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HD - Vanilla
Collection by Most Wanted Saint The DJ
Miner's modded L4d2 collection
Collection by Miner Arod
this is most awesome collection ever!
Collection by Rae
Collection by [HH]"Curse"sory {MVMM}
Collection by Grant
Оружия для Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by RedKing[RU]
Отличный набор оружий для Left 4 Dead 2
Terminator weapon sounds
Collection by yogurt break
Sound mods for weapons
professor layton vs ace attorney ost
Collection by urabe mikoto ♥
professor layton vs ace attorney ost
Веселая коллекция
Collection by Olivier
Ставим все, что бы у всех все было одинаково))
ℯxсℯℓℓℯnt ℓist☢
Collection by redmond
[L4D2] Stuff that i use
Collection by вмѕ | -samurai-
Just some stuff that i use.
TRON Style BEST Collection
Collection by ~•۞CORSAR [72RUS]۞•~
They are the works of the best authors in the style of TRON. Subscribing to all of the products you immerse yourself in blue black light in the darkness. Enjoy your favorite shades at a time when deal with hordes of zombies. Good luck
School Days Collection
Collection by Eluveitie
Collection of mods from the anime: School Days it consist: Concert Mod, End Credits and other!!!
Dying of the Light (survival)
Collection by luckydog32
Can you figure out how to trigger the escape and save your lives? Survivors must fight for their lives through an abandoned warehouse complex. Fight off the horde and uncover the frightening history of your soon-to-be grave!
bAX's l4d2 Collection.
Collection by bAX (kh)
Cкажу сразу, все предметы не созданы мною :) Моих только 4
The Left 4 Dead Beta Pack!
Collection by [TVT] Sissel
The beta-days are BACK! Download these mods to get that "beta"-ness feeling on your side! Note: I do not take credit for ANY of these mods!
Super Mega Awesome Hyper Ultra Prefix Mods
Collection by Andro
Just a mod collection that I've set up with my friends :D Enjoy!
bubscast Let's Play
Collection by Demonic King of Diddling
This collection contains only mods that are featured in bubscast Let's Plays of Left 4 Dead 2.
The L4D2 Swag-Pack
Collection by mrmeatyworth
All the swag you need to kill zombies in style.
Best Add-ons
Collection by Quantinus
Left 4 Dead 2 : Portal Edition
Collection by Steph
Left 4 Dead 2 in Portal's style
Collection by Dzin
L4D2 Mod - Manaos & Pitusas
Collection by GalaxyEnd
Te estan por cagar a bifes los zombies de la barra de velez, hasta que te acordas de lo que tenes en el bolsillo. Lo tiras, y todos los zombies se vuelven como locos, es la magia de la jarra de Manaos. Incluye sonido de "Vamos Manaos" al lanzarla. T...
real left 4 dead 2 lollololololololololol
Collection by PenguinGamer
my favorite mods
Mods finos para matar zombis en HD
Collection by Fernander
Mods que utilizo para mejorar la inmersión y detalles del juego. Son compatibles y funcionan bien juntos. Ah, y apunta a la cabeza, inútil.
Weapon Collection ULTIMATE
Collection by Argosax
Meow :3
Estos mapas deben bajar si ustedes quieren jugar
Collection by AlexanderPhoeniX
Bajen chicos estos
L4D2 Best Workshop Addons List
Collection by madea32[JP]
お気に入りのL4D2のアドオンのリスト このリストに登録しているアドオンのコメントなどを書いても構いません List of favorite L4D2 add-ons Comments It does not matter by entering love such as
My left4Dead pack
Collection by The Communist Lobster
this is honestly just for my personal use, but you can download it if ya want
Alternate Intro & Saferoom Themes
Collection by Panchy
This addon replaces all the campaign introduction and saferoom theme music for all campaigns, I've tried to keep the tone of the campaigns as best as possible, as well as keeping the intro theme and saferoom theme consistent with each other. (However L4D2...
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