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Master Assassin
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
Imperial Rampage Set
Collection by Thnk
New Bloom 2015
Grin Reaper
Collection by 无駄无駄无駄无駄无駄无駄无駄
The first set>
Stonehall Ruiner
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
Huskar's Primal Weapons
Collection by Futushia
A dangerous combination of ritual war weapons made from an ancient stone.
VoidSight Shards
Collection by hsdoge
The VoidSight set for Leshrac.
Regalia of the Surging Storm
Collection by Nickel Beer
Spring 2014 for Naga Siren. It is said that a storm at sea is a rage that cannot be quelled. Slithice would be an avatar of the surge if it meant regaining her honor once lost.
Bonebreaker Set for Axe
Collection by Digital Hephaestus / Yuren3Ds
Collection by Суп с буквами
Desolators from Dota 2 workshop.
Relics of the Forgotten Realm - v1
Collection by sir_AXE
After entering the phyical plane Faceless Void felt something strange , something familiar. He realised he wasn't the first Darkterror who visited this realm. After a short search he found pieces of a broken down armor from his homeland .As a master of tim
Horn of Rising Glory
Collection by HeeJae
Horn of Rising Glory
Valkyrie of the Forests
Collection by Hob
Valkyrie of the Forests
drow ranger
Collection by Julie Ann Nicole
This item is suitable because this itim is black like drow ranger
Purifier blades
Collection by nights-x
new weapons for am, hope you like them ;) for in game screen see one of the items bellow
King of the Frozen Sea
Collection by Sylei
King of the Frozen Sea is a TI 2017 set for Tusk including a custom sigil. Fudgie Wudgie - concept Sylei - model, texture, animation
Extreme Temperatures Gear
Collection by Zalak
Alchemist set! #Frostivus#Greeviling#WrathNight#Christmas
Tommy - Spring2014
Collection by TommytehZombie
My Spring 2014 items.
The War of Junggernaut
Collection by Si3nZzzz99
I very love Junggernaut...xD
Soul of Giant Armour Set
Collection by Misa Totoko
Wayward Messenger Set
Collection by N I C K Y
I'd like to think it's finally done
Chaos Dragon
Collection by ilore
A Warhammer set for Dragon Knight
Gentleman's Collection
Collection by Missing, Presumed Dead
An English hat and hooking cane for our good man Pudge.
Collection by Paproch
After countless battles Axe conquered the distant Land of the Dragons and he forged an armor and weapon from the remains of the Dragon Lord.
Ageless Pines
Collection by Yestar™
Four seasons for the Ageless Pines is just a moment. A voiceless song in an ageless light.
Black Orc
Collection by Chameleon
Lucky ward
Collection by Sebastian
Tribal Bones Set
Collection by Guennor
Tribal Bones set
Whispering Void Set
Collection by xtab
Gyrocopter - Red Hornet Armaments
Collection by Salamancer
Red Hornet set for Gyrocopter
Unworthy Adversaries Adorned
Collection by Jeremy Klein
Armor made from the body parts of fallen beats slain by Huskar himself in his search of a worthy opponent.
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