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Headless Horseman
Collection by Sith Happens.
Watch how DOTA2 sets are designed, sculpted, textured and more, live on LIVEWORKSHOP!!! Interact with creators, learn new techniques, workflows, best practices, suggest ideas or just hang out and enjoy the live art. ○
Garog Nightwing
Collection by
Garog's a warbeast courier inspired by mythical hybrid creatures. Originally created for the Warhammer competition as more of a sphinx, Garog's been revised here with lion facial features and updated textures. The horns, braids and face were repainted an
Reborn Phoenix(Lina)
Collection by liangbinge
Burnichus Sicarius
Collection by VLEGᴬʳᵗꜟˢᵗ
The Scourge of Evernight
Collection by Konras
Raging Whirlwind
Collection by Hawf
Created in part by the attendees of The International 2014, the first set completed for Troll Warlord
Monkey Idol
Collection by gotSmok'emAll
Monkey idol, a symbol image, reflection, imitation and manipulation. If you do not bow down before him, your illusion will do it!
Flight of the Mayura - Drow Ranger set
Collection by Ice❅ Wolves
Hope you like my new Drowranger set, Dnt forget to Upvote if you like it. Thanks <3
Collection by HV_Violet
Dota 2 Epic Sets
Collection by Chipmunk
Dota 2 epic hero sets
Slayer of the Fearsome
Collection by © der_BESITZER There is a legend being told among the tribes of Mwhoa`whangka valley. It speaks of terror, of rage and of an unrelentless hunt for the ultimate trophy. A creatur
Night Goblin Plaguerider
Collection by Zipfinator
Thanks for looking! Check the individual item pages for images of the set in game. Kiefen 'Zipfinator' Zipf | Twitter Ike 'Ike Ike' Ike | [url=h
Swashbuckler Set
Collection by xtab
Bane, The Shattered Dreams Devourer
Collection by pantera03 Hi, this is my version of how I see Bane elemental. Yes, he has eyes! I also tried to accentuate in his character the sadistic vibe he has. If you like it, I would really appreciate if you can hit that follow
Collection by Kits
Kholek Suneater [Centaur]
Collection by Sith Happens. Kholek Suneater Watch how DOTA2 sets are designed, sculpted, textured and more, live on LIVEWORKSHOP!!! Interact with creators, learn new techniques, workfl
Night of The sun
Collection by ㄨOwl_fyㄨ
Force of Horn
Collection by Hawf
Our New Bloom 2015 year of the Ram set for Sven! Check it out on Dota Hattery below!
Shell of the Colossus
Collection by CiDDi
Armor of the Wrought Legion
Collection by Jigglypuff
Please give me a thumb up!
Endless Nightmare
Collection by style_d
Endless Nightmare set for Night Stalker
Woodland Elf
Collection by Jigglypuff
Woodland Elf
Dota 2
Collection by JackSilva™
Calabaxa Collection
Collection by Miles Ham
Calabaxa courier and loading screen.
Markings of the Eternal Leper
Collection by Icewreath
None are quite sure what caused Darkterror's disfigurement, but the markings of the gazing leper are not easily missed. This set is themed around the idea of Faceless Void as an outcast, and is especially focused on changing his look entirely while sta
Master of the Abyss
Collection by mihalceanu
Underlord set with a more bulky feel .
The Jade General
Collection by Jigglypuff
The inspiration of this set originates from the Chinese Terra-cotta Warriors, so we featured some jade and gold elements, and add a little armor-like designs.
Mad N'aix of The Fury Dungeon
Collection by Keanhotshine
-The suffering souls which in lifestealer's body are still trying to escape from him. So the ruthless creature use huge suction tube to connect his hunchback and bloody mouth, inject these souls back. hmmm....yummy... -The shackle and mask was broken b
Bow Shaman
Collection by Paproch
Terror Blade (TB) Loading Screen
Collection by DG.Night Hawks.DL
This Is Terror Blade . Awesome Loading Screen .. Wish U Like It.... RATEUP , ADD TO FAVOURITE , Subcribe Please!! If U Want To Add This In Dota 2..
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