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Armor of Iron Power
Collection by Pernach
Armor of Iron Power
Spring's Frost
Collection by Hawf
A set designed for Winter Wyvern
Lotus guardian
Collection by Dr. Robo
see no teammates, hear no team calls, speak no missing lanes (c) Hawf
Guardian of the Manta Style Set
Collection by Confrontation
Hi Guys! i hope you enjoy my new Set :)
Slark's Kraken-shell Ensemble
Collection by Mavell Duceau
A set made for Slark, based around parts of a turtle being used as arms and armour
Gorgon's Grace
Collection by belkun
Armor of the Fatal Lore
Collection by Frump
War Machine of the Orient
Collection by Xajai
While scouring the world for schematics to rebuild the Gyrocopter, Aurel discovered something amazing. The eastern lands had began to build the same in secret, by commission of the Royal Emperor himself. Unable to resist his thirst for flying machines, he
Time Dragon
Collection by blossomalex https://giant.gfy
Red Moon Crystal Sets:)
Collection by 𐂃𐂃ͫͣ̿̄
Inside are some of my fully designed and some are modified version of a new breed of set I call "Red Moon Crystal Set"
Dark Seer, The Forgotten Tactician
Collection by jocz
A set for Dark Seer! Enjoy!
Alvaro Tello: (Drow Ranger)
Collection by twenday.
Pinioned in Angst
Collection by DEPUISEAU
If you like it please vote and follow , thanks for your support! :)
drow ranger
Collection by Julie Ann Nicole
shadow armor .This item is suitable ,because of this black suit..
The Wishmaster (Storm spirit)
Collection by SOLMIR
I thought of Storm spirit as a Djinny storm, cause he looks like a Djinny from lamp with his magic and blue skin illuminated. And it was pleasant for me to work on this set. Hope you like it!
Sea Avenger
Collection by .nullf
Day 1. Kunkka drifted, shipwrecked, towards the shore, when the mighty Raelot began to attack. Some say if you cut free one of his many tentacles, it will harden forever. This constricted appendage is now forever melded to Kunkka's arm, as small price to
Undersea marauder
Collection by ItsgoodForU
Undersea marauder
Bondye's embodiment
Collection by Acid Drop King
Bondye - supreme creator in voodou
Blooming Might of the Titan
Collection by Bronto ⚡ Thunder
Doom Bringer Blood Haiden Set
Collection by Evil Kon
Polycount Thread Sketchfab Model Viewer
Pearl of East Ocean --- Naga Siren Spring 2017 set
Collection by YunL
Hi guys, here is our naga set for the Spring 2017 event --- Pearl of East Ocean. If you like it, please give us thumb up. As aways feel free to leave your opinion and we appreciate your help.
The Golden Snake
Collection by Sparkwire
A lucky gambling set for a lucky gambler.
juggernaut sets
Collection by Saga
An armor worn by a Fierce warrior named Vergil,Now it is used to protect you from your enemies in order to kill them First unleash god like powers!
Mischievous Princess set
Collection by K
Orbs of Time
Collection by Echronos
With those powerfull Orbs, Faceless Void can travel through time and defeat any foe! The process of creation can be found here:
Collection by Dr. Robo
Viper sets comes in 2 color variants!
Frozen Emissary
Collection by Zipfinator Kiefen 'Zipfinator' Zipf | Twitter Tiffany 'Arty' Boother | Twitter
Ember Djinn
Collection by e-Club Malaysia
Luminous Warrior
Collection by belkun
Jailbreaker Set
Collection by H E L E N E K
Jailbreaker is a 3 item set for Spiritbreaker. The set consist of “Barathrum ’s Patch”, “Chained Agony”, and his “Imprisoned Tail”. Each peice was designed with the characters design, and aesthetic in mind. Barathrum’s Patch is a head slot item for Spi
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