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Dota 2 Pantheon 1st pack: Selemene, Scree'auk, Flayed Twins
Collection by Marry mind
First pack of loading screens with Gods and Goddesses of Dota 2 world. This pack Includes 3 art with Scree'auk(from Vengeful Spirit's and Skywraith Mage's lore), Selemene (from Mirana's and Luna's lore) and Flayed Twins (from Bloodseeker's lore)
Garog Nightwing
Collection by
Garog's a warbeast courier inspired by mythical hybrid creatures. Originally created for the Warhammer competition as more of a sphinx, Garog's been revised here with lion facial features and updated textures. The horns, braids and face were repainted an
Reborn Phoenix(Lina)
Collection by
Supreme Annihilation
Collection by Bronto ⚡ Thunder
The Scourge of Evernight
Collection by Konras
Headless Horseman
Collection by Sith Happens.
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The System adapts!
Collection by leshiy leshiy – Concept Art, Illust
Flight of the Mayura - Drow Ranger set
Collection by Ice❅ Wolves
Hope you like my new Drowranger set, Dnt forget to Upvote if you like it. Thanks <3
Dota 2 Epic Sets
Collection by Chipmunk
Dota 2 epic hero sets
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