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Garb of Inari's Embrace
Collection by Sukotto
A truly wondrous costume created by the all powerful Inari, god of foxes and mischief. Krobelus proved to be worthy to wear such garments after displaying her dedication to her pursuit of Death, casting aside anyone and anything in the process. Gifted by t
Nature's Majesty
Collection by LXP0.Eulogy
The Nature's Majesty set for Lone Druid. It includes a Shoulder, Back, Bracer, Weapon, Head, Spirit Bear, True Form, Ability Icons and a Loading screen.
Double King set/雙重國王套裝
Collection by Viktor.avi
thumbs up if you like our work or leave a comment if you got any suggestion thank you guys concept,textures,loadingscreen : WEI-ZI modeling,tex
Toro Kahn
Collection by PixelNAUTS
Toro Kahn: A fierce warlord who leads droves of loyal barbarians. Wise men avoid him entirely. This is a custom collection for Juggernaut.
Demon hunter
Collection by Cook
Demon hunter set for drow ranger!
Undefeated General
Collection by Pernach
The Dark Avalanche
Collection by DNADota
Set for Spirit Breaker.
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
Add these Valve!
Collection by Gargoyle
These sets are so awesome! I dont know why Valve hasnt added them yet! Please add them because I will buy them!
Collection by Toeffen
Wandering Monk
Collection by Shazak Mok Nul
This is a set for Anti-Mage; I was going for a real battle hardened look. A look that if you look at him on the battlefield, you don't wanna mess with him. YOU RUN. The idea was after taking a Vow of Silence, Anti-Mage then began to wander the world in
New loading screens
Collection by Витька
just gorgeous arts
Daisho of the Fire Dragon
Collection by Sukotto
A pair of magical flame swords imbued with power after being blessed by the Fire Dragon. Daisho are a pair of swords typically worn by Samurai. A daisho is usually a katana and a smaller companion sword, in this case a wakizashi.
Collection by YOLO MAN
Emperor's Wrath
Collection by blossomalex
Zeus set for New Bloom 2017 - Emperor's Wrath
Mysterious VoodooMaster (WD set )
Collection by mihalceanu
Witch doctor set with a Voodoo elder feel to it : dont forget to follow if u like it :) Please drop a like and follow !
Heady Blossom
Collection by Kramol'nik
Grace of Aquila
Collection by NvidiaNUKE
Ick the Arcane Slimeling
Collection by Noxerus
Following a particularly hectic series of battles, the Grand Magus most know as Rubick hobbled back to his study to rest and to research the origins of some of the strange magic he had just borne witness to. For a Grand Magus carrying such notoriety, very
Mummified flesh
Collection by SOLMIR
Mummified pudge flesh ready to cut the enemies!
Wrecking Ivory
Collection by DNADota
Set for Earthshaker.
Armor of Unstoppable Force
Collection by Nikey
New set for Centaur!
Colosseum Set
Collection by Sebastian
Axe Colosseum set
Collection by Sebastian
Demon's Blight
Collection by Godzy
The Shieldmaiden
Collection by Noc_Attenti
A new set for PA, A Viking PA, " The Shieldmaiden ".
Axe's Access
Collection by DNADota
Axe's Access - Set for Axe. Hello guys, This is our new set for Axe. It features custom item particles, custom ability particles and custom ability icons as well. The Head, Misc and Weapon slot items have custom item particles. All three items have a
Dread Revenant
Collection by belkun
Rites Of Spring
Collection by Willypup
Warlock set for the New Bloom Event
Endless Power — Storm Spirit set
Collection by Nobiru
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