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Voodoo Maledict
Collection by Fargton
Voodoo Maledict: New set for Witch Doctor.I hope you like it)
Magnus Sacred Rocksteel
Collection by Ra
Dota Pit League Season Two Tournament Bundle
Collection by Gamersbook
The Dota Pit League is back and we are happy to announce the beginning of our Season 2. The top teams are going to compete against each other for $75,000. Each bundle purchased increases the tournament prize pool by $2,50. Bundle also includes Sorcerer of
Сollection By Just AL
Collection by Just AL
Здесь представлены все мои работы
Obsidian Nightmare
Collection by Toasty
Obsidian Nightmare Set for Queen of Pain.
Tide Champion
Collection by Gal Ramirez
The Ultimate Hunter, The Terror of the Deep Seas Rice to The surface to seek New Challenges and Defeat and Bucher any one that stand on their way using the armor of defeated Champions as token of Immortality. Facebook
Velvety Ice
Collection by vyssuk
After reading carefully your feedback I decided to improve the set by adding a new cape as the old one couldn't work with the physics correctly as they are still not fully supported. I also made an improved loading screen, game captures and gifs images tr
Fierce beast set
Collection by Marby
Skeleton King's Regal Collection W.I.P.
Collection by Boop
Sometimes a king's got to look a bit more distinguished. Or at least that was the plan.
Dream Devourer
Collection by Pernach
Dream Devourer
Ventossa's Resolve
Collection by Mv
Windranger - Ventossa's Resolve A widowed prince has a daughter, Ventossa, who is tended by a beloved governess. The governess, with Ventossa's help, persuades the prince to marry her. The governess then brings forward two daughters of her own, who abus
Mage's Retribution Set
Collection by b1ackout
Any piece of the Mage's Retribution armor set has its own history.But they all have a common purpose. To serve the one who wages war against magic. From the depths of earth to the Turstarkuri monks they all came to serve you.
Ostarion Greed
Collection by Face
Furious Hercules
Collection by Legacy eSports
Ritual Garb of the Father Spirits
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
Wolverine Wolf Set
Collection by Joker
Having set like this, is awesome. Its an ultra epic wolverine wolf set.
Beetle Shell Set
Collection by Virgl
High Elves set for War Hammer
Collection by GreyskyS Hi guys, I am Qing Wu Fei Yang. This set is for Warhammer,hope you like it . If you like it ,pls ,give me "yes" THX~!!!very muc
Eternal Caretaker's Maze's
Collection by yerga
Eternal Caretaker's Maze's
Fiery Tempered Bright Wizard
Collection by Ice Wolves
Bright Wizard set for Lina. Based on a Character sienna fuegonasus, the bright wizard from vermintide, warhammer. Upvote if you Like it. Check and Upvote my Varghulf LIfestealer set.
Collection by Team Sheep-Pastor
tihs collecion present the best costumes of all the heroes
Nemfis Daggers v1
Collection by Sebastian
Paired Fyrefuries
Collection by P. Bateman
A pair of swords forged by Xin himself, they look familiar in some ways.
Edge of Undeath
Collection by TommytehZombie
Collection composed of both the Edge of Undeath and its alternate, the Edge of Renewed Life.
joinDOTA Collection - Pimp your Dota 2
Collection by Moose
This will become the official joinDOTA collection for all the hot gear that you need to pimp your Dota 2 heroes.
The Exiled Armaments
Collection by Starcofski
A collection of items for Doom Bringer. Video of all items ingame: Polycount Thread:
Heritage of Honor
Collection by Frosty40
Pictures and description coming shortly.
Stag Guard Protection v2
Collection by DailyDouble
Updated version of the old Stag Guard Set - Added new Cloak, and edited the shoulderpands pretty dramatically to suit the prophets animations better.
Set for WK - Demonic Possession-
Collection by Attasik
. . . They will face the same fate as the other unblest ones, which met Wraith King - they all will become a part of his mighty nature. For many centuries King Ostarion lost all humanity inside, and just his external resemblance reminds of that he was
Form of the Scorned Ethereal - Spectre
Collection by BPD
From the depth of her reclusion residing from failure. Mercurial questions her very presence after tasting defeat. After aeons of struggling, her clouded mind begins to clear and becomes enraged from the envolping clarity. Her defeasance was nothing more t
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