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Clockwerk - Red Baron
Collection by katzeimsack
Clockwerk set inspired by the Red Baron. htt
The Stonehall Fury
Collection by ChiZ
Revenant Punisher
Collection by Strnr
Revenant Punisher set for Razor.
Collection by 🎃∆N3R0∆👻
adubikt iuadysiad
Endless Stars Dominator
Collection by HyrX
Endless Stars Dominator
Earth Spirit - Impregnable Xuanwu Warriror
Collection by Meshroom
Savage beast
Collection by CiDDi
so dangerous
The Plaguemonger
Collection by ChiZ
Concept and Loading Screen by @ZiedrichArt Models and Textures by @ChiZWorkshop
Ember Spirit - Burning Soul of Yanlong
Collection by Meshroom
Pugna reaper of Roshan
Collection by Kidalv
Finally oblivion came to Roshan. Pugna killed Roshan, but who needs Aegis when you have oblivion? As the Grandmaster of the oblivion temple he should show the world the power of oblivion. Pugna took Roshan's skin and made a set of items which you can see h
Knight of Foulfell - Terrorblade
Collection by keinhangia
Our new set for Terrorblade - Knight of Foulfell, hope you like it!
Heritage of the Dark Moon
Collection by MisaMisa
Heritage of the Dark Moon 暗月传承 Decades of services earned Luna the trust from Selemene herself and also her gifts. With this new garment, Luna' watch will never end. 经过数十年的侍奉,露娜获得了赛莉蒙妮本人的信任,并获赐一身全新的战服。身着此服,露娜将毕生守卫银夜森林。
Tentacular Conqueror
Collection by HyrX [IM
The Pale Mystery
Collection by MisaMisa
Under the ground of charred Violet Archives, Lanaya found a secretive chamber in which a numerous amount of garment lay awaiting.
Desert Fury
Collection by down_limit
You can look at our work on dotahattery!
My Favorites
Collection by King Cade Darrius
The Battle for the Higher Pond - Custom Creeps
Collection by bounchfx
The Battle for the Higher a Pond is a bundle of custom lane creeps for Dota 2 - Frogs are Radiant and Bugs are Dire. It comes with Siege catapults and mega versions for both Melee and Range. Click the item link below to see more images. Created by P
Hide of the Horned Drake
Collection by MisaMisa
The Horned Drake, lurker of the Nether Reaches in the forgotten tales, faced his sudden death when running into the wizard's familiar. 在早已被忘却的传说中,三途川里有一头长角的亚龙作祟不止,可他遇上巫师曾经的玩物时瞬间也遇上了自己的死期。
Dota 2 Collection
Collection by 🌸Lullaby
Rubick - Envoy of the Old Ones - TI 2017
Collection by katzeimsack
Rubick set for The International 2017 Collector’s Cache Call to Arms.
Noise Maker
Collection by LeveL 7
Timbersaw new set. Hope U like it. Preview Ingame Avatar Day&Night
Blitz Spirit
Collection by Nateo
Set for William "Blitz' Lee Particles are proposed concept only, following the announcement that valve will be implementing particles for the next chest.
Year Of The Horse
Collection by Willypup
Keeper of the Light takes on the image of the God of Wealth to bring in the Year Of The Horse!
Defender of The Depths
Collection by Strnr
Defender of The Depths set for Skywrath Mage made for TI7.
Molten Armor
Collection by NoEvil
brainfart's work
Collection by brainfart
This will be a collection of all the work I either made all by myself or contributed to. Enjoy.)
DOTA 2 Mugs - Collection
Collection by Wolf
DOTA 2 Mugs - Collection Mugs collection for DOTA 2 with I-RO & WeLoveFine Thx for support! Enjoy :)
BroodEgg collection
Collection by kejayguard
BroodEgg bundle!
Gambling mage - Rubick
Collection by SOLMIR
We thought about rubick as a mysterious mage, who knows how to play any games around whole world. Gambling mage, master of gambling games, master of deceit , great magic thief. He is always one step ahead of his enemies, cause he always have "ace in sleev
Lord of a black magic
Collection by Happy
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