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Gold Weapons
Collection by 5upp3nB147ch
L4D2 w/Friends
Collection by Grizzly
For friends.
L4D2 Stuff
Collection by Pichu シ
<3 for mi and fwends
My Every Day Carry
Collection by brunchero
Mods I collected and don't want to miss anymore. Mostly optical improvements, HD/Realism Retex.
Doctor.K's Fun house
Collection by Doctor.K
L4D Private Server
Collection by 4E69636B6C6173
L4D Private Server
Real Kool
Collection by MoBiUs231
Things that make the game better in my opinion.
L4Dead 2 co-op Kollektion
Collection by Wotan
cool und gut #yolo#
Collection by Boulder
einfach nice
Collection by NuRoFeN
L4D2 Mods
Collection by SirNorp
Some needless yet humorous mods to make me laugh that little bit more while I play this game. :)
L4D 2 stuff
Collection by HellThief_[ČR]
It's just a couple of addons that i am using. :)
Ultra killers collection
Collection by |XVG| ultra killer
L4D2 Halo set
Collection by NicoPikor
HD L4D2 Original ( try )
Collection by Steph
Hello I tried to gather the most HD textures if possible with the most similarities with the original textures . Sorry for some textures that take over brands, I don't like the concept, though it's in HD. Tip: don't subscribe to everything, select mods...
Coop Fun
Collection by Doc Hussey
Collection by =T$E=WEISTHOR
LEFT4DEAD 2 - Inhalte.....
Collection by 沉沙
Collection by ✪buschi9704
best addons L4D2
Collection by OnRyo
Left4Dead 2 selezione
L4D2: my game
Collection by the (classic) Rudboy
The Collection with all addons I am using
Beta testing
Collection by Deep Thunder
This collection will be used for beta testing for my FNAF maps. What makes it interesting? It can do stuff. Intended for me and other beta testers. If you want to use this, note that the Admin System will only work if you are the host of a local server...
Weaboo pack
Collection by Rena-chan
Small pack of mods for true weeb. By installing this you accept that you are a nolifer.
gthht city
Collection by gthht
These are mods they make me cream
Armas, Campañas e Items
Collection by .:Fran:.
De Puta Madre
Plaguenurse shrek-rektion power hour super pack
Collection by plaguenurse <3!
it's good
Collection by [SAOM] Solaire Of Astora
We can be so grossly incandecent while working together in jolly co-operation!
Mario Infected Sound Mods
Collection by ★ MetalKingBøø ★
The Mario Infected Sound Mods!
Left4Dead Clan collection
Collection by Invictus
L4D2 Get Real Mods
Collection by Michael Duggan
This is a collection of my favorite mods, ones that make playing a survive in a zombie outbreak seem more real and grittier.
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