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Collection by: Deus Ex Machina
Collection by: Que ?
Sets favorites
Collection by: Hunter_G
New Cool Huds
Collection by: Burn One
This collection is all the neat and cool "HUDS" that i have found every week in the Dota Workshop
Fine Pieces
Collection by: DeatH
puck -dragon set loading screen
Collection by: 42th
Dark Fire Dragon is very strong
Collection by: Tison Archronicus
I want good item
Ophanim's Choice!
Collection by: Barney Stinson
I've browsed a lot of sets -and I've picked some of the BEST, and hopefully you guys think that these sets deserves to be released as soon as humanly possible.
Collection by: [EXY™] | MidNight^^
Collection by: ︻デ═一becinha
para pa
dota 2
Collection by: *******
dota 2
The Blessed Lightning
Collection by: <3
Collection by: Burn all ih the Hell
Collection by: Jon Snow
Just Nothing... :)
The Best
Collection by: Tykkään
Roshan Hunter Weapon
Collection by: 프린세스 A.
Ursa's strength gain makes him very durable, and his ultimate allows his damage to scale by building strength items.
Collection by: sHiT hAPPeNs
Power Multipliers
Collection by: SoulofLemon
Collection by: ..
good file
Collection by: Aspire|Z
good files
Atahan Juggernaut
Collection by: atahanolcaysezgi
Best juggernaut ever I collected
Collection by: vitalVICE
good items
Collection by: Duiwel van die KinderBybel
Collection by: TX.Scarface MAX
Armas muitas criativas e bem personalizadas(pelo menos eu acho, cada um tem seu criterio) pode ser uma ou umas da ou das armas mas desejadas pelos os jogadores fanaticos, e isso e o que mas temos no Dota 2 sem sobras de duvidas, jogo perfeito na minha opn...
Collection by: Kazus
Все самое лучшее
Nothing But Real
Collection by: Get Rekt 450 no scope MLG
tunse collection
Collection by: tunse1
The Shield Wall
Collection by: Captain Peelz
A collection of the Knights of the Radiant donning their armor to repel the Dire hordes. This set includes all radiant heroes who can be considered 'knights'. I will be including: Sven, Omniknight, dragonknight, chen, legion commander and juggernaut. ...
Collection by: D i B a D a B i D
Collection by: Flappy Dong™
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