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Drowned Siren
Collection by Toasty
It is said the Pirate King was obsessed with knowing the time of his mortal passing. He traveled the world seeking fortune tellers. However each, out of fear for their own lives told him the same thing, "You will live a long and prosperous life my King,"
Blazing armor
Collection by Huiak
Knight of the abyss_Ti2017
Collection by kfleye986
This is a set design for Knight of the abyss. Hope you like this. http
Underwater Filibuster
Collection by growl
Based on the old concept that was made last year by Konstantin Emelyanov aka Skafandr
Tinker - Underwater Hazard Suit
Collection by Paproch
Tinker heard rumors that Gods of Valve are planing to flood the world. When asked about Aquatic Call To Arms his response was quick: "I am perfectly suited for this environment."
The Gemscale Leviathan
Collection by ChiZ
Enigma - Guardian of the deep -Ti 2017
Collection by TARANTINE
Enigma set for The International 2017 Collector’s Cache Call to Arms. http://i
Prince of the Void
Collection by M[u]Se ₪ D3rojo
The long forgotten prince descended from Glasz has returned. The story goes that all highborn where eradicated during the rebellion of the Dhreg Cult. Nothing could be further from the truth..
Dota 2
Collection by 🌀Генриетта🌀
Snaptrap Mk.III the Iron Turtle
Collection by ◦♥◦KITE◦♥◦
After an unexpected hiatus the flames in the forge have been relit. For this TI7 submission I revisited a previous concept from an earlier submission. I present to you Snaptrap Mk.III the Iron Turtle. Forged in the heat of battle as a machine of war. [img
Collection by [ ツ ]
King Viper
Collection by mihalceanu
A venomous snake which evolvoed to conquer the sky aswell as the depths of the dark reefs.
билеты на турнир
Collection by DotaPlay
Здесь собраны работы из масстерской для турниров по игре Dota 2
Outstanding Works
Collection by Alraune
A collection of works much worthy being in game. This collection is based on my preference and will continue to grow.
New Bloom 2015
Collection by Virgl
New Bloom sets made by me :)
Reef Keeper
Collection by gotSmok'emAll
6 items (+3 items second color style) for TideHunter
Vangpai Set
Collection by
It's made from wood - still deadly and looks good! New Set from WonderWorkers! Now at Dota 2 Workshop!
Tinker - Sunken HMS Tinker - TI 2017
Collection by katzeimsack
Tinker set for The International 2017 Collector’s Cache Call to Arms.
The Armors of Zhuzhou
Collection by Mikaka
After the battle against the Nian monster with Zhuzhou people, Tresdin received their gratitude. 帮助主州城的人民击退年兽后,特蕾丝汀离别时欣然接受了他们的谢意。
Nyx Assassin - Rare lobster from the depths - Ti 2017
Collection by TARANTINE
Nyx Assassin set for The International 2017 Collector’s Cache Call to Arms. ht
Brood of the Sunless Abyss
Collection by VLEKᴬʳᵗꜟˢᵗ
Broodmother set for the International 2017 collectors cache call to arms. We hope you enjoy it. Subscribe.
Brewmaster the "DRAGON SLAYER"
Collection by Isauricus
DRAGON SLAYER SET FOR BREWMASTER: Weapon - Mace of the Dragon Slayer Offhand weapon - Jug of "Dragon's Blood" elixir Arms - Bracers of the Dragon Slayer Shoulders - Shoulder guard of the Dragon Slayer Back - Banner of the Dragon Slayer Loading
The Dezun's Reesha
Collection by good moral player
Like it if you do! Also leave a comment if you want me to know anything that I should keep an eye out on for the future.
Viper - Poisonous stingray - Ti 2017
Collection by TARANTINE
Viper set for The International 2017 Collector’s Cache Call to Arms. http://i.
Nyx Assassin - Hermit crab
Collection by TARANTINE
Nyx Assassin set for The International 2017 Collector’s Cache Call to Arms. [url=ht
Legacy Dota Maps
Collection by xyz
Maps from previous versions of Dota
Tiny - living house
Collection by SebastianBastian
A farmers house comming to life, built of stone from ancient days. Tiny set under production. Level 3 grow is finish. Level 0-2 grow is on their way + tree weapon + loadingscreen.
Form of the Manta
Collection by Estrellian
Mercurial haunts the depths in the form of manta rays. Spectre set for The International 2017 Collector's Cache.
Bristleback - Gor-Rok
Collection by STMKaras
Relics of the Drowned King
Collection by ChiZ
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