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Collection by: pijuuuuuuu
Simple creative additions
Collection by: LuKe
Some simple and creative ideas for DotA2 heros. As I am not used to modelling programs, I am not able to let it look "real" but i do as much as i can to convince you from my idea. I hope there is someone who notices my work and hopefully one of my ideas w...
damage givers
Collection by: Marcica
design and simplicity
Spirit Hunter
Collection by: Blue Fluffy
Spirit Hunter collection for bounty hunter. Dark, spirit theme will eventually include a complete set of items.
Collection by: kolle
RIKI dota 2
Collection by: dreniko
DOTA 2 Weapons Collection
Collection by: »MaTriX™
This is my first attempt to create models for DOTA 2. I hope you will like my objects and I would appreciate to receive suggestions and feedback to improve my work. Enjoy!
Juggernaut vesão Bleach
Collection by: CaNa.Manzolesco ツ
Está coleção associa Juggernaut com o personagem principal de Bleach (Kurosaki Ichigo), implementado vestimenta e armas do anime no Herói fazendo com que ele fique muito mais estiloso.
Collection by: [TDF]Toolbit
When lightning strikes the surface of this UI, the afterglow pulsed through the material leaving behind a glow like no other
Dota 2 usable
Collection by: AZ
Dota 2
Collection by: PuffBiker
Fireball for dragon ... Make 140-180 damage to the enemy . 90 sec of cooldown.
Collection by: EvillKill121
Dota 2
Collection by: Na`Vi.Ohmz
Collection by: ENDERZMEI20011
Silencer head
Collection by: DS.INFINITY
Like this silencer head please.
Loadingscreens from me
Collection by: [ Furry ] Corii Ferrex
here i post all my new loadingscreens and more ^^
Blessed Guardian
Collection by: A1[N]V
Burned forest
Collection by: Anstabo
Well first of all thanks for looking at my set, It is my first time around the creation of dota 2 set so please be aware that i only begin at it and that i don't have the hand on it. Please do only constructive criticism in order to me to progress and to ...
Загрузочные Экраны Профи Команд
Collection by: Ducky's Dream Team*Fatality™
Здесь буду выкладывать загрузочные экраны Профисиональных команд DOTA 2
Collection by: Fnatic.Era
Ну мне очень понравилось как я сделал)
Walnut's Dota 2 HUD Skins
Collection by: Walnut Attorney
I plan to create many different and unique HUD skins for Dota 2. This collection shows all of my previous work.
Dead man's loot - Assassin of Tahlin
Collection by: Mister Blister
Dead men tell no tales, Rikimaru needs to show you. Set - Riki This is my first collection for DotA 2. Riki set, contains 6 items: -Arms -Head -Shoulder -Weapon -Offhand -Tail
Aleque Custom Announcer- DotA Leavers
Collection by: LostENT
Aleque has returned to make sure that no leavers ruin your Dota 2 game. He and his killer monkey will punish all leavers with the power of song to lift your spirits. Though he may not be recognized today, he has been in hiding for years just for this mo...
Ocean Pollution
Collection by: [UN]cagdasx44
This collection is triying to teach you what mankind does to ocean and the animals inside of it
Collection by: Red&Bull™
это новые крылья для найт сталкера
Garments of the Unseen Sisters
Collection by: Chrixal, Master of Minette
Although unseen by her victims, the Sisters of the Viel like to look good.
Wild Frenzy Berserker
Collection by: Ownage
Brutal Slam Set
Collection by: Champi Suicidaire
Brutal Slam Set for Earthshaker
Stonehall Legatus Armor Set
Collection by: UNSCSpartin
Stonehall Legatus Armor The inspiration for this armor set comes from that of a Roman military officer's garb. Being that Legion Commander is the commander of the Bronze Legion I found it only fitting that she should look the part of a Legatus (meanin...
Collection by: \\Mercenary// Yusuke
A espada mais poderosa ja criada pelos deuses capas de matar ate com um unico goupe pois seu poder e desconhecido
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