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Scerw gene
Collection by TunX
Overthrow Mods
Collection by Humbug
This is a list of custom games that modify Overthrow. If I miss any, let me know!
Collection by Yuu
Личная коллекция
Madness Beast
Collection by skanzka7
No one can stand in the way of the mad beast!
My Favorite
Collection by Ra Ma Dini | Ra Ma Dani
Modes That Aren't Terrible
Collection by bucketmouse
Really just a quick group so people can quickly sub to a bunch of good stuff at once.
Крутые сеты
Collection by Finn
Просто сеты
Collection by Gwynbleid
Death Swap
Collection by KoNƒLeX
Haze Whisperer
Collection by LVL45
Abaddon Haze Whisperer set includes five cosmetic items for head, back, shoulders, mount and weapon, four custom ability icons and a loading screen. The King’s task was clear: The Halberd of Mist has to be found as the only thing that can end the T...
7 Forgotten Wariors
Collection by Strno8 LFT
Collection by PG
Custom Games Of Dota2
Collection by aomingl
Dota2;Custom Game;Workshop;Quality;自定义游戏;创意工坊;精品;
lina loading screens
Collection by VIRALJOKER
Mad Harvester LC
Collection by ℬᴸƱᴣ ®
Hope it will released as soon as possible™...ツ
Sets That I Want
Collection by XmrHacKeR
I think some of these sets are even better then previous arcanas. Concepts are truly amazing.
Probably going to be accepted
Collection by Nikey
I'm not 100% sure, but ~95% sure. UPDATE 27.06.15: Nyx set declined by valve UPDATE 28.06.15: Added head for Lifestealer & staff for Dazzle UPDATE 29.06.15: Added Danidem's set for ES and Rubick (not really sure about rubick, but it's updated, gonn...
Collection by frost
Sale dota
Mercenary killer set
Collection by slug
After being exiled Kardel Sharpeye became a mercenary killer, facing bloody battles for money and glory, waiting for the moment to return to his people.
Attire of the Forsaken Scion
Collection by Sapphire
Woven from the finest silks and inlaid with the purest gems, this attire was gifted to the Forsaken Scion by the goddess Skree’auk after her humiliating fall from the Ghastly Eyrie. This gift is to remain Shendelzare’s until the day the she lift...
Craine's Collection
Collection by Craine.exe
This isnt mine at all but I had to create a list coz dota unsubscribes my custome modes...
utter filth
Collection by small dendi
if you're in this collection, chances are u made some huge mistakes in life ...
Collection by Squidly
Collection by Apple.
Collection by ‖ŜŵąğģāFǿx‖
Collection by YOLO MAN
Collection by zL | ObituaryConch
First Collection
Collection by Dreaggery Pansmooch
Collection by Shiro
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