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Golden Horse Blades
Collection by Jumping Yoshi
Two Legendary Horse Blades for Riki. Spring 2014
Royal Guards Set
Collection by Cook
Royal Guards set for phantom lancer!
Jade Trickster Set
Collection by Thnk
Jade Trickster Set for Puck
Collection by Apothus
Weapon: Sever Helm: Aversion Bracers: Malevolence Tail: Tail of tyfus Shoulders: Pauldrons of hate This is my take on doom bringers armor, thought about a viking styled helmet, then added the 3rd horn I was thinking of hair braided back, I thought i
Lion Thorn
Collection by Konras
Watcher of The Horn
Collection by - F1YAN -
A treasure chest of vision from the Ancient Horn that grants them visibility of nearby hostile
Lust of Ancient Crimson
Collection by bounchfx
A murderous new set for Bloodseeker from Pior and bounchfx. - - - For when the seeker is feeling incredibly savage, he is not content to drain the blood of a few enemies, but all that stand before him.
Shogun Slayer
Collection by sir_AXE
The last heritage Riki decided to put to use while cutting enemy's throats is his last revenge...
Collection by valdic
Valkia the Bloody
Collection by leshiy leshiy – Concept Art, Ill
Random Emoticon Pack 1
Collection by Rocket's Zapdos Ex
My first emoticon pack, more ideas and emoticons forthcoming. Comments, opinions, and suggestions welcome.
Cunning Trapper's Arsenal
Collection by DNADota
Set for Sniper.
Octarine Nova
Collection by SMTRY
This set is inspired by Octarine Core item. Look through all collection of sets based on in-game items, and inspired by the idea of delivering the most powerful and signature artifacts of heroes into their sets. SMTRY
Blades of the Depth
Collection by Stefco [Rusty Anvil]
Once used by a highborn warrior against the invasion of the deep ones.
The fire of anger
Collection by zhang tao
Hello everyone
Aegis Of Casuals
Collection by MONEY MAKER TIM
A 1000$ tournament run by Redditors.
Sacrificial Tools of the Jidi Jungles
Collection by Dvonio ▲▲
Set of two weapons for huskar.
The Red Series
Collection by Airborn_Studios
A collection of red items of strength , for the bloodthirsty and flaming demons of this world.
Razorback Bristle
Collection by Boom
Briskie set!
Huskar Warrior Set
Collection by Roizu Maaku
Scarlet Avenger
Collection by Mv
The Scarlet Avenger - Legion Commander The night that would change everything . . . the future that would give birth the an unstoppable force of good . . . of that insufferable night, where demons attacked at night . . . ravaging every man, child and wo
Golden Arch of Eyrie
Collection by Shannxn
A golden staff owned only by the highest placed Mage in the court of the Ghastly Eyrie. Feel free to drop by our Steam Workshop to view other items that we have done! Thank you for all the support! :) Shannon -
Retribution of Damascus
Collection by Heimdall
Damascus Steel
Argus of Dominance
Collection by Strno8
This set contains 4 items, helm, shoulders, bracers and chestplace. This set contain basic omniknight cape as Argus chest. We also have some concepts. Concept designer
Imperial Horned Headguard
Collection by ikeikeikeikeikeikeikeikeikeikeik
Abyssal Distorter
Collection by Chameleon
Dark Seer set for TI7 call to arms
Hells Breath Set
Collection by blossomalex
After his horrid transformation, gone rogue, clinkz started to bounty more demons and slay them to dust. He would then take their skulls and bones, crafting them as trophies on his armor pieces. It is said that he kept alive the essence and soul of the dem
Bringer of plague
Collection by Pernach
Bringer of plague
Bloodfang collection
Collection by IGWTmenace
The most brutal of the Veil Sisters were named Bloodfangs. Sacrifice for them is not a simple faith anymore, now it is the meaning of life. They put to death incessantly, cut settlements of measly people for quench bloody thirst. The weapon and armor made
Dragon Edge - Shield
Collection by andyk125
This is a collection for just two items, the Dragon Edge Blade is a old item, but never got the attention that it deserved in my opinion. So to give some more attention, I made a Shield that fits the exact style of the blade. There was an idea of maki
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