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Torments of the Seventh Plane
Collection by [prosto-mogy]
We hope you like it! :)
Massacre of the Butcher
Collection by ShadowStarBear
Upon encountering a foe who had obtained the power of the Necronomicon, Pudge was thrown through a dimensional warp where he landed in a southwestern and dry land. It fell upon him to continue his craft as the butcher. His ability to pin down his foes and
Dials of Claszureme
Collection by mig
4 Piece for void.
Double King set/雙重國王套裝
Collection by Viktor
thumbs up if you like our work or leave a comment if you got any suggestion thank you guys concept,textures,loadingscreen : WEI-ZI modeling,tex
Cute Emoticon Pack
A collection of cute and cool emoticons for use in DOTA 2! Check out the 2nd emoticon pack here:
weapon for Spirit Breaker
Collection by 可达鸭
weapon for Spirit Breaker Designed for NanyangChampionships Hope u like it. <3 南洋杯国际锦标赛饰品 北冥玄冰
Chaos of Chrysopoeia
Collection by :3
Steampunk Samurai!
Titus's Rare Weapons collection
Collection by Titus
Here are my rare item for your choise. Like it !
Collection by 澈水
Hi everyone.Do you like the God-eater? If you think it's good , plz click the button and give me a thumbs up. :) If anybody got any suggestions or ideas plz leave me a message .Thanks for your support.
Alchemist-Jungle Chief
Collection by [AG] NPC - LaughingSkyPig
Alchemist-Jungle Chief 丛林酋长 http
Wandering Monk Set
Collection by Guennor
The Keeper of knowledge
Collection by Pernach
The Keeper of knowledge
Queen charm
Collection by 澈水
Hi everyone.Do you like the Queen charm? If you think it's good , plz click the button and give me a thumbs up. :) If anybody got any suggestions or ideas plz leave me a message .Thanks for your support.
Leper Executioner
Collection by Ato Kim
Allure of the Scarlet Temptress
Collection by The Ice Wolves
Endless Nightmare
Collection by Keanhotshine
Sleep no more!!Keep your eyes wild open...or you will suffer endless nightmare... Hope you like this bane set. http://
Collection by Jigglypuff
The Charred Berserker
Collection by Stephors
Huskar could use some cosmetic love so I made a set for him. I wanted to make him look like a battle veteran yet keeping to his tribal style. Hope you like it! Includes ability icons updated to include the new items of the set. Low violence version
Armaments of the Hoven Guard
Collection by TommytehZombie
Remake of the Armaments of the Hoven Guard set, updated to be more fitting to Clinkz style.
Remnarks Spirit - Set
Collection by mooneyestudios
Demnok Lannik, searching for the scriptures of the old, forgotten craft, finally came across the catacombs of the old raven god Remnark. Those weren't as deserted as once believed. Strong protective spells lied within the catacombs, along with ancient Gole
Burning Efreet´s Legacy
Collection by madshock
the set is following an arabic theme of an efreet. it comes along with a custom particle effect for the swords, custom ability icons and a custom loadout / - idle animation. if u like our set plz vote for it, thank you rocketalex - modeling | t
Queen of the North
Collection by Anuxi♥
Made in partnership with the GD studio for Trance, I present to you the Queen of the North Crystal Maiden set! Loading screen done by the amazing Truc Bui! Link to his amazing art here: GIF of the set with the Arcana:
Weaver-Dimension Ripper
Collection by [AG] NPC - LaughingSkyPig
Weaver-Dimension Ripper http://i.
Undying - Dirge Bringer
Collection by Meshroom
The day he became the herald of the Dead God, he was granted The Book of Death. Since then, he relentlessly criss-crossing the battlefield, bringing death and disaster across the land; using the souls of his victims to compile the Dirge. When you hear whis
Blossoms of Spring
Collection by Snowstorm
A set of 4 spring-themed hairstyles for New Bloom 2015 by Snowstorm and Foxclover
The Return of The King of Gods
Collection by Keanhotshine
Zeus proved himself on the battle field again and again... With honor, the king of gods finally got his redemption. Now, his sacred armor is back...
Lord of the Eastern Clan
Collection by bounchfx
The Lord of the Eastern Clan set for Lone Druid, by Pior and bounchfx The Bear Clan was not the only of the ancient druids. Far to the east in times distant and almost forgotten there lived a group of druids that were more akin to beasts near their home
Keeper of the Sunken Key
Collection by CTaKaH_MoJIoKa
Only once was the great treasure vault of the sunken cities robbed, and even then, only one challice was stolen, Nevertheless, the Deep Ones assigned Slardar a most important mission, to keep the Great Sunken Key with him at all times, so that nobody will
Full Metal Techies
Collection by katzeimsack
First set for techies in the workshop. I hope you like it! Manuel Virks & Bao Ngoc Vu
Meepo, The Graverobber
Collection by BananaDancer
Meepo is a thief and a trader who does what he must to survive, stealing, pillaging ruins, and haggling with the warlocks and Magi who find their way into his homeland. Life is tough in the Riftshadow Ruins, and you have to do whatever it takes to stay ali
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