Dota 2
Create or find the best new items
Create and submit new items (such as armor, weapons, clothing, Couriers, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Or help identify the best by rating up your favorites. Submission Guidelines
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Sick stuff
Collection by: CrashEdits™
Original and Amazing dota2 items
My favorite Dota workshop creations
Collection by: (CCG)Imsogoofy
Title says it all.
Armaments of the Sea Godess
Collection by: Xajai
The armaments of the sea goddess have been nothing but a legend for the longest time. After stripping Medusa of her beauty, in exchange for power, the sea goddess bestowed her legendary armor and bow to her daughter, in the hope of aiding her further in h...
Storm Keeper
Collection by: Nikey
Storm Spirit Set with Custom Particles!
Dinamit Observer
Collection by: Kramol'nik
Collection by: Crying Freeman
the ghost of war
Collection by: hydra
just some flower of wars
Collection by: DaniHax
Collection by: Cloud
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