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Create and submit new items (such as armor, weapons, clothing, Couriers, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Or help identify the best by rating up your favorites. Submission Guidelines
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Demonrider set
Collection by: Nateo
Thought to be a demon and possessed by a curse, the demon bat wandered through many regions in the distant west. The Rider found this headstrong bat and, overcoming fear and flames, managed to tame it. A batrider set for Jimmy "DeMoN" Ho, the greatest...
Frost Queen
Collection by: 사슴잘린녹용왜죽나요
Frost Queen set for Crystal maiden
Wisp Collection
Collection by: Automedic
A collection of my workshop submissions for Wisp so far, feel free to give feedback or leave suggestions. All Mirror of Companionship items are actually the same item, showing the progress as I improved it over the course of time. The current one is th...
Phoenix Loading Screen Pack
Collection by: SKULLSPLITTER
These loading screen backgrounds brings a bright and warm charm to your loading experiences! Digitally painted by me in SAI and Photoshop! Includes a Galaxy version, Light version, and Dark version.
Spring 2014 Goodies
Collection by: kendmd
Dark Valkyrie - Vengeful Spirit
Collection by: coraaaaaaa
"She surrendered her broken body for an imperishable form of spirit energy, driven by vengeance, capable of doing great damage in the material plane. She may spend eternity flightless, but she will have her revenge."
Juggernaut - Vessel Of the War God
Collection by: DotaFX
bloodthirsty cyber killer set
Collection by: darline
bloodthirsty cyber killer set
Fervent Fibromutosis
Collection by: Vermilion Wlad
Elemental Styles
Collection by: Yuri
Collection of 3 items for Elemental Spirits
New loading screens
Collection by: Klaus
just gorgeous arts
Bindings of the Trapper
Collection by: bounchfx
"In the crimson forests around the city of Quoidge, Pudge hones his butchery prowess and enjoys setting traps for any souls unfortunate enough to stumble into his hunting grounds. If your perceptive ears ever pick up on screams emanating from deep within ...
Phantom Phoenix
Collection by: e_forge
REWORKED set for skeleton king with HUD ward mace and shield!
Titus's Rare Weapons collection
Collection by: Titus
Here are my rare item for your choise. Like it !
The Sunwalker Set
Collection by: sheepnerfer
The Sunwalker Set has a brimming power residing inside it to match even the most masterful Invoker. Armor that will stand the test of time and eternal combat in ways an Invoker would be sure to demand. Pulling its strength primarily from the fire of the s...
Armor of the Stalwart Soul
Collection by: ChiZ
A battle hardened armor for Purist Thunderwrath, the weary world-wanderer, the Stalwart Soul.
kazenokuran set
Collection by: [YH] I A N
kazenokuran set
Return of the Renegade
Collection by: Pepper Steakk
You cannot escape your past There was nothing Slark couldn't elude, except for his dark, shady past. He will never forget. After many years spent in Dark Reef, he was finally free. Slark was delighted to wear his old gear again, just like the good old ...
burning soul - Terrorblade Set
Collection by: rozenkrans
Conquests of Golden Sun
Collection by: Kramol'nik
Only true warlords, an excellent in combat and ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of victory, deserve the blessings of the Sun God. And the reward is worthy of its owner, it is his pride and honor.
Depths Crystal Swords
Collection by: Yuri
2 Crystal Naga Siren Blades
Horns of the Eternal Dominance
Collection by: .nullf
Dragon of Olympus
Collection by: ilore
After decades of blood and fire, he was claimed by the gods. Now, this warrior fights in the name of the Gods of Olympus in order that their will will be fulfilled in all lands.
Swift Bladesrunner set
Collection by: mihalceanu
A set for juggernaut with a more armored feel, and some extra swords for good measure
Maiden of the Crystal Wyvern
Collection by: ◦♥◦KITE◦♥◦
Maiden of the Crystal Wyvern Rylai was also told the legends of the Crystal Wyvern far to the north. The powerful relics guarded by the Crystal Wyvern have long been whispers of adventures and travelers alike. Rylai set out on a dangerous journey to fi...
Fury of the Wolf Set
Collection by: ryanaxel
A now weathered set of armour, given to Banehollow as a gift from supporters of his fathers cause. The armour was designed as a symbol to strike fear into enemies of the legendary Lycan.
War Machine - Dota Cinema Clockwerk
Collection by: DrySocket
A set for Clockwerk which includes a custom cog and cursors!
Meracle's Shimmering Radiance Naga Set
Collection by: Anuxi ♥
A naga siren set for the Pro Player Meracle from team Scythe! Meracle is well known for his amazing competitive Naga Siren and I wanted to celebrate that with a set for him. Sales of this set will give a percentage of the revenue to Meracle himself. ...
Mirana "Moon Horse" GOLDEN Set - Spring2014
Collection by: kaloyan
Mirana "Moon Horse" GOLDEN Set - Spring2014 Submission
Dame de Carreau
Collection by: Konras
One of the Sisters of the Veil. Known as Dame de Carreau. Bringer of mysterious, sudden, however fast and honorable death. No one was able to see Phantom Assassin and later live to tell the tail. Maybe one day the pattern after her deeds will be reveled a...
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