Left 4 Dead 2
Your own custom apocalypse
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Left for dead Survivals
Collection by: Bytme
Pile of Survival maps
For friends
Collection by: Sareth
some text
Better L4D2 - CS:GO Weapons
Collection by: Dark Raider
Counter-Strike Weapons
parrapoopers L4D2 mod collection
Collection by: Forrix
mods used by me and friends for L4D2
Cuddlesnatch's BS compilation
Collection by: Cuddlesnatch McGee
This is for my buddies, to enjoy.
Left 4 Dead 1
Collection by: TOPKEK
These are not my items but I think this would make left 4 dead 2 feel like left 4 dead 1
LFD2 Bergie Style
Collection by: Bergie_OG
My favourite mods, Enjoy!
Brian's L4D2 mis
Collection by: [OO] Brian
Sci-Fi/Horror pack
Collection by: Spooky Scary Skeleton
Download this collection..... IF YOU DARE. This collection includes: - Aliens - Mutants - Demons - Various Maps AND MORE! Player beware, you're in for a scare.....
L4D2 WTF de Foxxy
Collection by: PP_Le Roux Méchant au gros cul
Esprit d'équipe - Custom Maps
Collection by: [S&D] | Deli
Les maps customs disponibles sur les serveurs du groupe Esprit d'équipe sont téléchargeables ici : Ee | Vanilla: mm_dedicated_force_servers Serveur de secours "Myriapulse" Ee | Mod T1: mm_dedicat...
postsnivy's pack
Collection by: Hodor
Lycaon's L4D2 history
Collection by: Lycaon the werewolf king
Collection by: Ðéâđƥòôȋ.
Пушки из игры Titanfall
Best Graphics Mods (in my opinion)
Collection by: Chubby White Boy
My personal favorite graphical mods (there are weapoon retextures that are in here too). So far, I have not seen any that are better. So, here you go, enjoy!
Collection by: [Team A]KOGQ
Collection by: MangroveStew
Just various L4D mods
L4D2.JPEG file of awesomeness because I can, friendship
Collection by: SoldierJ115
I love you.
Oh god what am I doing
Collection by: Hero In a Dream
FIlthy weeaboo shit
My L4D2 Collection
Collection by: Philberts Pinky
My workshop subscriptions for L4D2.
Left 4 dead 2 weapons mods
Collection by: David
best weapon mods out there !
Gargantuan Crux Package
Collection by: Gargant
Collection by: Psycho
Mia's Mod Collection
Collection by: Spooky Kogasanae
Mods that go well together for me and my friends.
Nisemonogatari Concert Mod [Ver.Full]
Collection by: YJS0904
Nisemonogatari Concert Mod change Midnight Riders' Songs to Nisemonogatari OST and also texture. So If you want to watch textures and listen to OST, you should download this collection. (Sry, my English skill is bad, real bad..) Anyway, I hope you e...
My Subscribed Add-Ons
Collection by: werepancake
A list of the add-ons I use to enhance my L4D2 experience that I wanted to share with friends. The list is mostly HD enhancements, some weapon skins, and a few maps. I take no credit for any of these add-ons.
Leeroy's collection
Collection by: Leeroy's Legacy
A few mods that I liked online :)
Obvious Choices
Collection by: The Scattman
zoey skinz!
Collection by: dannyboy85
skins of zoey
Pepler's Agenda
Collection by: Voker ♮
L4D2 Collection for the Big Boys.
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