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Numbing sting - set (v2)
Collection by sir_AXE
Ages have passed , and as the tales of Kaldr spread so has his power... (second version to match immortal head)
Apostate of hell set
Collection by 青舞飞扬
This is my old work,I love it so much , but maybe it is not good enough , so I updated textures,make it look like better than before,and submited it again. hope you like it ,if you like ,pls,support me , and give me"yes". thanks. 以前为末日做的一套套装,估计有些朋友还
Venomous Caressing
Collection by Keanhotshine
Deep in the Dire and Radiant jungle, Black Arachnia's favourite pasttime is secreting green and glowing venomous toxin all over herself for cleansing purposes, then gently caressing anything stumbles unfortunatly into one of her many webs, until they slow
NFernando Ft Miracle-
Collection by Hannaヅ
Sherman By NFernando :)
Collection by Toasty
Frostbite Armor Set [url=h
Collection by 1CeNT_PvP
Bearing of the Canus Clan
Collection by MisaMisa
The serenity Sylla found in the Canus Clan also granted him a brand new look. 悉拉在白熊部落里找到的静谧也让他全身焕然一新。 希望大家喜欢哦 ^ ^
Chillbane's Pact
Collection by Clyptic
Arctic Angler - Frostivus
Collection by Threepgood!
As Frostivus rolls around on the eve of another Winter, festivals and games are abound! The long awaited Frosty Fishing Festival gives competitors the chance to win the praise and admiration of all. Only the most willing competitors will withstand the free
Lich-Rime Lord
Collection by Tidal Craftsman
A lich set created for the Frostivus Call to Arms event
Northern Forester - Sniper
Collection by SOLMIR
So at this time we thought abou sniper like a northern forester shooter, an old forest hermit, which walk around through thick tones of snow drifts, frost rivers and other hard-to-reach places. He is patrolling winter lands, guarding them from ugly beasts
The chief of Thunderbird Tribe set
Collection by 青舞飞扬
This is The chief of Thunderbird Tribe set for disruptor, hope you like it , If you like ,give me "yes“, Thank you ~ 这是迎霜节主题的干扰者套装:雷鸟氏族大酋长套 , 希望各位刀友喜欢哈, 如果觉得还阔以的话 ,请给个“是的”, 请在最下面留言说出你的建议, 我一定再接再厉,努力做得更好~ https://steamuserimages-a.akamai
permafrost_warrior set
Collection by 青舞飞扬
This is permafrost warrior set for sven , hope you like it , If you like ,give me "yes“, Thank you ~ 这是迎霜节主题的斯文套装:冻土勇士 ,希望各位刀友喜欢哈, 如果觉得还阔以的话 ,请给个“是的”, 如果不喜欢,就不用给“否”了,请在最下面留言说出你的建议,有道理的我一定虚心接受,努力改正~
The Frost Guardian
Collection by TG
Monkey King set for Frostivus 2017 'Call to Arms' Contest.
The bringer of plagues
Collection by 青舞飞扬
This is the bringer of plagues , hope you like it , If you like it , give me "yes“,pls , Thank you very very much~ 瘟疫使者套, 小名:“这个锅我来背”套。 再也不怕没人接锅了~
The Icewrack Marauder
Collection by ChiZ
Frostivus 2017 submission. Concept by @ZiedrichArt Models and Textures by @ChiZWorkshop
Phosphor fire beetle
Collection by K-Pax Hey guys, A set for Nyx Assassin.Hope you like this set.  If you like it ,Pls give it a thumbs up.thanks :)  Design by K-Pax In game preview: https:
Techies' Special Delivery Service
Collection by Hudston
The Techies Special Delivery Service guarantee your Frostivus will be a blast!
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