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Left 4 Dead 2 Sound Collection for Hawk's Friends
Collection by: NightHawk™
Just a little Collection for my Friends of Ban Hammer Forums: Ban-hammer.net
Danifers Mod Pack :)
Collection by: The Dragonslayer
A collection of mods found on steam workshop like what else :l
Minimac2265's ESSENTIALS! (All time favorites)
Collection by: hawaiisnocone
A collection of mods that I just can't play without!
Luke's Collection
Collection by: Zaubermaus
Collection of the mods I use.
Collection by: Willitgoalltheway
Tonteria varias
Collection by: intelectual Heavy
Aqui hay skins basicamente de p011as y de otras cosas sin senti do como por ejemplo: de teletubis, de justin biber (no bieber analfaveto de mirda) XD. bueno Ya saveis a reir un rato con estos skins packs de sonidos etc..
Collection by: 200_o/o_f@ke
BTS Beta
Make Left 4 Dead 2 More PC Friendly
Collection by: Magic Sword
Please read before subscribing to any of the items. The purpose of this collection is to provide a more PC friendly enviroment while having everything as stock as possible. The main reason why L4D2 was flawed (apart from maps) from L4D1 was the obviou...
Shits and giggles
Collection by: PhoeNix
Pretty much mods that make playing the game less serious and more entertaining
Epic v3
Collection by: Diasruptor.KILL 'EM ALL [PT]
26 Março/27 Março v2 8 agosto v3
Perrys Kollection
Collection by: Perry das Schnabeltier
Blah blah blah
Collection by: SuicideGeek
The Gribley Experience
Collection by: Gribley
A collection of mods that i use. Add them all to make your Left For dead 2 experience that little bit different. Now with 14% MORE SOUNDS!
Calem's Collection
Collection by: Calem
Collection by: Pavern of Cain
zajebista kolekcja, polecam
Collection by: Claydogh
For Left For Dead 2
l6d52 mapit
Collection by: Jarska
lol guises
lef4 dead 2
Collection by: pyro zumbi_br™
Collection by: MagnificentOven
Full the most epic shit i can get my hands on! none of this stuff is mine its just of collection of things i like all credit goes to the creator of these wonderful addons for left4dead 2.
Verm's halloween picks
Collection by: Vermilicious
Halloween themed mods to set the mood.
L4D2 Sonstige Mods
Collection by: GeneralTruhe
L4D2 Maps
Collection by: GeneralTruhe
L4D2 Bill
Collection by: GeneralTruhe
All my subcsribed survival maps
Collection by: Mike Brown
Matt download dis shit. And the other people too. These are the best survival maps i could find
stuff b4 ferrissssssss mod pack
Collection by: Smoke Edge Mac
i had this all before the ferris nation attacked.
Collection by: KR)마왕
무기스킨 넵튠 스킨 등등드읃
MKG L4D2 Collection
Collection by: {MKG} Young Thug
1 2 3 HIT IT
Collection by: Brandino of Arabia
Collection by: Eirikur
The mods I've subscribed to.
JTRs Left4Dead Item Collection
Collection by: JTR
All tested and work together. All Weapons modified and all Characters.
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