Trust me it's worth checking out.
Collection by Chief
Eerie Darkness
Collection by < FARGO >
3x3 Wars
Collection by VoiceoftheHorde
Карта, использующая один лайн. Каждая следующая башня находится на хайграунд выше.На лайне спавнятся сразу 2 волны крипов, рядом с базами есть по одному спавну лесных крипов. Карту на 2 части разделяет река, с одной стороны который 2 спавна древних, с друг
Collection by Biz
Collection by Mayerlinck
Seran articulos unicos e inspirados en la cultura azteca y maya.
Drow Ranger
Collection by SurprisE :D
Collection by Cockroache
Коллекция героев
Collection by МН.Eq[uali]zer
Продукты в наборе полный комплект:)
Gyrocopter Plerion Vulcan KN-10
Collection by Girolamo Riario
Collection by .
Excellence of the Worthful Vityaz
Collection by ✪Dota2✪DNADota✪Първият Хищник✪
Set for Legion Commander.
Legacy of the Forefather
Collection by bounchfx
Elder Titan - Legacy of the Forefather Set Made in participation of the Polycount Community Chest Event. Concept and Illustration by CiDDi Model and Textures by bounchfx Thank you for looking!
Thorn of Bloody Rose-滴血玫瑰刺
Collection by Legacy eSports
Assassin's Set
Collection by Noc_Attenti
A new look for Phantom Assassin !
Brewmaster's Fortune Master Set
Collection by Jigglypuff
Brewmaster's Fortune Master Set
Absolute Garbage
Collection by HoboLyra
Shitty items that are just to funny or bad to pass up. Here are some of the worst items the Workshop has to offer. Come, enjoy the shit show.
Gal set by pudge
Collection by ExpLoDe
The Wood's Warrior
Collection by DH
The Wood's Warrior has harnessed the powers of not only the wood but of gem and stone.
Spirit of the Oceans Set
Collection by Zoja
Hello Community this is my first set! Feedback would be awesome.
Reliquary Of The Damned
Collection by Prophet9 [Rusty Anvil]
A powerful weapon and suit of armor, forged and quenched with the blood of King Ostarion's enemies, forever caging their souls within.
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