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Collection by: Drasn
Undead Knuckle
Collection by: ΔRTϨ ΔϨϨ
Undead was one of the most powerful creeps in Death Depths. His flaming knuckel is visible on tabards and shields beneath Death to this day. While he no longer lives to command the Death army, the death become uncontrollable
Shan Collection
Collection by: Shin Chan ♥ ҉҈҉҈҈҉҈҉҈
Ash's Collection
Collection by: Primal Flash
Collection by: BEAST_TNSIDE
мне кажется это будет круто )
Collection by: 浪荡独行者丶
pet! From cartoon pet
dota 2
Collection by: Lostintrance
Sword of The Storms
Collection by: darkskilled
Sword of the storm. Demolishes anyone in its path. A tornado, is summoned from the sky, and brought down... Go across the map, destroying Terran, plants, and heroes. Legend says, that it's creator is a sky god. The sword summons a tornado, to demolish eve...
My Item
Collection by: Twitter
THE Qerwel´s
Collection by: 123456789987654321fuv
esta coleccion lo hara diferente de los demas por las diferentes propuestas que ofrecere ya se el atuendo de los heroes, courier, etc.
Sven Octopoint Helmet
Collection by: Raks
Collection by: Dr. Jerkyll™
Collection by: Kryuck
Collection by: TURTLE
коллекция очень классная но ее сейчас нету
Collection by wIntEr
Collection by: SPASATEL MALIBU
decided to create her collection of things for persovaney DotA 2
My stuffs
Collection by: Kämijō
My stuffs for heros Dota 2!
Дота 2 Колектион
Collection by: R@bbiT^^
Collection by: Cyrano De Bergerac
1,2,3 probando probando...
Collection by: R0mBIT
melee sword
Collection by: PantaloniPatati
I come up with this concept of a sword(still learning this 3d max :D )and i need some help . That's why i what you guys to tell me your opinion .its a nice concept? what improvements can i make? i still didn't decide for which hero it suits better....
Dota 2
Collection by: valyora
Моя коллекция
Drow Hanter
Collection by: link
Drow hanter
Collection by: Joozer®
про затар
Collection by: WBTBWB
Collection by: КайН
Perfect pallium
Collection by: ПАША ЧЕРТ Я ВАХУЕ!!!
Collection by: Jangles
bounty is dark
Collection by: k0N
dignity pirate
Collection by: Sloy the Great
DotA 2
Collection by: ✪BlackSky☭
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