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The Amethyst leader
Collection by Chameleon
Demonic Upheaval - Warlock Bundle
Collection by Gumbata
A collection for the Demonic Upheaval Bundle which includes: Main Weapon Offhand Weapon Head Shoulder Belt Back Arm Infernal Loading Screen
The Quicksilver's Edge
Collection by trueshot_mike
The Quicksilver’s Edge is a custom item set created for Phantom Assassin. Submitted for the DOTA 2 Polycount Contest. Progress of this set can be viewed here at Polycount:
dancer of the flames set
Collection by DeathwishD01
this is lina's dancer of the flames set
Ever-victorious war eagle
Collection by kfleye986
This is my latest work Hope you like it! War Eagle Ever-victorious General
Crab Courier (Zoidberg)
Collection by Tasty Num Nums
This is my model for a Courier Crab like the one (Zoidberg) in Dota. He is to walk sideways and carries items via the urns on his back. I still need to work out the UV Textures. I'll upload images as soon as I'm done! UPDATE: I'm going to test it someti
Rise of the Samurai
Collection by (」゜ロ゜)」
I think someone had to collect this items together.Maybe i've made a mistake,but i think it'll be very epic
Queen of Pain - Proserpine Set
Collection by Daam
Proserpine set for Queen of Pain Set pieces Head Neck Shoulders Arms Legs Weapon
Corrupted Set of the Veil
Collection by Zacktor
As Phantom Assassin is one of my favorite heroes I figured it would be nice to give her a couple of new items that changes her appearance to have a slightly darker feeling to it. And so I've been working with this for a while and due to a lot of moving it'
Die Waldfee
Collection by [SG1]Waldfee®
Spring 2014 Goodies
Collection by kendmd
Isabella von Carstein
Collection by Pernach
Isabella von Carstein set for Death Prophet
Heaven's Fall - Zeus
Collection by XD
Headstyle Updated due to feedback from community! Heaven's fall set for zeus. Set include head, belt, back and bracers. Modelling and Texture by NME Skin by Tofo Marketing Materials by Roshaun and NME Also check out our brood set! http://steamc
Tomb Kings
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
Champion Of The Morrigan
Collection by Van Hauss
Champion of the Morrigan 2.0 -------------------------------------- As Tresdin set her blade down, she observed the battlefield and carnage she had created around her. Taking in short breaths, she suddenly felt herself being watched. Quickly she lifted h
Thorn Set
Collection by soul5tice
In the depths of the lush ever green stems the mighty Thorn set.
Iron Goat
Collection by CGartAG
Iron Goat is a Razor set created for Chinese New Year!
The Curse of The Timestopper
Collection by vertical
===Marked for an entire set redo!=== Hallo guys, I have re-uploaded my set for Faceless Void and changed 2 of the 4 items completely since I entered 2012's Polycount Contest for Dota 2. The 2 items that got a new look was the Bracers and the Head piece.
Immortal Storm Samurai
Collection by tthetim
When he was banned from his Homeisland the Grandfather cursed him. When he tried to kill himself to regain his honor, he didn't died...... He became Immortal. The idea behind this was to create a Set that fits his skills.... The "Eye of the Storm"-M
Gift of the Chrysalis
Collection by Desmer
I hope you enjoy this new set for Puck!
Slithereen Grace
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
Bounty Hunter "Night Scout set"
Collection by kTaU
Like a shadow in the night he sneaks in the wake of the enemy, deftly dancing with swords in their hands. No rest for the enemies until he next ...
Chasm Fiend
Collection by Nikey
New set for terrorblade! We hope you will like it!
Bloody Snow set of Juggernaut (Mask)
Collection by ilyya
This design is inspired by Korea traditional patterns and mask.
Imago form
Collection by Dr. Robo
How I imagine imago of puck
Death Reaver Armor
Collection by CraftsmanEddie
Hello everyone. This is my entry for the Polycount DOTA2 contest. I wanted to preserve the spirit of the Skeleton King's design. Some of the elements I tried to preserve were the strong shoulder and helmet silhouette; the skull/bone theme of course; and
Collection by Praston D.
The complete set consists of 6 items:Crow Mask,Tempter Belt, Walking Sticker, Crow, Doctor bag, Raven Ward.
The long lost Silent Treasure
Collection by oxhid3
Too long the guardians of the void kept hidden their silent treasure. A single treasure with nine blades. - the lucent glaives - the glitter cut
Creeping Blossom
Collection by Zipfinator
Re-uploaded for 2017 Spring event on Source 2.
Visitor's Set
Collection by Exotic Lemming
A visitor in both the realm of the living and the one of the dead, she belongs to none.
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