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Collection by Destroyer >.< ♥ ҉҈҉҈҈҉҈
Good Game
Collection by 〄Smile
Dota 2 Workshop
Collection by Right In The Kokoro
Dota 2
Collection by Masum
Dota 2 materials wich i like in community page.
Collection by Simple
Сета на героев Доты 2
Collection by Bendi
Сеты на героеДоты 2 которые мне понравились
Armor of the Unrefined Warrior
Collection by Arrar
A simple armor and weapons, crafted by a small town smith.
Dota 2 pics
Collection by G-Thanks
better dota 2 themes
only for assasin
Collection by GepardShowRus
best of the best
Collection by @London Slacker
Shadow walker
Collection by Планктун
Anti-Mage Item's
Collection by dota2acc
Anti-Mage Model's (Weapons and etc) by Community.
Collection by )_'Book Of Life'_(
Actually, this workshop collections were my favorites. These artworks were owned by their rightful owners. I added this work because i like them to be launch as cosmetic items on the Dota 2 main client. That's all, thanks...
Collection by No.
Только лучшее!
Collection by SKITTLES
Собираю из Мастерской только самое лучшее!
AwS Items
Collection by acidelic #
Upholder of the humble
Collection by goose
Contains all the set items for Omniknights "Upholder of the humble"
flying rabbit
Collection by Chuchu
Executioner set
Collection by luXor
Treasure of the Rotted Gallows
Collection by Cyborgmatt
shinigami pants for juggernaut
Collection by Levi Ackerman
pants for juggernaut
L'Grand-Legendary Saber Weapon
Collection by MadDoctor
I made this kind weapon just like Star Wars or Gundam (I dont know what exactly name of that kind weapon, so give "saber", hope it's right) because I want unique one, not only from the shape, But I cant make the 3D, so it's just 2D (I hope you can imagi...
Treasure of the Diligent Artisan and Cloven World
Collection by Cyborgmatt
Dota 2
Collection by Acid X Makaido[FR] et [EN]
Voici ma collection d objet Dota 2
"The Main Event" Announcer & Kill Streak Pack
Collection by The Craptain
"The Main Event" Announcer and Kill Streak Pack looks to bring a Prize Fight atmosphere for your DotA games! The Main Event announcer calls the match with a style blending some MMA with a little Pro Wrestling Pay Per View, sharing every high and low in yo...
Robe of Yanshan Maiden
Collection by MugenMcFugen
Collection of Set items for Spring 2015 event!
Used items
Collection by saga_25
its been used by a fine warrior named Vergil ,Now it is used for killing and for vendetta on your enemies that killed you,it unleashes god like powers to fulfill what is needed.
Collection by AcuLa
Это коллекция только для пуджа. Может быть я конечно, я буду добавлять для других героев, но наврятли.
Tidal Puck
Collection by ElectroMonsta
Hey everyone! This is my first set I have ever made! I submitted earlier this year, but I have redone some of the items this time around. I hope you enjoy it!
The Rekindled Flame
Collection by Spudnik
With spring's arrival, the dormant fire blooms anew.
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