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Collection by Seth MK2
Здесь будет собрана колекция работ Workshop.
Armament of Sixth Flame
Collection by Ra
Hello dota2 community, after a long time, me and my friend have finished this Ember set, hope you like it. Concept - Takorin Modeling - Ra
Fury of beast
Collection by AstraZeroZak
New Axe set - Fury of beast.
Viper Queen
Collection by Boruto Shipundei
My first modelling work, it's one little set for queen of pain, contains: Helm of the Viper Queen Eldirium Shoulder Eldirium Dagger The dagger and the shoulder are linked by the Eldirium Orbs,
Royal daggers of Thalin
Collection by Mister Penguin
Riki made these daggers in remembrance of his lost brothers.
Sumo Pudge
Sumo Theme Pudge
Guardian of Persepolise
Collection by .nullf
Bundle for Crashgame 2 League
Wizard from Thicket
Collection by Zalak
In-game visual items
Collection by Lionmak
Collection of in-game visual items. Blink dagger for Axe or Aghanim Scepter for Rubick for example. I do not own any of these workshop items.
Dragon Knight
Collection by 忍野 忍
Cool Dragon Knight Stuff
Deadly Twin Set
Collection by ^0Fren2y
Pilgrim's Glaives
Collection by Andrew_Helenek
This is a weapon for Antimage. Colors and style were sampled from his default weapon.. Feedback is highly appreciated, and your suggestions might appear in later revisions. Online Render : Please ignore the particle effects, they
Spring 2014 Chinese new year
Collection by OrganizedChaos
Ollie the Water Doe
Collection by .nullf
DotA 1 Magina
Collection by aleee
I didn't learn yet how to create 3D models but since workshop is for ideas here is mine, is just the hair, blades and tatoos of the DotA 1 anti-mage for dota 2.
Serpent's Scale Medusa
Collection by e-Club Malaysia
Collection by Heneral Luna
Revision of my first Huskar Set Submission. Reupload. Spear retextured and Remask. Off-hand weapon remasked.
ReMixx's Year of the Horse Submissions
Collection by ReMixx
All of my item(s) (hopefully more than 1 but we'll see what I can do in time) for the Year of the Horse event for Valve's Dota 2.
pretty dragon hatchling
Collection by Popemon (cashing out)
a nice mini dragon to be your perfect courier ;)
Phantom collection
Collection by TG
Bearserkers Battleplate
Collection by TommytehZombie
Its a bear wearing armor, my homies.
The Northern Fire
Collection by Pernach
The Northern Fire
(Nexon) Bloody Ripper
Collection by Bronto ⚡ Thunder
Deep Trench Terror
Collection by Channfree
The Deep Trench Terror, is an ancient warrior of the deep. Drawn to the surface by the hunger of war and battle, this lone sentinel seeks to find any slab of meat that can quell its thrist for blood and battle. Created in partnership with Team Archon,
Demolition Charger - Set
Collection by JovaGrof
Collection by MasterTwix
Flags for all!!!!!!! Respect your country!!!!!!
Funny DOTA 2 Items
Collection by Suppressor of free Jester speech
Items for DOTA 2 that I find hilarious or interesting :3
Chaos Knight Light Eater set
Collection by emilianojsaiz
The Chaos Kinght stumbled into an ancient plane and there he came across another powerful Fundamental that was wearing a mighty armor and wielding some powerful weapons. Chaos Knight being the eldest of the Fundamentals could not allow for someone to be as
Slardar - Thieves Fate
Collection by ENODMI
Slardar is seen here wearing a glorious oufit created from the bones of would be thieves... marvelous!
Hero Dota Earth Spirit Bundle
Collection by Zalak
For Hero Dota bundle
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