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Hope I'll get these someday
Collection by: Vi Britannia
Collection by: ◢◤ ℋαҏҏᎽ ℋℴℓįďαɤş◢◤
Wrath of the Celestial Naga
Collection by: THE[KAMI]
Once worn by the Serpentine Goddess, Nuwa, who created and glorified mankind. A Nuwa + Chinese Opera + Dragon + Legend of Madame White Snake themed set for new bloom.
Collection by: ムSickDrivers 力▲
Collection by: hugo12628
Fury Keeper
Collection by: e_forge
Fury Keeper set for Ember spirit, made in collaboration with BZZ from VirtusPro, including custom icon for BF item. Hope you like it guys! :3
Desdom Worth Dota2 Items Collection
Collection by: Doi Frittiur
Collection by: Black Dog
Marcus er en happy merchant
Shards of the Relic
Collection by: Segek
Collection by: Nyi Nyi
моя колекция
Collection by: Vovchik
ну посмотрите что описывать та!
Le0n4rd0's Collection
Collection by: Le0n4rd0
Collection by: ˝T˝N˝O˝The Negative One ˝
Set Axe unchained
Collection by: valdic
Set Axe unchained After decapitation of his another enemy Axe was forced into fight versus huge amount of foes. It was an uneven battle so Axe was captured and chained. A long time he was a prisoner in a dark pit with anger raising in his body and mind...
Dota 2 custom games
Collection by: Fozzie Bear
Balance blades
Collection by: Sebastian
For spring 2015
Collection by: 9 T 6 %
Collection by: BizraV
I Just Like it That's All :D
Collection by: ZERO
Dark Cordinal
Collection by: luXor
I bring oblivion....
Beast of War
Collection by: Davo®ek
Beast of War - collection of set items for Axe
Noble Fury Set
Collection by: Virgl
Hello everyone ! This is my new Axe set for 2015 Spring event. Hope U like it. Happy New Year !
Cursed Lonomia Set
Collection by: PrivateRowan
A collection of items which when combined together make the Cursed Lonomia Set.
Corrupted Tribe Set
Collection by: madShock
Relics of The Temple
Collection by: Prince Nuada
This is a new version of the set 3D preview in DotaHattery: Main and alternative styles -
A Fistful of Frags
Collection by: mantoe
A Fistful of Frags Set. Inspired by the iconic "hero with no name".
The Prairie Marauder Set
Collection by: sweetcrazy
AXE is back, with his might and wrath!!!
Collection by: landinweaver
Blueheart Voyageur
Collection by: Threepgood!
From the Blueheart Glacier to the uncharted depths of north west Cobalt, Tusk's journey found him battling friend and foe alike, all with the promise that a healthy brawl be finished with a round of drinks.
pudge wars
Collection by: LET.Orchid-v0.003
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