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Handed weapon
Collection by Emperor
We made eight handed weapons. You will like it.
Haze Whisperer
Collection by LVL45
Abaddon Haze Whisperer set includes five cosmetic items for head, back, shoulders, mount and weapon, four custom ability icons and a loading screen. The King’s task was clear: The Halberd of Mist has to be found as the only thing that can end the T...
Probably going to be accepted
Collection by Nikey
I'm not 100% sure, but ~95% sure. UPDATE 27.06.15: Nyx set declined by valve UPDATE 28.06.15: Added head for Lifestealer & staff for Dazzle UPDATE 29.06.15: Added Danidem's set for ES and Rubick (not really sure about rubick, but it's updated, gonn...
My Favorite
Collection by NYAN.NYAN
King Chomperton
Collection by Le-Dano
It’s good to be King! One in a long line of regal rodents, King Chomperton reigns supreme over a small empire. While his favourite pastime is, undoubtedly, working his way through logs, trees, and driftwood, he does take time out of his busy schedule to...
Last Locuthi Dragon
Collection by Cesar Sampedro (Follow us on Facebook) [url=https://twitt...
Desert Thunder
Collection by AstraZeroZak
New Disruptor set Desert Thunder.
Mad Harvester LC
Collection by ℬᴸƱᴣ ®
Hope it will released as soon as possible™...ツ
Overthrow Mods
Collection by Humbug
This is a list of custom games that modify Overthrow. If I miss any, let me know!
RavaFX Collections
Collection by Mv
The Unsaid Solemn Ritual Set
Collection by sweetcrazy
set for new medusa cosmetic "The Unsaid Solemn Ritual"
Hellsworn Shadowcaster
Collection by Sylei
Hellsworn Shadowcaster set for Warlock including a custom summon and 3 ability icons. Deadman - concept, illustration Sylei - model, texture, animation
Madness Beast
Collection by skanzka7
No one can stand in the way of the mad beast!
Newbee Spectral snipe(sniper) 鬼隐狙击(火枪套装)
Collection by liangbinge
Newbee Spectral snipe(sniper) 鬼隐狙击(火枪套装)
7 Forgotten Wariors
Collection by Strno8 LFT
Chieftain Joe & Captain Ray
Collection by Meshroom
Even the weakest have their role in the war. While the heroes' great war is ongoing, there is also a little child war between the two clans.... Joe and Ray are the leaders of their courier teams, they are also competitors. They cut across the battlefie...
Scerw gene
Collection by TunX
WePlay T-shirt Collection #1
Collection by WePlayShop
T-shirt with your favourite DotA 2 hero picture. You may ask, how is it different from the hundreds or thousands of others, which can be purchased anywhere? Our T-shirts are made by hand-striped picture, making each T-shirt unique, and even “three-dim...
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