Left 4 Dead 2
Your own custom apocalypse
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Meska's L4D2 Kickass-Elite-Superpack-Collection
Collection by: Meska_
Includes Sounds, Music, Skins, Textures, Models, HUD and much more. 100% Online playable! Visit: www.meska.me
Real Collect
Collection by: B1ackKatana | Knife to meet you
Collect 4 my self
Craft 4 Dead: The Minecraft Addon Collection
Collection by: The Doctor
This is my collection of L4D2 addons that foccuses on Minecraft. Enjoy the stuff. All credits go to Mojang for the ownership of Minecraft, and the makers of these addons.
Collection by: Bankai
Left 4 Dead, minecraft edition.
Collection by: Nikouss le non-euclidien
Minecraft in Left 4 Dead 2 !!
Collection by: Dres_12
(Nicely Things! Hope i)
Collection by: TGRSEB73
Common Infected
Collection by: captainediv
ZOMBEEEESSSS HELP!!!!! These Were all of the Common Infected I Could Find.
Caricters Ive Loaded
Collection by: captainediv
its been hard to find some of the charicters so i disited to put all the ones ive loaded
Splinks Common and Special Infected Models
Collection by: Gphazor
A collection of Splinks common and special infected mods
mods van wallie
Collection by: Dr_wallie
Shizz i likie
Collection by: OugaBooga
meh stuffz
L4D2 Collection for Walri and Men
Collection by: NaughtyWalrus
A collection of items for my friends.
Collection by: Ivanmt^
This is my collection
Collection by: SirFluffyPanda
FOr all my friend
Ronan's crap box: Left 4 Dead 2 Edition!
Collection by: Sir Alan Sugar Tits
A hearty hello from the brain cells that compile the madness you see before you, with the *success* of the garry's mod crap box i decided to create yet another collection in another one of my favorite games: Left 4 Dead 2 this collection is considerably s...
-=[dMw]=- L4D2 LAN Collection
Collection by: faust82
This is a set of campaigns that will be featured at the next dMw lan event
Left 4 Dead 2 Mods
Collection by: theghosteleven
Anything cool in Left 4 Dead 2 I've found in the workshop.
8-Bit sounds (or music)
Collection by: [UA] mukolah
My mod`s with replacing music or sound on 8-bit
Left 4 dead
Collection by: FL33TWOOD
Cosplay Collections
Collection by: kolier.li
This collection collect the well collected cosplay collections.
Custom l4d2 mods set
Collection by: mr_sushi_ninja
Dolphin and whale.
Collection by: SkipRat
This is my collection of mods which show the reason behind why we should kill all dolphin and kill all whale.
Collection by: Zechy #THESTRUGGLE
Special Infected - Kbar, Shredder Tank
Collection by: Aerop
Probably the best special infected mods/addons on workshop.
Collection by: MikeAKansasCop
It's cool mod shit?
Maru's L4D2 Map Pack
Collection by: MarurabaATX
My pack of maps (for friends) these are some of my favorite maps, i chose only L4D2 suvivors so my choices leave out some of the great campagins but its all good as long as we have urban flight haha hope you like it try to survive in some of the most e...
Crazy L4D 2 Pack
Collection by: Freezer
Left for Dead 2
Collection by: Juno Eclipse
A few things I found in the workshop for Left for Dead that I thought were cool.
Ski-Doo's Mandatory Mods
Collection by: Ski-Doo
You can get your own mods to change up your player skins, weapons, infected, whatever... but you MUST use these. These are total must-haves for any zombie game fan.
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