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Create and submit new items (such as armor, weapons, clothing, Couriers, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Or help identify the best by rating up your favorites. Submission Guidelines
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Relics of Ribbi'tar
Collection by: Mig - see u at TI4
Collection for the relics of Ribbi'tar set!
Dota 2 Plushes
Collection by: Olivka
This is a collection of Dota 2 Plushies Tidehunter Plush: Ursa Plush: Shadow Fiend Plush:
Lightforge of the WorldWaker
Collection by: NME
Long before this world was young the Titans forged the planes using the early energies of the universe. "The one we know as the Elder Titan was a great innovator, one who studied at the forge of creation. In honing his skills, he shattered something t...
Crystal Scavenger Meepo Set
Collection by: Team Fnatic
Fnatic's Meepo set includes five items, three custom ability icons and a loading screen. Lately, things in the Riftshadow Ruins had reached an all-time low; food was scarcer than ever. In these desperate times, a few brave Meepos began to delve deeper ...
The Master's Bindings
Collection by: Spudnik
Items contained in the "Master's Bindings" set for Lifestealer.
Hells Breath Set
Collection by: blossomalex
After his horrid transformation, gone rogue, clinkz started to bounty more demons and slay them to dust. He would then take their skulls and bones, crafting them as trophies on his armor pieces. It is said that he kept alive the essence and soul of the de...
Cosmic Trickster
Collection by: Frump
Frost Queen
Collection by: 사슴잘린녹용왜죽나요
Frost Queen set for Crystal maiden
Clock Masters Collection
Collection by: Hawf
A Full set for Clockwerk! Comes with - An Animated Helmet - A New Hook - A New Rocket - A New Set of Armor A Power Cog is in the works but won't be uploaded until the importer for Clockwerks power cogs is all sorted out.
Armor of Intellect
Collection by: Puϟϟ†olioツ-|--<ZA
Armor of Intellect crafted with Chronoptic Crystals, connected by the two planes, and the light of nature.
The Convicts' Trophies
Collection by: Airborn_Studios
The Convicts’ Trophies The ogre and the Alchemist thundered through the wilderness outside the prison’s shattered walls, every foe falling before them. As the effects of the Alchemist’s tincture and the euphoria of freedom began to fade, the unl...
Warlord of the Sturdy Ox
Collection by: Coach left his son
In Kaolins travels to uncover the mysteries of the Wailing mountains, he discovers a hidden temple to the East of the mountains. Grand stone statues of oxes covers the entrance, and within lies 3 items. A scripture, an armor, and a coffin. The scripture r...
Metal Abyss Tidehunter
Collection by: Iziaky
METAL ABYSS TIDEHUNTER - Set Check out all the other piece of the armor, and let me know what are you thinking about! Also vote for it so we will have more chances to get in game! :D Visit my Portfolio to see my other works: http://felixostwald...
Ancient Blood Teeth Axe
Collection by: HyrX
Centaur's Weapon for D2TV National Championship. It has three stages, I hope you like it~Cheers :D 为 D2TV全民挑战赛 制作的半人马的武器--远古血牙巨战斧 它拥有3个可解锁阶段以及绿红配色切换。 希望大家能喜...
King of Spades
Collection by: .nullf
Evolving set for Wraith King
Stained Glass Forest Set
Collection by: Talliesynn
The forest has bestowed these gifts to Aiushtha to give her strength in spreading her good will and enchantments. This is my first submission to Dota! I'm happy to receive any feedback to improve the set so please let me know what you guys think. <...
Sky-High Warship
Collection by: Nannou
Alliances new Gyrocopter set! comes with custom icons and alternate styles for head, propeller and bomb.
Cryomagic Distortion Set
Collection by: Dunhill
When the magic rebels Anti-Mage goes freeze her...
Collection by: AngryBeard
Argus of Dominance
Collection by: Strno8
This set contains 4 items, helm, shoulders, bracers and chestplace. This set contain basic omniknight cape as Argus chest. We also have some concepts. Concept designer
Jaeger of the Knollen Sniper Set
Collection by: Charge
Five items. Some have story behind them and some are good in use. Jaeger of the Knollen Sniper Set contains 5 items: Weapon, Head, Shoulders, Arms, Back. ----- Also available Jaeger of the Knollen Loading screen.
Harbinger Of War
Collection by: Oroboros [Red Moon]
Slark Dark Reef Escape Set
Collection by: FreshTil`Die
While the story of Slarks prison escape remains a fairly common knowledge, the details of the actual operation still remain a mistery, often retold as "speculative stories" among the denizens of Shadeshore. One of these stories involve a gruesome, but ra...
Warchief of the Golden Sun
Collection by: Vermilion Wlad
Dota2Chibi T-shirt Set
Collection by: VirtualMan
This is a collection of Dota 2 Chibi t-shirt design, with 5 heroes: Crystal Maiden, Juggernaut, Lina, Skywrath Mage, Puck. Best is you should rate/vote in each link... SkywrathMage t-shirt:
Battle Tools of the Maker
Collection by: Paproch
Sole Hunter
Collection by: EmAr
Hunting megalodons is an exhausting task. It's even more so when you hunt the pirate hunters afterwards.
Sentinel of the Lucent Gate
Collection by: Nannou
Sentinel of the Lucent Gate, a set for Outworld Devourer. Comes with: - Custom weapon particle - Custom ability icons - Two head styles
Collection by: toxa5558
The Shadow King Set
Collection by: Le-Dano
Shadow Demon views himself a king and must remind lesser demons of their fate if they attempt to destroy him again. Taking the remnants of defeated Fiends and wearing them like armor, Shadow Demon intends to remind everyone of what he is and will become.
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