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Scale Twins
Collection by Tin
Like a whisper...
Worst Workshop Items
Collection by sleekbrah
Items so terrible, it is hard not to laugh.
Right hand of Lightning
Collection by iRYO400
tio juggernaut
Collection by Bluteinsen Mcfly
weas pal tio jugger
Collection by CrEAt|VE.!! ,___¸.•'¯)
pudge carneee frescaaa
Unreal Tournament 3 Announcer
Collection by I'm so sorry™
Unreal Tournament 3 Announcer для Dota 2 (RUS)
Bloody Snow set of Juggernaut (sword)
Collection by ilyya
Bloody Snow set of Juggernaut (sword) This design is inspired by Korea traditional patterns and mask.
Double souls
Collection by YOSHISHO
Riki's Double souls's weapon.
Unleashed Power Set
Collection by kTaU
Collection by Yksi
это очень интересная коллекция чееестно!!!!
Dota 2 Custom Gamemodes for Lobby Explorer
Collection by Uterus Maximus
Dota 2 Custom Gamemodes for Lobby Explorer
Costom Gayums
Collection by iEntozer`|Eksdi Ü
Dota stuff
Collection by ~CLown69~
Collection by Shampooo
Dota 2 private lobbies collection
Collection by Это. Просто. Нечто.
Collection of dota 2 private lobbies favourite items.
Dota 2 Epic Sets
Collection by ChipmunkOW
Dota 2 epic hero sets
Collection by <font face="Segoe Script">_eRic
Dota 2 Mods
Collection by Mi Mum
[Dota 2] Spectre - Imperial Revenant Set Bundle
Collection by Kalahari_Krokonoster
Thank you for your interest in our work! Imperial Revenant - A cosmetic item set for Spectre. Credits: Sajedene - Concept - Promotion Video Lyether - Additional Texturing vertical - Modeling & Sculpting - Texturing - Marketing Material - Painting
Blades Of Artisan (Art Of Death)
Collection by Nana
Phantasling Artisan (Phantom Assassin) The Blades Of The Artisan (Art Of Death), artisans crafting secretly for decades, a weapon that slices enemies in half, and by the blade has promised that their enemies shall die and honor their death and blood in
Collection by AQP-TITAN
La legendaria espada voodoo la unica llave al inframundo
Collection by VoshiNova
Bounty Hunter clote
Collection by le guerié patate
Cela rends un nouveau style à ce héros, Armes assez origineaux ce qui le rends très classe !
Underscape Horns
Collection by Jigglypuff
Underscape Horns set for Razor
God Of The Death
Collection by Nagas
Dota II
Collection by SkylsTheTrue™
бла бла бла
Collection by $$Nao To Nem Ai$$
workshop dota2
Collection by Maganik
oggetti dota 2
Aghanim's Treasure
Collection by BA' AG_Green
Set "Aghanim's Treasure" consists of six subjects + interface elements. From bags Meepo seen Aghanim's Scepter that he had stolen from a magician. Also present in the set of icons abilities.
Collection by sheldor
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