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Legacy of the Legendary Emperors
Collection by: Mystic Snake 神秘蛇
A collection of 6 sets for New Bloom 2015 by DNADota! Set for Earth Spirit. Set for Nyx Assassin. Set for Outworld Devourer. Set for Chaos Knight. Set for Razor. Set for Disruptor.
Golden Thunderer
Collection by: Mystic Snake 神秘蛇
Submission for New Bloom 2015 Set for Razor.
Carnivorous Squamer
Collection by: e_forge
Set for tidehunter made with Faker! Enjoy new outfit guys! ;p
Dragonslayer Set
Collection by: skanzka7
Exile from valleys of Knollen
Collection by: Mr.Ha_Ha
He will be back home, but not today.
Lightning Demon Storm Spirit Set
Collection by: Joshua Morrison
Generations ago, in the plains beyond the Wailing Mountains, a good people lay starving in drought and famine. A simple elementalist, Thunderkeg by name, used a forbidden spell to summon the spirit of the storm, asking for rain. Enraged at this mortal’s...
Manta Styles for Chaos Knight
Collection by: Master of Moustaches
This Manta has 2 styles: 1- Fully Red Manta Style 2- Blue/Red Manta Style
Weavings of the Guiding Light
Collection by: The Horse Strangler
A collection of items from the Guiding Light set for Nature's Prophet They came at dusk, a fleet upon wing, with only the faintest flutter to mark their passing. The Prophet smiled, glad of their company, for the woods were deep as the nights were long...
Relics of The Temple WoF S3
Collection by: Мелькор Красавчик
Third season of the tournament Wars of Fortune.Professional teams compete for the 1000 dollars prize pool. This bundle grants the Relics of the Temple Templar Assassin Set and access to view games from Wars of Fortune Season 3
The Acrid Arch-Reaper
Collection by: Swagneto
The Acrid Arch-Reaper Set.
Icebound Frost
Collection by: valdic
When The Winter Has Arrived And Aurora Has Appeared It Was The Time For Void To Bring Fear And Apprehension To The Heart Of His Enemies... Are U Ready For Time To Be Stopped And For The Witner To Be Eternity ?! New VOID Item with Custom Animation, Desi...
Omniscience's Champion
Collection by: Kimber Prime
After fighting many battles in the Omniscience's name Purist decided to travel back to the All Seeing one. He had seen much pain and destruction amongst his comrades and wanted to know how he could spare his companions from this suffering in the future. W...
Paired Fyrefuries
Collection by: P. Bateman
A pair of swords forged by Xin himself, they look familiar in some ways.
The Shadows Of The Nothl Realm Set
Collection by: EGOR
Traveling through the Nothl Realm Dazzle met a suffering shadow. The poor creature was almost dead. Dazzle healed it. In returne the Shadow gave him this Set
Vangpai Set
Collection by: Forest.Run.Forever
It's made from wood - still deadly and looks good! New Set from WonderWorkers! Now at Dota 2 Workshop!
Armor of the Imperial Warrior
Collection by: Homer J. Simpson
Armor Imperial Warrior
Sun Temple Monk
Collection by: Ўuri
Sun Temple Monk
Collection by: DT7
Hi everyone! It's my first set for dota 2 "steam workshop". I plan making more, and better. If you like it - i be happy.
Relics of the Shadow Temple
Collection by: Vernon Roshe
New TA set designed for Wars Of Fortune! Hope u like it.
Ancient warrior armor
Collection by: Homer J. Simpson
Loading Screen Soon
the God of Death befall
Collection by: 合金小强
when she befall at your face,it meams you have already dead
Ethereal Bloom
Collection by: Vermilion Wlad
Vessel of the Winter Goddess Set
Collection by: イザナギ ユゥ
[Update: Reworked textures, changed loading screen image, and added ambient FX for the head piece] Hey there, this is the first set for Slark that I created. I hope that you guys will like it and if you do, please help to upvote if you wish to see it ...
Nation's Essence
Collection by: IGWTmenace
Coming soon
The bound demon soul
Collection by: Gartean master baiter
complete 4 piece set for SD. individual pieces contain ingame screenshots and descriptions. If you would like to see it ingame,vote for it!
SingSing's Descendant of the Dragon
Collection by: Cersei Lannister
Dark Reef Blade
Collection by: McNesio
A Blade for Slark, I'm working on adding custom effects ^^
Frigid Empress
Collection by: Rain☁
Jade Claw
Collection by: Sebastian
Some text here
Ram Stormer
Collection by: Mystic Snake 神秘蛇
Submission for New Bloom 2015 Set for Disruptor.
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