Dota 2
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Create and submit new items (such as armor, weapons, clothing, Couriers, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Or help identify the best by rating up your favorites. Submission Guidelines
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Collection by: Loωiиgs
puck dragon set
Collection by: 42th
Detpack Emotes
Collection by: Detrian
A series of utilitarian, proof of concept and miscellaneous emoticons for Dota 2. Work in progress.
Yakuza style of Chinatown
Collection by: Ŧamplier
New set coming soon ...
Collection by: CoUp.NOOB.CAKE♠
Collection by: √DanTe¹²⁺ⁿ
DOTA 2 Collection
Collection by: W3ST
Dota 2
Collection by: Mr.Flibble
Dota 2 workshop Items
Blade of fortune
Collection by: ~BlackHawkDown~
Stevensydan CustomGames
Collection by: stevensydan
Collection of the Custom Games i have installed for friends to copy.
Former Bonds Set
Collection by: PrivateRowan
A collection of the Former Bonds set created for use with the ticket bundle for the tournament called "Prodota Cup Spring"
Treasure of Tahlin
Collection by: --X DeadShot X--
After the slaughter of his family, Riki decided to take revenge. He was hiding in mountains and caves. There was one cave where he found ancient treasure. The treasure of Tahlin. When he opened it he found golden weapons made by his ancestors. They were ...
Dark Seer Spy
Collection by: TARANTINE
Um simples set composto por figuras geométricas.
Collection by: West
butcher zombie
Collection by: Khong Minh Phuong
Human Queen Of Pain
Collection by: Bee-Otch
Just QOP being human
Collage of heroes
Collection by: ƎW(DOTAEVOLUTION)
Collage photos of heroes and other inhabitants of the Universe DOTA Includes LoadingScreen and Poster TI4 Special
Dota 2 loadingscreens
Collection by: LR.Mantile
My loadingscreens for Dota 2
Collection by: EmpireTV.Kuber
Tempered blade
Collection by: |AG|-КОЗЛ THE SUPAMIDA
Tempered blade
Collection by: ~FirAi~
Gift of Wind Dragon
Collection by: Тире
vengaSet By fantic
Collection by: enjoy
сделано fantic
Collection by: ..DoNYx...
Gift of Grace
Collection by: scylfn
She shares grace..... grace of death.
Hunter of the Blood Stained Sands - Head
Collection by: 好运
Hunter of the Blood Stained Sands - Head
Skeleton King Costume - The Dark Master
Collection by: Bot - Extreme
Skeleton Kings costume and body parts
Dota 2 Axe
Collection by: Brando
Collection by: traff =:]>
RazorTheLR's DotA 2 Collection
Collection by: FlickerPR
Nothing intresting. :)
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