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Collection by: Carp98
Alt det Bæste!
Bully Mod Collection
Collection by: ✿♥~Athena Cykes~♥✿
These are all the Bully Mods for Left 4 Dead 2. If any of you would like to make your own Bully mods so I can add to this collection, please do. Here are some mods that should be made to fit this collection: -Jimmy Hopkins replacement for Ellis -Jo...
Collection by: return of (NO_SOUND)MK
Collection by: Lazyface
Just a collection to help my friends find all the maps and items I'm using.
Moritz pack
Collection by: SuppenKnecht
The sounds of MEEM collection #1
Collection by: TORR ☣♥☮
Its all you'll ever need and they are all compatible with each other!
Dr. Pepper Soda (Pills & Sound)
Collection by: Qwazzy
Both the Dr. Pepper item and the sounds associated with it.
Funny Left 4 Dead 2 Mods
Collection by: capaldi senpai
A collection of funny Left 4 Dead 2 Mods guaranteed to make you laugh.
Necessary L4D2 mods
Collection by: =GSG= Project Delta
This is just a fiew mods that I believe should be standard elements in the base game.
Left 4 dead
Collection by: FL33TWOOD
Collection by: MikeAKansasCop
It's cool mod shit?
Maru's L4D2 Map Pack
Collection by: MarurabaATX
My pack of maps (for friends) these are some of my favorite maps, i chose only L4D2 suvivors so my choices leave out some of the great campagins but its all good as long as we have urban flight haha hope you like it try to survive in some of the most e...
Left for Dead 2
Collection by: Juno Eclipse
A few things I found in the workshop for Left for Dead that I thought were cool.
Ski-Doo's Mandatory Mods
Collection by: Ski-Doo
You can get your own mods to change up your player skins, weapons, infected, whatever... but you MUST use these. These are total must-haves for any zombie game fan.
The Better L4D Experience
Collection by: Illogical Shockwave
This is my collection of L4D addons that work well together and improve your L4D2 experience! You can choose between the addons or install them all (recommended). Credit goes to the authors. I do not own any of these addons.
Collection by: Bill
коллекция включает:броню,скины и другие модефикации...
Retex And Better
Collection by: ♉ Ď∑ㄕレ∑₮∑∂ ₮ï ♉
All my favourite things.
Epic v3
Collection by: Diasruptor.KILL 'EM ALL [PT]
26 Março/27 Março v2 8 agosto v3
Collection by: Horrific
it is going to be awesome
L4D2 Mapas fugosos
Collection by: Señor
EpicDeathGuy's Colletion of Random peepz
Collection by: EpicDeathGuy
Jackmo711's Best Mods
Collection by: Jackmo711
Best Mods
Left for dead 2
Collection by: Derp
This is my Left For Dead 2 collection that I think makes the game 100 times better than it already is :) Enjoy
All mods apart from maps for L4d 2
Collection by: Ragnar Lothbrok
This has all the mods i have apart from the maps for l4d2 which are in a different collection!
my favorite addons
Collection by: dashy8494
this is asortment of addons from their respected owners this is to make it easy for my friends to get what they need to play with me
Eastwood Challenge Pack
Collection by: Davidthemerc
My recommended picks when playing the Eastwood Challenge mutations.
Best Realism Vanilla
Collection by: cpt_ricard
Random collection of realism-inspired mods. Mostly so i don't forget which ones they are
Collection by: Diasruptor.KILL 'EM ALL [PT]
Collection by: [X] Panjim 117 [X]
Best Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by: Bizarro Bear
Best Left 4 Dead 2
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