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Crow's Embrace [Meepo Team]
Collection by Sith Happens.
Watch how DOTA2 sets are designed, sculpted, textured and more, live on LIVEWORKSHOP!!! Interact with creators, learn new techniques, workflows, best practices, suggest ideas or just hang out and enjoy the live art. ○
Fire Kitsune
Collection by Pernach
Fire Kitsune set for Spring2017
Chieftain of the Ironblade --- Troll Warlord
Collection by YunL
Hi guys, This is our attemp on the troll warlord set --- Chieftain of the Ironblade. If you like it, please give us thumb up. Thank you and happy thanksgiving. http
Terror from Dark Gap - Set
Collection by Godefroy de Montmirail
Terror from Dark Gap
Abyss Tyrant
Collection by Mz-3
Ascended of the Aeol Drias
Collection by Chameleon
Beastmaster Crocodile Dundee
Collection by Chosen1
Following the Australia Esports Federation league, we have decided to release an Australian themed Beastmaster set. What can be more iconic than the true beast master himself, Crocodile Dundee.
Bouncer Bristleback
Collection by aoae Scetch, sculpt, textures: aoae Skinning: Pernach, ItsgoodForU
Collection of shit
Collection by Eren
no thing interesting :D
Butcher's Assistants
Collection by Red Couch
In the Fields of Endless Carnage, the carrion birds shadow the corpulent Pudge, waiting for scraps. The wisest of the birds, however, are happy to assist the Butcher, in exchange for first pick of the spoils of battle.
Twisted Shadow
Collection by Kidalv
New set for Spectre View in 3D :
High Chieftan's scalpers
Collection by Krice33
This pair of weapons are preferred to a master Troll Warlord - their larger size provides more surface area for cutting, yet still weighted and aerodynamic for hurling purposes!
Happy set
Collection by IGWTmenace
Hppy set for papa players.
Australian Whitetail Broodmother Set
Collection by Chosen1
Following the Australia Esports Federation (AEF) Season 1 tournament, we are releasing Australian themed items. Australia of course is known for its array of poisonous spiders, one of which is the Australian Whitetail. This set makes Broodmother look like
Inquisitor of the Tide --- Kunkka
Collection by YunL
Hi guys,here is our warhammer set for Kunkka based on witch hunters ---- "Inquisitor of the Tide". We hope you like our work and thank you very much. http://i135
Magnus Sacred Rocksteel
Collection by Ra
King of the Scintillant Waste - Sand King
Collection by YunL
Hi guys, Here is our new set for Sand King - King of the Scintillant Waste. Hope you all like it. thanks. http://i.i
Debris of the Binary Eclipse
Collection by Frump
A set made in co-operation with FULL METAL DOTA for an upcoming tournament. Check out FULL METAL DOTA Follow me on Twitter @Frump3d
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