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Junk yard knight
Collection by Kidalv
New set for clockwerk in a junk yard style view in 3D
Dark silencer
Collection by Happy
I hope you like it)
Trolls of Dota 2 Emoticon Pack
Collection by Whynne
All of Dota 2's troll heroes sporting mischevious grins to taunt their foes, officially commissioned by the creator of the Trollface image. Open to feedback.
Phantom collection
Collection by TG
(Nexon) Bloody Ripper
Collection by Bronto ⚡ Thunder
Terror Blade (TB) Loading Screen
Collection by DG.Night Hawks.DL
This Is Terror Blade . Awesome Loading Screen .. Wish U Like It.... RATEUP , ADD TO FAVOURITE , Subcribe Please!! If U Want To Add This In Dota 2..
Demolition Charger - Set
Collection by JovaGrof
Collection by MasterTwix
Flags for all!!!!!!! Respect your country!!!!!!
Abaddon, Armor of the Merciless King
Collection by pantera03
The armor of an ancient, dark and merciless king has come within Abaddon's grasp. Mercy no more for any unfortunate foe that will stand between the merciless king and his thirst for power. My goal was to make a version of a well armored Abaddon while
Hero Dota Earth Spirit Bundle
Collection by Zalak
For Hero Dota bundle
Leviathan spikes
Collection by Mory
Tidehunter grew long spines, while he slept for many years in the depths of the ocean.
Blood Arms
Collection by Sapphire
Weapons for Huskar
Nature's Prophet Animated Emoticon Pack
Collection by Alystair | Barcraft United
A collection of useful emoticons to enjoy within the world of Dota 2 from the Prophet's own secret stash. To preview the animated versions check out the individual pages!
Deep Trench Terror
Collection by Channfree
The Deep Trench Terror, is an ancient warrior of the deep. Drawn to the surface by the hunger of war and battle, this lone sentinel seeks to find any slab of meat that can quell its thrist for blood and battle. Created in partnership with Team Archon,
Slardar - Thieves Fate
Collection by ENODMI
Slardar is seen here wearing a glorious oufit created from the bones of would be thieves... marvelous!
Royal daggers of Thalin
Collection by Mister Penguin
Riki made these daggers in remembrance of his lost brothers.
Darshy's set
Collection by iRYO400
Here is a video
Bloody Snow set of Juggernaut(shoulder)
Collection by ilyya
Bloody Snow set of Juggernaut(shoulder) This design is inspired by Korea traditional patterns and mask.
Riki Golden Horned Blades
Collection by DNADota
Set of two daggers for Riki with handles from golden capricorn horns and sharpened blades.
Serpent's Scale Medusa
Collection by e-Club Malaysia
Shard sea stone
Collection by Наследник пиздюл
Shard sea stone brought winds Waltari
Sphinx awakening
Collection by Dr. Robo
Our new OD set, comes with gold and obsidian texture styles Follow me on twitter @RoboCG
legend dragon armor and wepons
Collection by DZ.ϟ ZEUZ ϟ
witch doctor
Collection by GrimSauce
Tiger berserk
Collection by Happy
Hello everybody!!! I hope you like it tiger style set!
Attire of the Forsaken Scion
Collection by Sapphire
Woven from the finest silks and inlaid with the purest gems, this attire was gifted to the Forsaken Scion by the goddess Skree’auk after her humiliating fall from the Ghastly Eyrie. This gift is to remain Shendelzare’s until the day the she lifts off
Berserker of Eagle Totem - Huskar
Collection by Legacy eSports
The Dark Avalanche
Collection by Елохил
Set for Spirit Breaker.
Master Assassin
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
Pudge wars
Collection by KIRA.DCE
its so nice to play pudge wars like me a pudge gamer I HOPE I CAN PLAY EVERY DAYYYY
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