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Chaos Marauder
Collection by Clyptic
Lord of Decay
Collection by Vayne
Lord of Decay - Pudge Set for Warhammer Chest Contest We hope you like enjoy our effort as we really worked hard to stand out with something unique.
Squig №5
Collection by Ato Kim
Zeus - Lord of Heaven
Collection by katzeimsack
Zeus - Lord of Heaven Check out the items for more images and videos. We hope you like it! Model: Manuel Virks Loadingscreen: Ken Darmadi
Alchemist-Jungle Chief
Collection by [AG] NPC - LaughingSkyPig
Alchemist-Jungle Chief 丛林酋长 http
Armor for the Favorite
Collection by Mv
Tomb Guardians -The courier-
Collection by jijiacer
Tomb Guardians Anubis & Horus The courier For dota2 & Warhammer [/
Rogue Nurgle Champion
Collection by Vermilion "Jeff" Wlad
Da Big Waaagh Boss!
Collection by Shake It Off
Da Big Waaagh Boss Pudge Set Entry for the Total War: Warhammer competition "I'm gonna stomp 'em to dust. I'm gonna grind their bones. I'm gonna pile 'em up inna big fire and roast 'em. I'm gonna bash 'eads, break faces and jump up and down on da b
Weaver-Dimension Ripper
Collection by [AG] NPC - LaughingSkyPig
Weaver-Dimension Ripper http://i.
Daemonette of Slaanesh
Collection by Pernach
Daemonette of Slaanesh Templar Assassin set for Warhammer event
Oglodi big boss
Collection by Dr. Robo
Warhammer axe set
Ghorros Warhoof
Collection by leshiy leshiy – Art direction and T
Queen Of Pain - Crimson Malevolence
Collection by Meshroom
Moon Shaman
Collection by Zalak
Shadow Shaman set for Warhammer contest
Collection by jojojo
Ghal-Maraz Hammer for Omniknight, Dragon Knight, Void and Slardar. The idea was to make the same weapon for every positions so that you can have it for your favorite role, either you prefer to play support or core. Design is from Total War: Warhammer
Darkness Embraced
Collection by VIsix
Brewmaster of the North
Collection by katzeimsack
Brewmaster of the North Created for the Dota 2 Bi-Monthly Community Competition. I hope you like it!
Lord of Ancient Treant
Collection by [AG] NPC - LaughingSkyPig
Lord of Ancient Treant
Night Goblin Plaguerider
Collection by Zipfinator
Thanks for looking! Check the individual item pages for images of the set in game. Kiefen 'Zipfinator' Zipf | Twitter Ike 'Ike Ike' Ike | [url=h
Vampire Hunter
Collection by Sebastian http://
Warlord Spinetail
Collection by Sir Digby Chicken Caeser
The full Slark warlord spinetail Warhammer set
Otus - A DOTA 2 Courier
Collection by katzeimsack
Otus - A DOTA 2 Courier Inspired by a model I did years ago for an art competition. We hope you like him! Model: Manuel Virks Animations: Jens Heinrich
Ogre - Warrior
Collection by Volt Illusion
This is a set design for Ogre Magi, for Dota 2 Warhammer Contest .Hope you like this:D
Legion Commander - Supreme Siegebreaker
Collection by katzeimsack
Legion Commander - Supreme Siegebreaker Check out the items for more images and videos. We hope you like it! Model: Manuel Virks Concept: Christian Schob
Venomancer_Death Poison
Collection by [AG] NPC - LaughingSkyPig
Murderous Pig Face
Collection by katzeimsack
Murderous Pig Face Model: Manuel Virks Concept: Christian Schob We hope you like it!
Pugna - Lord of Despair
Collection by katzeimsack
Pugna hasn't had a lot of sets yet, let's change that! Model: Manuel Virks Concept: Christian Schob We hope you like it!
The Marksman
Collection by AstraZeroZak
New Sniper set - The Marksman.
Sun Blessed Attire
Collection by Toasty
The sun is energy, the sun is life, the sun is blinding fiery might.
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