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Hahoe Tal Warrior Set
Collection by: Hong
Hahoe Tal Warrior - 하회탈 장군 Korea Chosun Dynasty Armor / Hahoe Tal - Nexon Contest -
Set for Vengeful Spirit -Femme Fatale-
Collection by: Attasik
Many years have passed since Shendelzar became lonely spirit of the foothill plains. But the craving for vengeance and hope to see her native nest once again never left her heart. A lot of enemies, defeated by an unknown force, fell to her feet. This move...
Pudge wars
Collection by: Let Me Play
its so nice to play pudge wars like me a pudge gamer I HOPE I CAN PLAY EVERY DAYYYY
Blades of Fury (Battle Fury)
Collection by: ✩✪ The Suspect ✪✩
The most popular in-game item Battle Fury as cosmetic item for Anti-Mage. Alternative styles coming soon. Concept, texture: Farrien ( Model: LU ( Render,...
Shell of the Colossus
Collection by: CiDDi
Jaguar Phantom Lancer
Collection by: Mr. Olsun Da
When the village of Pole entered the war, he escaped with no weapons. He was with his bare hands, while running in the jungle, he saw a jaguar. Azwraith reveals his all anger to that jaguar who tries to attack him. And he made his war tools with that anim...
Cradle of Light
Collection by: Fewes
This is our Spring 2015 Keeper of the Light set! It includes a custom mount with two styles of armor as well as a custom Illuminate Spirit Stag.
Kiss of Crows
Collection by: NME
Kiss of Crows Set for Phantom Assassin. Please watch the you tube video to see full set of custom effects!! Full set includes Helm, 2 Shoulder styles, Weapon, Belt, Daggers and cape. Full custom spell icons. Full custom Special effects for Sti...
Treasure of the Wondrous Ram
Collection by: Chemical Alia
A collection of agility hero sets by Don Don, DrySocket, Chemical Alia, Organized Chaos, Ziedrich, Jeremy Klein, and Yi for New Bloom 2015. Check back later for updates!
The Summit 3 Chest - Treasure of the Frigid Beyond
Collection by: BeyondTheSummit
These frozen treasures were uncovered by a Keen expedition into the most frigid of passes of the Peaks of Nishai, stowed away in the cellar of an empty inn. The trailblazers had searched for just such riches as these, bundles of pristine armor forgotten a...
Jadewarden of the Woods
Collection by: Sylei
Enchantress set for New Bloom 2015
Bloodfang collection
Collection by: IGWTmenace
The most brutal of the Veil Sisters were named Bloodfangs. Sacrifice for them is not a simple faith anymore, now it is the meaning of life. They put to death incessantly, cut settlements of measly people for quench bloody thirst. The weapon and armor made...
The Ancient Beast
Collection by: ChiZ
Wherever The Ancient Beast wandered, he devoured all life, and left only corruption and ash in his wake. Even his body had become twisted with time, and played host to the very manifestations of his gluttony. Check it out in the Dota Hattery! http://...
ChiZ's Workshop
Collection by: ChiZ
You can find all the sets I've created for the Dota 2 workshop in this collection. It will continue to be updated as I release new sets. Hope you enjoy my work, and thanks for your support!
Rekindled Ashes
Collection by: Sylei
Ember Spirit set for New Bloom 2015
Infernal Robes Lion Set
Collection by: b0sk
Infernal Robes A passage through the Infernal lands.
Blessings of Fenghuang
Collection by: Zipfinator
Feng's Radiance and Huang's Umbra Check the individual items to read the lore! High Resolution Loading Screen Check it out on the Hattery! Feng's Radiance
The Shatter Horn
Collection by: RocketAlex™
New set by RocketAlex, Yuri and GoT - set preview
Demons Glare set
Collection by: OPPAWIH
Chaosknight have been to many realms, and fought many enemies.. And he have slay them in his presence. But, he have fallen when fought a mighty demon from the hell of doom... But when there is darkness, there is Chaosknight... He return, fought, kill the ...
Black Lotus
Collection by: Sith Happens.
Watch how DOTA2 sets are designed, sculpted, textured and more, live on LIVEWORKSHOP!!! Interact with creators, learn new techniques, workflows, best practices, suggest ideas or just hang out and enjoy the live art. Rate, fave and share each bundle to...
Earth Fury
Collection by: Vladimir Putin
Collection by: SamTheSane
With the Fallen item set, I was aiming to give Doom Bringer more of a dark gothic or satanic cultist feel. Created as an entry into the polycount contest.
Generating Fear
Collection by: I am pRiNce
Goddess of the deep sea
Collection by: HeeJae
Styles Lockwixt
Collection by: Vermilion Wlad
Magebreaker's Arsenal
Collection by: ChiZ
A set of heavy, defensive equipment for Silencer that gives him a knightly, intimidating appearance.
Renewed Jade Comet
Collection by: Anuxi ♥
A full morphling set I created for New bloom 2015.
Corrupted Lord
Collection by: Konras
Terrorblade set with Demon Form, asymmetrical blades with particles and designed to fit Arcana! Even greater demons fear Terrorblade, however none know that he was not born from hell kin. Only few demons that survived the massacre after gates of Foulfe...
Guise Of Belligerent Ram Set
Collection by: feed fast
Guise Of Belligerent Ram Set
Escape from Devarque - XBOCT Lifestealer set
Collection by: motenai
"The plan to escape from the dungeons of Devarque was perfect, but the wizard couldn't imagine his tragic fate...."
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