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The Ultimate Chest
Collection by: Chemical Alia
A collection of ultimates.
Black Magic
Collection by: JovaGrof
Echoes of the Eyrie - Vengeful Spirit set
Collection by: motenai
The day that Shendelzare fell from the Eyrie, flightless and consumed by the desire of vengeance, her hair burst into blue flames, and the sky cried with what was left of her torn wings. Set created by Motenai Particles Effects created by AbyssFX ...
Mechanist Scotti
Collection by: freeheartex
Falconeer Munitions
Collection by: mihalceanu
It makes him look like an awsome falcon themed steampunk badass . imo 3d model viewer here :
Misrule's Touch
Collection by: Sore wa chigau yo!
"As the older one, you have to protect your little sister" - that was what Lina's parents always told her. Lina felt that it was a matter of course that she would protect Rylai, not only because she was the older one, but also because she truly loved her ...
Lord of the Winding Maze - Evil Geniuses
Collection by: Zipfinator
The Narrow Maze is not known for its hospitality. A twisted lord rules over the desolate landscape with a razor lash and profound cruelty. Created for Evil Geniuses by Zipfinator, Fudgie Wudgie, The Horse Strangler, and Pior. Includes full custom parti...
Idol of the Storms
Collection by: Sapphire
After Thunderkeg fused his body with the storm spirit and erased the horrors of what the old one did the people of the land began to idolize him and he in return held celebrations in honor of himself filled with song and dance Rajin Thunderkeg, idol o...
Puck Pteryx
Collection by: Es'Kophan
Winged set with costom animation
Selemene's Return
Collection by: bounchfx
This is a Luna set made for EternaLEnvY. View and rate the set here: In addition to the standard set items, it features custom ability icons, particles, loading screen, and an alternate h...
Broodmother - The Virulent Mother
Collection by: Mv [RavaFX]
Death, decay and disease, these are the words that are used to describe Mount Pyrotheos after the great curse. Before Ptholopthales, The Vizier of Greed, took his last breath he silently cursed Broodmother and the land with an ever worsening disease. A sl...
Last Locuthi Dragon
Collection by: Cesar Sampedro (Follow us on Facebook) [url=https://twitt...
Remains of the Frigid Revenant
Collection by: Sukotto
Remains of the Frigid Revenant set for Abaddon.
[UPDATED] Bloodseeker Vae Victus Set_Blood Hound Legacy
Collection by: RIGOR:殭屍:MORTIS
UPDATED BELT AND CAPE PLUS NEW VIDEO IN ACTION AND THIRST MODE !!! Lore there was one hound of they flyd twins who was consumed by thirst. Not having enough of the enemy's blood on the battlefield , he started to taste the blood of his own kind until he...
The Mad Juggler - alchemist goblin
Collection by: oxhid3
The Mad Juggler - alchemist goblin body and hat
Butcher, nicknamed "The Executioner"
Collection by: ®kTaU™
I am Butcher
D2LPR Season 2
Collection by: @Supp1k_AAA
Sixteen teams compete in the second D2LPR for a cash prize 500$
Collection by: Luchango
Chronolash v2, a NEW and Improved Weapon for Faceless Void, Now with Custom Particles AND Custom ULTIMATE for Void!! (Chronosphere).
Wolverine Wolf Set
Collection by: Mata<3
Having set like this, is awesome. Its an ultra epic wolverine wolf set.
Naga Siren Radiance Blades
Collection by: KungFuPanda
2 radiance swords, fitted for naga's capable hands, and a loading screen, to help you remember to always pick naga. Lore: As Naga picks up the radiance blades, her fury is channeled through the blades, burning enemies to the ground.
Shadow Fiend Arcana
Collection by: Night Hawks
Acala Mantra
Collection by: Keanhotshine
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, protect the innocent and punish the evil with Vajra and Kurikara! Acala Mantra expresses the power of true wisdom.
Collection by: Har.binGer
Collection by: [KGV]suprise modafoca
Collection by: Eighty4 Fly
Blah Blah Blah
Immortal warrior
Collection by: IGWTmenace
Coming soon.
dota 2 epic set
Collection by: bolnoi
Pudge wars
Collection by: The Rightclicker
its so nice to play pudge wars like me a pudge gamer I HOPE I CAN PLAY EVERY DAYYYY
Sunshield Studio
Collection by: Belkun
Sunshield Studio is a partnership between Tiffany 'Arty' Boother and Bruno 'Belkun' Monti, and we create items for Dota 2!
Sorcerer of the Black Pool (Dota Pit League Season 2)
Collection by: Cersei Lannister
The Dota Pit League is back and we are happy to announce the beginning of our Season 2. The top teams are going to compete against each other for $75,000. Each bundle purchased increases the tournament prize pool by $2,50. Bundle also includes Sorcerer of...
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