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Full Metal Techies 2018
Collection by katzeimsack
Some of you might remember this set from 2015. Valve finally added official workshop support for Techies, so I decided to update and reupload it. I'm planning to add Sign and Remote Mines, please write in the comments if you have cool ideas and suggesti
Keeper of secrets
Collection by Ethan Patterson
Eternal Frost set
Collection by Strnr
Collection by Апельсин
Troll Warlord set (updated)
Collection by YunL
Updated our troll set. https
Souls Tyrant.
Collection by Viktor.avi
↑↑↑ Thumbs up if you like it Reuploaded for changes on head and shoulder. walk: ultimate:
The Princess of fire
Collection by NoEvil
Mysterious K's DotA2 Collection
Collection by ♀Kristal Shard Moon♥
What one likes ;)
Collection by O Ren (╯_╰) 💔
The bloody Ripper
Collection by Kidalv
Terrifying set representing blood seeker in tons of bandages, holding two logs of ripping and having some clothes with eyes everywhere. Hope you enjoy it. updated textures, new gifs.[/im
Avenging Anchorite
Collection by growl
Collection by Ahn Hye-jin
dota 2 stuff
Frost Djin
Collection by Dr. Robo
Frost djin set for AA
a rare one
Collection by Cyber Ghost
my 0 collection
Collection by ∑ϻ5²¹®
Dota 2
Collection by ᛏHelᛏ
Вещи Dota 2.
Collection by щетинистый Лобo4е
Collection by PEACE DEATH
збс скины для доты
Collection by Mr. Mεøω
Collection by ArABiaN_abo_5rash
bezirk 35
Collection by
nice sky
The Engineer's Pride & Joy -- rust version
Collection by Red Couch
Rat Rod collection for Gyrocopter. because he already has planes, a boat, a submarine, and rockets Check out the Chrome version, too!
The Engineer's Pride & Joy -- chrome version
Collection by Red Couch
Rat rod set for Gyrocopter. because he already has planes, a boat, a submarine, and rockets Check out the Rust version, too!
Sin Nombre
Collection by WhatChuchaHappens
金乌之怨 The resentment of Ra
Collection by 补手大帝保大哥
When spe first appeared in the world, she was powerful enough to interfere with the stars. In order to facilitate her journey in the low-dimensional world, she built a kit for herself with a star that was still burning. As the years wore on, the armor was
Collection by LoKing
Collection by Karusel
Collection by DotaPlayer21
Collection by vowchik14
Frostborn King
Collection by mihalceanu
The crown seems to have some sort of control for the beings born from ice and magic .
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