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Cool maps
Collection by Bizalho.
Collection by Le[G]ioN
Всё Моё!
L4D2 - Söndermoddning!
Collection by The Runner
Final Fantasy XIII - OST
Collection by Cele Teddy
----------------------------------------------------------------English------------------------------------------------- This is a collection of Sound Mods. More will be added. ----------------------------------------------------------------Español-...
[L4d2] Paskal Girl
Collection by ✫И.Θ.V.A. SenZΘ✫
Текстуры для Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by RedKing[RU]
Качественый и атмосферные текстуры для Left 4 Dead 2
The KKK Revived!
Collection by ﻹMedica Farrentraღ
What happens when the KKK discoved LSD
Epic Music
Collection by Two Steps From Hell
Meryl's L4D2 Tank Theme Replacements
Collection by Meryl
Making Survival Mode and Tanks Playground less boring... One song at a time... I do take requests, Put them in the comments section and I'll see what I can do.
This Is Just The Beginning
Collection by NoThing2Lose
Скины для Выживших и Зараженных (Left 4 Dead 2)
Collection by RedKing[RU]
Качественые и отличный набор скинов для Left 4 Dead 2
Fapplesauce's Collection
Collection by [+--oo]-Nick-Fapplesauce
Belgian 'Jigsaw' Camo pack
Collection by Cerulean Wolph'
This collection contains all my skins featuring this camo scheme! Hope you like it! :D
The Walking Dead: Game Collection
Collection by 「White Silence」
Carnival Of Lost Souls
Collection by DeCrow
A Better Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by Dark_Raider
Pimp your Left 4 Dead 2 to maximum. This is a large Mod Collection (+100). There should be no mod conflicts.
Peelz's mod compilation
Collection by Sterben
๖ۣۜAnime ஜtuffs
Collection by ☤ℒ₳₩ℛعℕʗƎ
Its mine, but i'll share ~('-'~(
Mapas L4D2
Collection by X_PLAY
Mapas de L4D2
Custom campaigns and maps
Collection by Vesemir Sogeking
Collection by Methadone Kitty {C²}
A bunch of custom flashlights.
Leo's CrossFire Weapon Collection
Collection by [FPSB] Leo // X-0N3 #TFGO
Here is some weapons from CrossFire, ported to L4D2. I haven't made ANY of these, but I just wanted to make a collection. All the weapons work together, tested by me :)
Gameaholic - Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by ||Gameaholic||
This Collection includes various mods for ''Left 4 Dead 2'', which I personally think are simply the funniest or nicest to play with.
Vocaloid TDA Pack
Collection by [MHD] Kayaba
Left 4 Dead 2 Kollektion ------------------------------ Skin´s ------------------------------ Coach ---->TDA Neru Nick--->TDA Haku Rochell--->TDA Miku/Tda Kuro Miku Ellis--->TDA Teto/Tda Megurine Luka Louis--->TDA Teto/Tda Megurine Luka Franc...
Captain Condescending's Ultimate Mod Pack 2015
Collection by Captain Condescending
Collection of retextures, maps, scripts and general modifications to make L4D2 as good as it can be. All Items work together. Any reported conflicts do not affect gameplay. Works best with "Mr Funeral's Particle Mod" from http://www.gamemaps.com/det...
L4D2 - Best created mods (Textures, Skins, GUIs and Maps)
Collection by Seriox
Left for Anime
Collection by Daddy Put It In
Anime Mods for games
Bran Flakes sir
Collection by OddRobb
This is the stuffing.
Left 4 Weeaboo
Collection by Raiken
Weeaboo access only.
Golden Weapons
Collection by ★ The Durd ★
A bundle of gold weapons!
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