Left 4 Dead 2
Your own custom apocalypse
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HD + Better Skins- and Sound- pack
Collection by: Steeldino
For everybody who loves scarier zombies, cooler survivors and a realisticer world with realisticer items!
Collection by: △Hiretsunα△
Cool anime skins for 1337 mlg zombie scopes and shit.
The Best Of L4D2
Collection by: [ɴ]
Left 4 Dead HD Retouch
Collection by: Xhaul
• DESCRIPTION: This list includes what I personally find to be the most complete list of the best HD mods (including weapons, retextures, UI, and more) for Left 4 Dead 2. For those who want a more real life approach while still maintaining the core aspe...
Snrkl's Mods
Collection by: Jace
Lots of fun big boys and girls
Tacky Survivors
Collection by: HazmatKat
A collection of the four survivors dressed in clothing inspired by "Weird" Al's Tacky video.
Some people can't believe it's not butter
Collection by: KurtyTooBusy
Left 4 Dead 2 (ADD)
Collection by: ToR
Chances Collection
Collection by: ChancexlanD
Levels Hud Lasers
ExonDerp's Custom Modpack for Youtube
Collection by: ExonDerp
Check out my channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIEYaKCFiJboiQ2C7dY0wkQ Enjoy!
Cinematic L4D2
Collection by: xDoggイx
Satanic and cinematic, lore and fun collection
Collection by: Halokiller38
Ultimate-apocayplse without the bs
Collection by: ThatopgodIII
YOU HATE SPECIALS WELL THIS GETS THOSE FAGS OUT EXECEPT THE WITCHES AND TANKS but they aint hard cause u got the moves like jagger with this collection the way to enjoy a zombie game with a bit of realism in it.
Fluffy's Undead Quest
Collection by: Fluffy Knight -GSU-
A collection of mods to insure that the quest I've bestowed upon you is complete.
Collection by: Absolutioo
My Mods For L4D2
Collection by: Luigi Grizwald
This collection makes L4D2 fun, badass, and just plain, well, enhanced.
lef4 dead 2
Collection by: enderman_br™
Kagerou Project Mods
Collection by: Garry Guertena
Fun music mods for fans of the Kagerou Project/Mekaku City Actors.
Collection by: [420] mastermaker23
420 Liebe Harry
Witch Sound Mods
Collection by: lukethadrummer
Mods that change the sound when the Witch Appears in L4D2
L4D2 compilation for Captain Creefer
Collection by: Big D
A compilation of L4D2 mods made specifically for my brother, all of these mods are texture changes and audio changes for zombies.
Collection by: Blodarn
Collection d'objets, et cartes pour les bros !
Collection by: Bla87
Ever wanted to make Left 4 Dead 2 more intense? Maybe this will help! ...or not?
L4D2 Stuffs
Collection by: Mr.Noodle
A cool collection
Collection by: Sweet Lawdy Jegus
Some Portal stuff.
Collection by: Grant
The Essential Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by: Frankinbot
True to Caesar.
Collection by: John F. Kennedy
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