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Tiny's Set of Ancient Ruins
Collection by: Interfector
As Tiny travels the world in search of his origin, he visits ancient ruins for clues. Occasionally, strange pieces of architecture will affix themselves to Tiny, increasing his size. One such item was the broken beard from a statue. Much to the chagrin...
Painful Rain HUD Bundle
Collection by: Wolf'Art
Painful Rain HUD's features include: • All three aspect ratios (16:9, 16:10 and 4:3) • Dynamic light effects at all ratios • Custom day-night cycle • Custom stash • Custom loading screen This HUD will be updated continuously, thanks f...
Treasure of Eternal Structure
Collection by: Ўuri
Treasure of Eternal Structure
Umbra Rider
Collection by: Vermilion Wlad
Collection by: Mystic Snake
Set for Leshrac.
Catch of the Day
Collection by: Sith Happens.
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Maze Torturer
Collection by: Willypup
Within the Maze you are at the mercy of the torturer.
Regalia of the Vampiric Harvester
Collection by: RobbieK1000
The idea for this set was centered around Wraith Kings lust for life energy. (The vampiric aura ability.) I thought it would be cool if the armor he wore was in some way alive. Like the armor itself was lusting for more life essence. That essence was ...
Hells Breath Set
Collection by: blossomalex
After his horrid transformation, gone rogue, clinkz started to bounty more demons and slay them to dust. He would then take their skulls and bones, crafting them as trophies on his armor pieces. It is said that he kept alive the essence and soul of the de...
Shinobi Tracker's Garb
Collection by: Snowstorm
A set of Shinobi themed items for Bounty Hunter
Timbersaw - The Stumpgrinder
Collection by: Jeremy Klein
The Stumpgrinder Kyle Cornelius - Concept Art Dry Socket - Effects Jeremy Klein - Models and Textures
Skeleton King's Regal Collection W.I.P.
Collection by: HOPE
Sometimes a king's got to look a bit more distinguished. Or at least that was the plan.
Collection by: Es'Kophan
Kindred Spirits
Collection by: Sith Happens.
The Kindred Spirits have arrived. ---------------------------------- Watch how DOTA2 Items are made live on my LIVE WORKSHOP!!! Interact with creators, learn some new techniques or just hang out and enjoy the live art! ○
Astral ate.
Collection by: RedShot_
Collection by: Хис
сам зделай взнос
Warrior of the red sand
Collection by: redkita
Warrior of the red sand 붉은사막전사 -NEXON-
Happy set
Collection by: IGWTmenace
Hppy set for papa players.
Armory of the Emerald Warrior
Collection by: Sukotto
A glorious set of armor for Kaolin to defend against his enemies. The armor is imbued with strength by a set of magical emeralds thought to hold the souls of his fallen comrades. Whenever he rides into battle, he is supported by his loyal soldiers in the...
Remains of the Frigid Revenant
Collection by: Sukotto
Remains of the Frigid Revenant set for Abaddon.
Blade Dog
Collection by: 无情的K头之王
this set for LifeStealer is called Blade Dog
Time of War
Collection by: [ME]Smailer
Time of War
Oath of the Ethereal Guardian
Collection by: Cersei Lannister
Our latest set for Leshrac! Follow us on facebook -
Skeleton King Vengenstone Set
Collection by: jake
This is my Vengenstone set, I'm still learning 3D modelling but I'm quite happy with how they have turned out.
Nature's Call pack
Collection by: Razicat
for tournament Dota2vo seasons: Nature's Call
Thorns of the Dark Earth Tribe
Collection by: Mystic Nebula
Legend says there was a tribe once made Earthshaker their god. They used their ancient knowledge and put together an armor containing the very soul of the ground. If worn by the Earthshaker himself, the armor can release marvellous power upon every strike...
S.T.F.U - Silencer - Sacred Tools of Final Utterance
Collection by: DotaFX
Might of the Dragon Set
Collection by: Legendary Lui
Spring 2014 Few can withstand the might of a dragon!
Collection by: Péro
Set for Shadow Shaman.
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