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Legacy of the Winterwyrm
Collection by MisaMisa
When put an end to the life of Algor the Winterwyrm, Davion made its wish come true: suit up with what it remained. 达维安手刃寒龙艾尔戈后,尊重了他临死前的额愿望:将它的遗骸穿在身上。 http
Noble Desolace - OG Set
Collection by Anuxi♥
Charging across pure darkness, for eons he knew nothing but the pursuit of his quarry, the endless frozen universe, littered with super massive black holes, drifting in the lightless universe. The utter freezing temperatures that only a starless space coul
Piercing Spirit
Collection by TARANTINE
Puck - Piercing Spirit - Frostivus 2017
Lich-Rime Lord
Collection by Tidal Craftsman
A lich set created for the Frostivus Call to Arms event
Elemental curse - set
Collection by sir_AXE
Long time has passed and great power corrupts , but our old friend knew that and tried to limit his strength using acient rune stones. Ice element runes worked , and slowed down Lone Druid but they came with a side effect.
The Winter Monarch
Collection by SeeingTriangles
After centuries and centuries of adapting, living beings reside in the realm of Icewrack have long forgotten the fear of cold, harsh weather. However, ever since Rylai stepped foot in this realm, they were once again being reminded of that fear. Once a ye
Stove Guardian
Collection by style_d
Stove Guardian - Alchemist set for Frostivus You won't feel cold in winter if you put this set on!
Frost Hunter
Collection by LeveL 7
Ursa new set. Hope U like it. Preview Ingame [img=
Phosphor fire beetle
Collection by K-Pax Hey guys, A set for Nyx Assassin.Hope you like this set.  If you like it ,Pls give it a thumbs up.thanks :)  Design by K-Pax In game preview: https:
Arctic glacier mask
Collection by HyrX
Beastmaster: Beast: Bird:
Arctic Warden
Collection by jocz
A set for Arc Warden ! Frostivus is coming soon! That merriest of times, when the river freezes over, the cold closes in, and Dire and Radiant alike retreat to the cozy security of their bases. It's the time to count blessings, lick wounds, and lay fest
Wind from the North(WindRanger)
Collection by liangbinge
Xmas Candy Wards
Collection by oxhid3
Glacial Terror
Collection by growl
Haunts of the Last Days(Spectre)
Collection by 2Dan
Revived Fossil
Collection by gotSmok'emAll
The last keeper of Northlight Spirit
Collection by ES'Kophan
lord of the Demonic Dream
Collection by WEi-Zi
Our new underlord set for the upcoming event.Hope you like it. https://i
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