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L4D2 Waffen
Collection by GeneralTruhe
L4D2 Nick
Collection by GeneralTruhe
L4D2 Ellis
Collection by GeneralTruhe
L4D2 Louis
Collection by GeneralTruhe
L4D2 Francis
Collection by GeneralTruhe
L4D2 Zoey
Collection by GeneralTruhe
L4D2 Coach
Collection by GeneralTruhe
L4D2 Rochelle
Collection by GeneralTruhe
LFD2 Mods
Collection by burnedrobot
Collection by MagnificentOven
Full the most epic shit i can get my hands on! none of this stuff is mine its just of collection of things i like all credit goes to the creator of these wonderful addons for left4dead 2.
lef4 dead 2
Collection by pyro zumbi_br™
Collection by LionzZ
kush halt .....
Les armes, c'est rigolo !
Collection by Pomme Noisette
Les armes, c'est rigolo ! (Aucun plagia a South Park n'est fait) C'est pourquoi, une collection avec plein de skins s'arme, (De bonne qualitée) ba c'est rigolo pour aller maltraité du Zombie ! Bref, une collection ajoutent quelques skins d'armes et d'ob...
Demon's Quick Fix
Collection by Demon Games
It's just a quick fix.
Collection by bm6
Collection by Trainguyxx
L4D2 Favorite
Collection by '|M|'=Snake_Eyes_Imparable='|M|'
Endarpls Cast
Collection by Duck
AddBillK Collection
Collection by The Stek
For friends!
Collection by █▃▃ █▃█ █▃▃
Collection by DynamicNightowl
4TK L4D collection
Collection by ĐĒÅŦĦŜPĪŦŦĒЯ_4ФЌ
The collection of L4D mods I use.
Christmas items
Collection by Thunderous Queef
Christmas items.....enjoy
Lefd 4 dead Children
Collection by ~LoGaN~
Joder a la people
My L4D2 Collection.
Collection by -(B.L.R.C)- Aero
These are collections of some of my favorite maps and add-on's that I use in L4D2. Occasionally I will switch them around and use only a few of them. I don't want to have to go looking for them all over the workshop again, so I can just find them here
Collection by +KHAOS_SUPER_Sonic
本包包括: 1、索尼克的Nick替换模型。 2、马里奥的Ellis替换模型。 3、初音的Rochelle替换模型。 4、蝙蝠侠的Coach替换模型。
The Killer's Killer L4D2 pack
Collection by the killer
Mostly reskins of weapons and items. Also a few other UI items and HD rez packs. Enjoy and thanks to the folks who made the originals. -Killer
Christmas shit bruh
Collection by Not Shrew
Stabby's Halo Pack
Collection by Stableton
Halo shit, go away.
Collection by Negan
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