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Essence of the Trickster
Collection by Zaphk
Searsteel Nomad
Collection by Sylei
Searsteel Nomad is a full set for Clockwerk including loading screen, cog model and animations. ike_ike - concept, illustration Sylei - model, texture, animation
Steelfiend Form - R
Collection by Nateo
Nevermore...The last thing that graced the lips of the unfortunate souls that came into contact with this being of monstrous hate. Unlike many of the souls this Shadow Fiend devours,none have served him as such. Taken from a warrior long forgotten, N
Stonebreaker's Legacy
Collection by vikk0
Crafted eons ago, and left behind in history, the tale of a powerful armor made of the purest gold and emeralds for the battle against the strongest. They tell how many Aggrons wearing it became heroes, oh yes, my friend. But now these stories are only a l
Gifts from Goddess Rae Set
Collection by blossomalex
Watch over me, Goddess. It'll be a good show.
Curse of the Violet Dragon
Collection by Elveon
After a long battle with amethyst dragon that lasted nearly 3 days, Huskar after the glorious victory at such a worthy adversary has used his strong bones like steel and sharp like a knife amethyst crystals, not only as a trophy, but as armor and weapons.
Alpha Mammoth Crusher
Collection by Уuri
Alpha Mammoth Crusher set for Ursa Yuri - Concept and sculpting Keinhangia - illustration Pernach - 3d assisting Leshiy - artdirection
Collection by Ice Wolves
Plz Upvote if you like our Lina set. Models and Textures by IceWolves, Concept by Adimas Susanto.
Hellforged Axe
Collection by xtab
Rubick set "Poulpe abyssal "
Collection by Alexwaypoint
Dual Wielding - juggernaut set
Collection by T_Vidotto
Dual wielding juggernaut set click on any of the items or on the video for more information.
Horror of Tzeentch
Collection by ChiZ
Lord of Decay
Collection by Vayne
Lord of Decay - Pudge Set for Warhammer Chest Contest We hope you like enjoy our effort as we really worked hard to stand out with something unique.
Armor for the Favorite
Collection by Mv
Сrabbit one
Collection by Chameleon
Collection by The Bird
Jorogumo - Broodmother Set
Collection by motenai
They say she lures foolish men and adventurers in her lair, crying like a girl in distress, but nobody has ever come back from that forsaken cave. Someone think she's some kind of monster. They call her Jorogumo.
Bristleback Metal Reborn
Collection by KVJ|637:358&composite-to=*,*|637:358&background-color=black [i
Heart of Xhacatocatl
Collection by Jigglypuff
Here is our new created BloodSeeker Set [Heart of Xhacatocatl] Please VOTE if you like it !
Undying - Cursed Harakiri Set
Collection by david.a.f1
Cursed Harakiri Set
Snowstorm Ranger
Collection by Уuri
Snowstorm Ranger set for drow ranger
Extra Life Charity Treasure
Collection by Mv
The RavaFX Studio is proud to announce our official partnership with the Extra Life Gaming Charity. We have been working diligently with Extra Life to incorporate a method to donate to a good cause and show off support for the charity through in-game cosme
Azhag Hunter
Collection by Celths
Azhag Hunter , Set for Tidehunter Dota 2 Warhammer Total War contest
Spartoi Armor
Collection by Nateo
Armor worn by an ancient people, who were said to be born from the teeth of a dragon.
Collection by Roizu Maaku
Revision of my first Huskar Set Submission. Reupload. Spear retextured and Remask. Off-hand weapon remasked.
Collection by I'm Racat
Suneater's Tempest
Collection by Hawf
A Night Stalker set made for the Warhammer Contest inspired by the Kholek Suneater!
Frost Owl Set
Collection by TISH
It is said that the most elite of drow are selected to don the frost owl set. They are the sentinels of night and guardians of the drow's most hidden secrets.
Dragon Edge - Shield
Collection by andyk125
This is a collection for just two items, the Dragon Edge Blade is a old item, but never got the attention that it deserved in my opinion. So to give some more attention, I made a Shield that fits the exact style of the blade. There was an idea of maki
The Marksman
Collection by AstraZeroZak
New Sniper set - The Marksman.
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