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Collection by Stonewall Jackson
Funny stuff for use by myself and friends in L4D2
super kawaii collection
Collection by Haku Shimapans
For playing with my friends or if you like anime and manga or just want a bunch of awesome stuff fast.
Für Pudding und DJ :D
Collection by LordKuchenMann
$420 On Dish L4D2
Collection by Stephen Hawkings Left Nut
$420 Monies Saved
Anfrien's Invincible Televisions
Collection by Anfrien
Are you tired of watching the same old weather channel? Are you annoyed at your little sibling for stealing the TV remote? Well Anfrien has the answer for you. With my new (original do not stealz) addons, you will have the privillege of watching your favo...
Elliot's Favorite ;)
Collection by ElliotTG
Just a few mods I enjoy playing. All credit where credit is due.
Super Fun Time Collection
Collection by Kale Leafy
Strongforce's current collection !
Collection by Strong Force
Aura's Choice of Pony (L4D2)
Collection by Aura
My preferred MLP:FiM mods for L4D2. This collection is meant to make it easy for me to find and subscribe to the addons I want to use, but you are free to subscribe if that's your thing.
Sir Joni [GER]
Collection by Sir Joni [GER] [TRADING]
WarWitch L4D2 Co-op Map Collection
Collection by SockDog
WarWitch streams 5 days a week 3PM EST/ 9PM CET over on Twitch here ->>> http://www.twitch.tv/warwitchtv/ The focus is always on fun, excitement and community interaction including inviting the audience to play with and against him and the MG42 Crew as...
AC/DC All Stuff
Collection by The Frosty_Engine
Collection of all stuff...go nuts. (I'm not a massive fan)
Sound mods and (barely) more!
Collection by Krigo
Basically, here's a bunch of mods that won't ruin your game, but instead make it more hilarious while keeping the main game intact. Outside of Shrek Tank, because you better check yourself before you shrek yourself.
Mah Mods
Collection by [TRI] pog7776
A Collection so my friends can use the same mods as me... may have to disable conflicting mods to have same experience...
LEFT 4 DEAD 2 mods
Collection by DIR A.Knight
My list of mods that you need to play with me.
Collection by E.N.O.T.I.K.
УПОРОТОСТЬ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TireSquad Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by Three Plus
Stuff we want.
Anime Survivors
Collection by Xantholne
It's a bunch of survivor anime bullshit; just install it. Don't be a bitch. We all know how much you want to blast a zombie with a shotgun with your anime princess look
American mods
Collection by Sebastianator
This is a collection of mods starring our country AMERICA!!!I hope you enjoy:)
My Little Pony + @ workshop...
Collection by Aw, NP。SuperSU.apk
My Little Pony + @ workshop
The Complete Mass Effect Collection
Collection by OnyxOsprey
As close as we'll get to Dead 4 Effect (...or whatever, lol)! I used Titanfall weapons for most guns, because, well, they look a whole lot better than the vanilla versions. The Energy Sword is as close as we are to the Omniblade. I also took into ac...
Big 4 Comedy Collection
Collection by HellaBoredGuy
Mods for groups to use to have a chuckle
Hyperdimension Neptunia l4d2
Collection by ☆ [nobody play] ☆
articulos Hyperdimension Neptunia
Dr. Wetzel's Random Favorites
Collection by "The Reverend" John White
Just a collection of my favorite mods from the L4D2 Workshop. Nothing all that special really. A special thanks to the hard-working people who made these!
The Collection of My Bests
Collection by YILDIRIM_HAN
Those are my all favorite Workshop products.I hope you will enjoy with them ^^
Collection by Marakus
What is this, you may ask? Only the most ultra-realistic set-up for a game you have ever seen. Just like in real life; Hitler will jump on top of you if he gets the chance, Darth vader will fuck up your shit while screaming at you, and Witchney Housto...
Mucho+MOD Campaign Slack Pack [L4D2] - v1.0
Collection by {R} BoNES
Campaigns so good, they should be retroactively bundled with Left 4 Dead 2 Curated, occasionally rotating list spotlighting 3-10 top campaign mods. Makes it so you and your friends can always have a synced group of good add-on campaigns. Less campaig...
Reapers Ultimate Collection
Collection by ☠The_Grim☠
Just the mods i use hope you all like :) Just hit (subscribe to all) :)
Collection by MIDD
L4D2-RE6 Crossover
Collection by Ashiyama
The title is pretty self-explanatory. RE6 for Boomer, Charger, and Tank. Nick becomes Leon Kennedy and Rochelle becomes Helena Harper.
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