Dota 2
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Create and submit new items (such as armor, weapons, clothing, Couriers, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Or help identify the best by rating up your favorites. Submission Guidelines
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Collection by: Мужик
Здесь будут показаны гайды , которые будут напоминать тех самых замечательных гайдов из Dota 1!
i wanted to upload dis dats it
Collection by: EmmO
i wanted to upload dis dats it
Butterfly's Edges
Collection by: Freecs
The set Of the Butterfly Edges
Lycan Dota 2
Collection by: Santurron35
Werewolves, that is all
Default LoadingScreens (Repainted) | Стандартные Loadingscreen'ы (Перекрашенные)
Collection by: 6MorteM9
Purple | Фиолетовый: Blue | Синий: Green | Зеленый:
Collection by: won't let u go
its amazing
Collection by: BADAL
Collection by: CANION
Я хочу создать уникал!
Slardar Announcer
Collection by: Fnatic.EU | Fly
Slardar Announcer,guys its first my work ;) wait ur comments
Collection by: Дно ебанное не играйте со мной
carrys collection
Collection by: NostraWK
nice items
Spirit Breaker Items
Collection by: Josh18
Sange And Yasha Black King Bar Assault Cuirass Power Threads Mask Of Madness Battle Fury
Collection by: NaNoLiON
Its my :D
Mask and Blade of the Last Practitioner
Collection by: flwns
Collection by: HyperKineticNerd
DotA 2 Huds
Shades of the Veil
Collection by: Shriker
Shades of the Veil armor set I did for Phantom Assassin for the Polycount Dota2 competition. You can check my progress here:
Pudge Set New Set
Collection by: VoSs
Pudge Set Create For lMeLo.Ol =)
Shiben the Guardian Lion
Collection by: PaperNotes
Don't worry with Shiben the Guardian Lion!
Sniper не сдается никогда
Collection by: Ramon
Collection by: Daniel
Skeleton King Vengenstone Set
Collection by: jake
This is my Vengenstone set, I'm still learning 3D modelling but I'm quite happy with how they have turned out.
dota 2
Collection by: Game over
Нормаль ДОТА 2
Collection by: 小學生80級
Это вам понравиться
TI4 Loading Screen Pack
Collection by: Wimpmeat
TI4 Loading Screen Pack *Wimpmeat
Collection by: BOSS
Collection by: 749
разные вещи для дота 2
Collection by: @Dragon@
эта колекция вещей оружия и т.п
Turstarkuri Harps
Collection by: Mr. Reyne Cloud
Antimage Weapons
Collection by: [Vv]100xpkote
Lust Hater
Collection by: Banan-Telefon
He is runnig, killing, stealing, loving. Its ME. And this is my set for Pudgie.
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