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Create and submit new items (such as armor, weapons, clothing, Couriers, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Or help identify the best by rating up your favorites. Submission Guidelines
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Meepo, The Graverobber
Collection by: JCROWN
Meepo is a thief and a trader who does what he must to survive, stealing, pillaging ruins, and haggling with the warlocks and Magi who find their way into his homeland. Life is tough in the Riftshadow Ruins, and you have to do whatever it takes to stay al...
Shinobi Tracker's Garb
Collection by: Snowstorm
A set of Shinobi themed items for Bounty Hunter
Dark cruel tyrant
Collection by: HyrX
Death can not stop the king's anger, king's revenge!
Lavashaker Set
Collection by: Paradox
Earthshaker once shook the earth, magma burst. since then,he mastered the ability to control the magma, evolved into LavaShkaer
The Ancient Wanderer
Collection by: Dewzie
My submission for the Dota 2 Polycount Contest. Images coming soon.
The Golden Eagle Set
Collection by: N0Name
The Golden Eagle Set
Spider of purple nightmare
Collection by: peacemagic
Spider of purple nightmare
Sorcerer of the Black Pool
Collection by: Cersei Lannister
C.A.R.L - Casters Accessories of Reneged Longevity
Collection by: DotaFX
Daisho of the Fire Dragon
Collection by: Sukotto
A pair of magical flame swords imbued with power after being blessed by the Fire Dragon. Daisho are a pair of swords typically worn by Samurai. A daisho is usually a katana and a smaller companion sword, in this case a wakizashi.
Dance of Death
Collection by: Kramol'nik
Dance of Death is an annual celebration – a ritual in which the oracle gives permission for the any five noble kills at pleasure phantom assassin, and three days to perform the dance of death.
The Migrant Blaze
Collection by: ChiZ
Rugged traveling attire for the discerning Sorceress! Loading screen by Melgramn:
Flame Eagle Commander-For Arcana
Collection by: HyrX
Sorry, I did not express clearly. I am talking about the new color version is targeted at my first version of a golden hue suits. The Old Color Version: I designed this New col...
Babka the Baba Yaga Courier
Collection by: Chemical Alia
A creepy creature from Slavic folklore, Baba Yaga is a magical, scary grandma who lives in the deep forest and flies about in a mortar and pestle. Babka comes with 3 different color styles: Traditional (red), Blue, and Ghoulish (neutral colors), so y...
Hell Maiden - Legion Commander
Collection by: rozenkrans
Hell Maiden - Legion Commander by pabelbilly
Fallen Crusader Set
Collection by: luXor
Foe for all...
The Summit 2 Bundle
Collection by: ✔ Andrew_Helenek [Red Moon]
Catakeet Couriers
Collection by: Chemical Alia
A collection for our new Catakeet couriers. c:
The Wanderer
Collection by: Willypup
The Wanderer set comes with 5 items. With 4 variations of the head item, and two options for the weapon! Follow me on Facebook and twitter! Willypup: Facebook: Twitter:
The Collector of Spells
Collection by: mihalceanu
A rubick set for dota2 romania's upcoming tournament
Corrupted crystal set
Collection by: Celths
Time passes and the power the Chronoptic Crystals is increased day by day, Leshrac undergoes this growth, his tortured body metamorphosis.
Hidden Flower
Collection by: ChiZ
The Hidden Flower blooms where none may find it. It reveals itself only when it wants to, and its beautiful visage is the last thing one sees before death's cold mysteries are unraveled. Loading screen by Foxclover:
Relics of the Sundered King
Collection by: ChiZ
These once broken armaments have been infused with Wraith Essence, and are now as immortal as King Ostarion himself.
Manna interceptor blades for Anti-mage
Collection by: Es'Kophan
Warnings of the Obsidian Lord - set
Collection by: Bisho Bola
Next set will be Storm spirit (max 4 days or so.) plus a redesign of my skeleton king set. ENJOY
Thnk's Spring 2014 Event Collection
Collection by: Thnk
I will be using this collection to group all of my submissions related the Spring/Chinese New Year event.
Khaelthorn Arcanscape
Collection by: Puppybula
A scream echoed through the air, a pain and agonizing scream. The atsmosphere was flatten, and the grass stiffened very fast.. Carl turned into the stone while he trying to use his magic to defense himself. Medusa smile "Look at me when I kill you." she...
Red Moon Luna
Collection by: RainMaker
Sacred Hunter Garments
Collection by: [ λ ] DusK
The one chosen representative of the Flayed Ones, has been given a sacred garment. Please feel free to commenct and let me know what you think! After all, criticism is a good foundation for learning. If any, i can try and give updates based on what you...
Dark Geode Set
Collection by: Muffy
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