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The Drug Experience
Collection by: Kruckenbach
This is the ultimate collection for a true drug trip experience. Prepare your eyes.
lotr l4d2
Collection by: Dr. Bees
Lotta orcs and swords bro
Halloween 2014
Collection by: Mi mangio le caccole del naso
Collection Of Halloween 2014
My active workshop files.
Collection by: Majo McSexytimer
This is something I made on a lan simply to be able to share my l4d2 addons.
Collection by: TNEG
2Spook Collection
Collection by: Heather Mason
literally 2spooky
Melhores Coleções de Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by: DanteGames11
Bom pessoal aqui tem Um Monte De Itens Selecionados Melhores Para Left 4 Dead 2 que são muito bom Recomendo!!
Collection by: Sir.JJ
My Mods xD
Collection by: Derpylicious
RayVac's Mod Colab
Collection by: RayVac
Mod colab for me and my buds, you can enjoy er too if ya wants
Alien Invasion Collection
Collection by: ☣ GravnHD ☣
Sanic Ultimate Collection Pack
Collection by: Mao Zedong
gatta go fast
left 4 shrek
Collection by: Burn3dRobot
Для лука
Collection by: Foxy
weapon collection
Collection by: chadwiiock
for my friends
The HoldOut Collection
Collection by: Toast™
I put this together so instead of searching just click one button and these pop in ur game! Exclusive BarricadeBuilder included with every Subscription! Credits to: Heart of Darkness for all maps Ada Wong Voikanaa and aaronlink127 /̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿ ...
Vince Vaughn
Collection by: Zaber [Doing Christmas Stuff]
Vince Vaughn
The Aliens Collection by Nicky P
Collection by: Nicky P
Play like the movie
wot m8
Collection by: Douglas the Twin Engine
Apple's Halloween Mod Collection
Collection by: Raspberrykiwi
Found these, using them.
für Bundy
Collection by: [Saec]Ortthewec[Ger]
Spooky Halloween Mods
Collection by: Lim Lam Santa Slam
A Collection of mods you can add to your Left 4 Dead 2 to guarantee a 100 % spookier experience or your sanity back.
Left For Dead 2 Zombies
Collection by: A Chubby Panda
A cool collection of models for zombies that are based from creatures in games. Maker of mods:: Splinks
Halloween Zombie Time
Collection by: Aeonian
pew pew skdoosh
Doshirak&co's collection
Collection by: [Alt+F4]DoшиpakM@N v1.8
This one changes pretty everything in left 4 dead 2(new specials(skins'n sounds), new weapons(same thing), some hd textures and other stuff) P.S. don't hurry to play instantly after you load L4D, let the addons load(it will take 1-5 mins)
Collection by: Pikhou
Planet of the Collection Revolution
Collection by: Comander555666
My favourites for L4D2 ps: Stefan
Random Mods Collection
Collection by: jm3107
Collection with all the random stuff you need
Collection by: -=Я.G=- Capitão Jack Spearow
Collection by: AHappyShadow
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