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Create and submit new items (such as armor, weapons, clothing, Couriers, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Or help identify the best by rating up your favorites. Submission Guidelines
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Noise Maker
Collection by LeveL 7
Timbersaw new set. Hope U like it. Preview Ingame Avatar Day&Night
Collection by ツタ€ŘǾ ジ
Dirge Stabilizer
Collection by Joshimon
"In an attempt to stabilize and harness Dirges power the Keen race created an experimental set of armour and lay in wait to capture their target. Little were they aware that Dirge was willing to be experimented on in order to manipulate their technology fo
blade dance odachi
Collection by àℤǥedá
Collection by kindar
Dota Offical
Collection by MELL0
Collection by Nekozilla
Collection by I.O.I 4ever
Spinous Venomdrake
Collection by Mikaka
The venom of the Jidi Island did not grant Viper the proper death. Instead, it granted a new form. 基迪岛的剧毒并未带走蝮蛇的性命,而且,还让他焕然一新。
Collection by Tornado
Collection by bod
Isapghol's coll
Collection by [?]
Collection by Suslya
Collection by Rotten_Ratmo
this is my collection of the most wonderfull things in the world. i love them so much
Merciless Axe
Collection by NoEvil
Collection by Facts
Collection by ДеД Юг
Cool Dota 2 Gear
Collection by RoseWarrior333
These are items that I think look amazing and should become part of Dota. I do not own the rights to any of the items nor did I create any of them.
My Collection
Collection by H47
Dota 2
Collection by
Özel Setler
Collection by Chloe
Collection by Zork
The gaime top of Top
Collection by The Rooster
Witch Doctor - Shadow of the king
Collection by LittleRanger
Horned Warrior
Collection by NoEvil
Horned Warrior - set.
Collection by jorginho me deixou a pé
How middleman works?
Collection by Goblin
Working Middleman need some tip but sometimes not needed. Once i got skins on trade, you will get payments / codes / cash / TG code I frequently may be online at work. If that is the case, I may not accept your friend request or respond to your message
Collection by execute//2GD.
Personal Collection
Collection by Primadona
Rempai Logo
Collection by 322 BAKSA
разнообразные крутые сеты и предметы для дота 2.
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