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Burnichus Sicarius
Collection by VLEKᴬʳᵗꜟˢᵗ
Laughing Spirit Tengu
Collection by Mr.Ha_Ha
Who haven't heard about mysterious spirit Tengu? People say that they are cold steel weapon's masters and the mentors of the East best warriors. Is it so? Nobody knows truly, but in the one thing we should be sure - if you hear his loud laughing in the
Radiant Legion
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
See it in 3D at the DotaHattery!
Royal ornaments of the mage hunter
Collection by Celths
Royal ornaments of the mage hunter
Treant Protector items set
Collection by Shang Tsung
Treant Protector items set
Carpet King Abu
Collection by valdic
Troll Comander
Collection by mihalceanu
A troll set with a more savage/ tribal theme
FrozenYoroi Warrior
Collection by EasRay
The set for CANADOTA The Frozen Cup
Broken Envoy(Arc Warden)
Collection by liangbinge
Set for Magnus - AVANGARD -
Collection by Attasik
After tragic ruination of Magnus’ tribe treasure seekers were trying to find out the destiny of few survivors. To find the precious horn the most desperate of them were wending their way to the north, where, to their mind, the remains of defeated tribe hav
Aurora Warrior set
Collection by GreyskyS
Hi, I am GreyskyS. This is Aurora Warrior set ,hope you like it。 the helmet ,shield and weapon , there are two versio 。 http:/
Boarderland Reaper
Collection by BaNdenG
hello,we made a centaur set.if you like it.please vote us.thank you!!
Winter Puma
Collection by Achy7
Drow Ranger Set
Riki: Iron Shadow
Collection by rozenkrans
Riki: Iron Shadow
Ethreain's Vestments - Lich Set
Collection by motenai
Idea and Concept: Stew.Art Modeling and Texturing: Motenai // Facebook | Twitter | Twitch http
Goodkind Courier
Collection by Innecto²³°°
A courier, based on the character "Goodkind" from the recently released comic: "The Last Castle". And this is the model:
Beauty of the desert
Collection by mmxart
Forever Cauma(EarthShaker) 三生之炽(狗哥小牛套)
Collection by liangbinge
Black Magic
Collection by JovaGrof
Jubi's Doto Stuffs
Collection by I wish every girl is a Thai girl
These are Dota 2 workshop items that I made :) Hopefully I could add some more stuffs later, I'm planning to make some custom sets and loading screens. I create this collection just to make things easier to find :D
Auspicious Warrior(Ogre Magi)
Collection by liangbinge
The Scourge of Evernight
Collection by Konras
Supreme Annihilation
Collection by Bronto ⚡ Thunder
Featherwhite Regalia
Collection by GG_bond
Featherwhite Regalia made specifically for high placed mages. Hi guys, my third Dota set and this time it is for skywrath mage. Hope you like it. Thanks :) Also I couldn't load weapon fx along with all items together, but it works alone if I test w
Insight of Owl
Collection by Jigglypuff
After nightfall,The Owl will become the most vigorous hunter in jungle, like a third eye of luna , make her become more insightful. Designed for Moon festival.
Doom Bringer - Metal Wing
Collection by JauntyTunes
Doom Bringer's rebuilt his broken wings with scrap-metal and other mechanical parts. Look sharp on the battlefield with the Metal Wing set. Contest Thread:
Cherokee Shredder Timbersaw
Collection by sipandinc
Cherokee Shredder Timbersaw collection Difference is Mysterious. The difference is what cause Lily in the Marsh be unique. Lily effort and belief in bad Marsh conditions has caused brought everyone to their admiration. The story of sipand is
Ice Magic's Addiction
Collection by liangbinge
Kunkka's Phantastic Bundle
Collection by Liquid Enterprises B.V.
Searsteel Nomad
Collection by Sylei
Searsteel Nomad is a full set for Clockwerk including loading screen, cog model and animations. ike_ike - concept, illustration Sylei - model, texture, animation
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