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Dota 2 Workshop
Collection by OzyKEK
The Radiant Loading Screen
Collection by ЧИСТО ЛОХ
The Radiant Loading Screen!
Good Game
Collection by S๐SUCK★
Collection by 阿诗玛
Collection by †Satanic✙Phoenix†
DotA Girls :3
Collection by Naturally Bi-Polar
Dota 2
Collection by u l t r a
Dota 2
Collection by Masum
Dota 2 materials wich i like in community page.
workshop dota 2
Collection by CanSado_CbA
Collection by Destroyer
Dota 2
Collection by PURNELL
Dota2 collection
Collection by JR286
Dota2 Collection
Collection by Angry Pro
The best custom game!
Armor of the Unrefined Warrior
Collection by Arrar
A simple armor and weapons, crafted by a small town smith.
Dota 2 pics
Collection by Jerry Smith
better dota 2 themes
best of the best
Collection by @London Slacker
Shadow walker
Collection by Планктун
AwS Items
Collection by acidelic
Collection by Heisenberg
Только лучшее!
Collection by Пахан Тарзана
Собираю из Мастерской только самое лучшее!
Collection by allen
Loading Screen by Andrey Tarakanov
Collection by Tarakanov Andrey
Collection by ☭".Sky."☭
Actually, this workshop collections were my favorites. These artworks were owned by their rightful owners. I added this work because i like them to be launch as cosmetic items on the Dota 2 main client. That's all, thanks...
Pudge Undead
Collection by SυяяєαLƤѕуQ♥︶︿︶
i am here to collect a great items for good ppls Thanks :D <3
only for assasin
Collection by GepardShowRus
Robe of Yanshan Maiden
Collection by MugenMcFugen
Collection of Set items for Spring 2015 event!
shinigami pants for juggernaut
Collection by Kite
pants for juggernaut
L'Grand-Legendary Saber Weapon
Collection by i can take chocolate
I made this kind weapon just like Star Wars or Gundam (I dont know what exactly name of that kind weapon, so give "saber", hope it's right) because I want unique one, not only from the shape, But I cant make the 3D, so it's just 2D (I hope you can imagin
flying rabbit
Collection by Chuchu
Treasure of the Diligent Artisan and Cloven World
Collection by Cyborgmatt
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