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Collection by (ATK)@Albert Einstein
esta repadricimo
DOTA 2 Collections
Collection by |Nier| [PROTOTYPE]
<3 Dota 2
Collection by <3 lm 💕
Armor is an attribute shared by all units. Armor is used to determine the amount of damage reduction (or amplification if an armor value is negative) a unit takes from physical damage sources. Higher armor values reduce more damage. Armor is increased by...
Jocuri steam!!!
Collection by Dica
E o colectie co chestii din jocuri depe stem!!!
Os Mais Jogados
Collection by Toasty !!
My Collection
Collection by M.G
Weapons for Ursa
Collection by Ruterford
This is a new weapon for the hero of Dota 2, namely for Ursa. It will increase the damage of the hero. It looks like additional iron claws on their hands Ursa.
Collection by ♀ Gray FullBuster
your support sharks_finn
Highest Quality Items
Collection by Vaxorus
Any items i deem awesome enough to put in this list should end up ingame.
aweasome sets
Collection by Energy Beast
many cool looking sets
Dota 2
Collection by [EC]DOTA! >JuNni°r™< :P®
simplemente el Dota <3
Collection by MiDaS
Димас собирает мидас
Collection by RaideR
Collection by TheBillPro
Коллекция включает всебя:броню для игр,новые оружия, разные скины и многое другое,,,
Collection by L@nGol`er
Collection by [GER]SuN x Gam3Ing
Dota2 kollektion für neue im dem spiel dota2
Dota2 Chakky
Collection by Chakky
Collection by domiNo
Anti Mage
Collection by DeNZeS
Dota 2 - колекция снаряжения
Collection by MADGODWAR
всё для Dota 2
Collection by BlackDot
because its a collection
Collection by Dodie
it is a weapon for kunkka, the snakes come out ass figures from its splashes, and when he attacks the snake makes a hissing sound that freaks the enymies!!
Collection by 1990
Bl@ck C0l3cc1on
Collection by [SB] El niño
La mejor collecion nuunca antes vista en el mundo..... By: BL@CK..N¡GHT
Dota 2
Collection by </404>
Dota 2 items that i like and wana be in the game :)
Collection by Profile
Моя Коллекция:D
Collection by StivencON-
Много всего)
Collection by CarrotTheFruit
ang aking koleksyon
Collection by Lucky`Me!
ang aking koleksyon ay napa interesado, dahil magaganda ito
Dragon Collection
Collection by Tarziekiel
Just stuff i want
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