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Create and submit new items (such as armor, weapons, clothing, Couriers, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Or help identify the best by rating up your favorites. Submission Guidelines
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butcher zombie
Collection by: phamlinhnhi
Champion of The Morrigan
Collection by: Van Hauss
As Tresdin set her blade down, she observed the battlefield and carnage she had created around her. Taking in short breaths, she suddenly felt herself being watched. Quickly she lifted her blade, and turned around, ready to take on the next foe. But what ...
Full metal Dreadnaught SET
Collection by: Bisho Bola
Full metal Dreadnaught SET . You can follow my works here: and watch me doing dota 2 sets and ask me stuff here:
Forest Crown(Enchantress Set)
Collection by: liangbinge
Hope you will like it.
Armor Custodian Forest
Collection by: ®kTaU™
Мудрецы его племени создали эти доспехи для достойного защитника природы и их рода
The Ice Breaker - IceIceIce SB
Collection by: Danidem
Steel Cerberus
Collection by: Kraken
Steel Cerberus set for Lifestealer. We called it cerberus because he has 3 armored heads, two of them on his shoulders Comes with two styles of head armour.
Caustic Sands Collection
Collection by: NMOP3PISdn
Caustic Sands is a Hud & Loading screen combo for Sand king. The hudskin comes in two different styles for each of the three aspect ratios: (16:9, 16:10, 4:3). Custom stash & timer as well as lighting & sand effects. Enjoy!
New loading screens
Collection by: Klaus
just gorgeous arts
Fearsome Warrior set
Collection by: Ozzymandias
Even before Xin became ember spirit, his enemies called him a demon
Collection by: flashice
Myth of the sea
Collection by: Xbóp
made by sida team
Immemorial Ruins bundle
Collection by: Krios
This collection contains Immemorial Ruins HUD Skin and loading screen.
Lavashaker Set
Collection by: Paradox
Earthshaker once shook the earth, magma burst. since then,he mastered the ability to control the magma, evolved into LavaShkaer
FNATIC Player Collection
Collection by: Anuxi ♥
A Collection of sets made by : Danidem, OniLoLz, ZaphK, T_Vidotto, SpudniK, FoxClover, MrPinkman, Bronto Thunder, Anuxi And the fnatic players BigDaddy Fly Trixi H4nn1 Era
Feralheart Lycan Set
Collection by: roddinthemighty
Feralheart Lycan Set
Samurai Soul for Earthshaker
Collection by: Paradox
First ES Set I have ever made, inspired by the Japanese samurai, hope you will like it. Feel free to let me know your opinions.
Doom Bringer Blood Haiden Set
Collection by: Evil Kon
Polycount Thread Sketchfab Model Viewer
GD.Rubick - Desert Warrior
Collection by: Strno8
In association with : Green Dragon Tournament
Spring2014 Banannou
Collection by: Nannou[KEEN]
My work for Spring2014 Follow me on Twitter@NannouCG
Загрузочные Экраны Профи Команд
Collection by: Ducky's Dream Team*Fatality™
Здесь буду выкладывать загрузочные экраны Профисиональных команд DOTA 2
Night Stalker Full Armor Sketch
Collection by: RivaileCorps/R.C.
its just a fast sketch how i want a full armor for night stalker i think it looks epic hope someone can make a 3D model
Scree'auk's Cowl
Collection by: AstraZeroZak
Keen Workshop
Collection by: Nannou[KEEN]
This is a collection of all the work created by Keen Workshop. Follow our Twitter and Facebook for upcoming projects and giveaways If you have questions...
Echoes of Vengeance Set
Collection by: blossomalex
Vengeful Spirit - Echoes of Vengeance Set
Brawl Basher bundle
Collection by: Krios
This bundle includes Brawl Basher HUD skin and loading screen for Dota 2.
Yuri's ingame single items
Collection by: Yuri
Yuri's ingame single items
darkness grimoires
Collection by: mihalceanu
A dark and spiky vibe for warlock
Legionary of the Tradrah Desert
Collection by: .nullf
Legionary of the Tradrah Desert set for Chen
Collection by: kestl
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