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Full Metal Techies
Collection by katzeimsack
First set for techies in the workshop. I hope you like it! Manuel Virks & Bao Ngoc Vu
Treasure of Team Empire
Collection by Team Empire
Treasure of Team Empire: - Сrabbit one (Bristleback) - Dark Sorcerer (Invoker) - Witchking's Corruption (Lion) - Thundergod of the Empire (Razor) - Emperial Conqueror (Gyrocopter)
Echoes Aria - A set for EternaLEnVy
Collection by Anuxi ♥
This set was made in close collaboration with EternaLEnVy. After much feedback and many revisions of this set design, as we wanted to have it work very well with the Arcana. I'm very happy to release the finished set on the workshop! Please remember...
Hellsworn Shadowcaster
Collection by Sylei
Hellsworn Shadowcaster set for Warlock The Loading Screen is coming shortly, and the golem will be uploaded at a later date. Deadman - concept, illustration Sylei - model, texture, animation
Tangled Nightcrawler
Collection by Mv
This is a Slark set for ODPixel. This set in inspired by ODPixels personality, just like Slark the more he hits (or in this case casts) the faster he becomes. Legend has it that one of these days, this amazing caster will gain the ability to cast an entir...
Path of the Devourer
Collection by madshock
Path of the Devourer Lion Set the set comes along with: - custom ulti animation - custom idle-rare animation - custom spellicons - loadingscreen if u like our work plz leave us a like <3 thank you credits hayes - animation onilolz -...
The Charred Berserker
Collection by Stephors
Huskar could use some cosmetic love so I made a set for him. I wanted to make him look like a battle veteran yet keeping to his tribal style. Hope you like it! Low violence version will be coming soon for the countries that require a censored version...
Fluttering Pain
Collection by PrivateRowan
Fluttering Pain set created for Queen of Pain. This is an updated version of the Cursed Lonomia set, with updated parts to community feedback! Please support this set, and Swiss dota! This set is intended for use in the Swiss DC Mountain Trail Tourn...
Set of Endless Rage
Collection by BOSS
The set for razor "Endless Rage"
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