Dota 2
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Create and submit new items (such as armor, weapons, clothing, Couriers, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Or help identify the best by rating up your favorites. Submission Guidelines
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разные вещи для дота 2
Collection by: @Dragon@
эта колекция вещей оружия и т.п
Turstarkuri Harps
Collection by: Mr. Reyne Cloud
Antimage Weapons
Collection by: 100xpk0tЄ
Lust Hater
Collection by: Banan-Telefon
He is runnig, killing, stealing, loving. Its ME. And this is my set for Pudgie.
Elemental Lord's Battlegarb
Collection by: Malakay
A set of shoulders, bracers and horn made from pure obsidian.
Skulldigger Set
Collection by: TEBAATUSASULA
Hot arts
Collection by: GodDeR
Collection by: NoMicroD imma awesome carry this
Collection by: Siren
Collection by: [L&D]Josimar
Bamboo Bear
Collection by: The Queen
Ursa travels east and powers up his equipment with some bamboo! Fast growing protection for bears everywhere! Currently just two finished items for the set. I will make the rest if people like these. I am not sure if they fit the style/background of t...
Dota 2
Collection by: BigDaddy
Twin daggers of ice for Riki.
Fallen Angel set
Collection by: Lammy
The Fallen Angel set for Queen of Pain
The Aquatic Juggernaut
Collection by: Markovnikov [AtoZ]
Of all the Slithereen guard, there is one who finely slithers along the line between nobility and savagery. It is he who is most willing to cave in the heads and chests of theives. He who weilds the heaviest weapons with the grace of a dancer and the forc...
Shadow Prince
Collection by: Qvajangel
A Prince from a fallen family hiding in the shadows seek revenge
Battle Born Set
Collection by: Rate you 9/11
Lina 3 items set for dota 2.
Sven Vendetta
Collection by: KaelRed
Sven Justiciero
Golden Source Dota2 Season 1
Collection by: Mr.HEAVEN
gang style
Collection by: Палач
Вещи в стили gang
Collection by: boroda
And then came the moment when Sven took off his helmet! Who is hiding under it?.. Experienced rover, who has no equal in battle. Once he lost his eye. But do not stop doing things he love - not stop killing...
Bloodseeker Minecraft style
Collection by: Кассир
Set of the Red Demon
Collection by: EuerUntergang
Tomb Rider
Collection by: IGWTmenace
Coming soon...
First Blood Antimage Set
Collection by: Tishina
This is my first work at Workshop; Meet First Blood set for Antimage.
Heart of Midas
Collection by: catzee
By ripping out and stealing the Heart of Midas, Gondar has optimized his Bounty Hunting: Pieces of the Heart are worked into his armor, allowing him to instantly turn his enemies blood to gold.
Shadow Shaman Female
Collection by: Wicha
This cool chick is the female model of shadow shaman!
Collection by: Simba
Collection by: Tonuki
aweasome sets
Collection by: Energy Beast
many cool looking sets
aweasome sets
Collection by: Energy Beast
many cool looking sets
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