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NxE's Collection of collectioness
Collection by Lord Dessier
Mods and stuff that replace everything, sort of.
Deadly Weapons package
Collection by Kendaarhundrem
The custom addon Deadly Weapons and the extras are in this package for those who want to just download the primary addon and the extras. (Note: extras have the word "extra" in the name or description.) (Note: some of the addons are just variations of the ...
Fuck You
Collection by 4N1M470R
And fuck off.
Complete Weapon and item replacement - L4D2
Collection by Hrum
Includes the following model replacements: All Primary and secondary weapons All Melee and ranged Medpacks Pills Defibrilator Gasoline and bonus. Conflict-free pack. With due respect to all the authors of the mods.
Geezers In Arms Mod Collection
Collection by BlakJak70
This is a collection of mods for the Geezers In Arms Gaming Community. All credit for the creation of any and all mods contained in this collection go to the individual authors.
Realism Mods
Collection by Hutchy
Essentially the mods I would recommend if you are attempting to make your Left 4 Dead 2 more dark and gritty. Feel free to subscribe to all or cherry pick the ones you want.
Random Shiz
Collection by CyberHat
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Stuff for Mah friends and oter ppl <3 Special thanks to Emporer Doom --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
Richard's Shotgun Weapons Collection
Collection by Richard
==Items== 1.Sawed-Off Semiautomatic Shotgun(For Pump Shotgun); 2.Nova Semiautomatic Shotgun(For Chrome Shotgun); 3.M1014 Automatic Shotgun(For Auto Shotgun); 4.SPAS-12 Automatic Shotgun(For SPAS Shotgun); 5.MW2 M1014 reborn Murica Edition(For Auto Sh...
Mi Colección 2015 (Presentable)
Collection by ElColus
No ahi mucho que decir, mi colección que comparto. Concervando un poco la originalidad de el juego y el aspecto dandole un tono mas agradable y nuevo y un poco HD.
Campaigns that haven't uploaded to GameMaps.com.(尚未上傳到 GameMaps.com 的戰役地圖)
Collection by Morning 奶奶
For those who are looking for co-op campaigns that are unavailable at GameMaps.com. 給正在找尋沒有上傳到 GameMaps.com 戰役地圖的玩家們。
Alpharius Collection
Collection by Alpharius
Collection collection!
Collection by Davos
BWWOOOOOOOONNNGG!!!!!! This collection features some collections that probably contain other collections. These collections are worth marvelling at, as the collections have fantastic addons that have been collected in (usally the author's) collection. ...
ported L4D1 stuff
Collection by Turbo Sokol
some cool stuff that was ported from l4d1 to l4d2 i didnt make any of it but i think its cool and if your liked l4d1 alot then you will love this stuff :3
EonDynamo's Left4Dead 2 Funbox Collection
Collection by EonDynamo
Funbox Collection for Left 4 Dead 2. Used for playing with EDHC We will tell you what mods to use in game anouncements in the EDHC group, as some conflict when used together.
Cartoon Music
Collection by Мышка
M16 Skins
Collection by Methadone Kitty {C²}
Reskins or retextures for the M16.
Pistol Skins
Collection by Methadone Kitty {C²}
Pistol/dual pistols reskins and/or retextures. Deagle skins.
Collection by RainbowWind
My stupid mod stuff
Collection by Commander of Pie
Seeing as some other bloke (maksus) has posted his mods i may as well post my mods as well for you people to "enjoy".
Project Origin
Collection by Uncle F3AR
Mixes two of the best games of all time together, Project origin will mix the sounds from F.E.A.R into Left 4 Dead 2.
Weapon Mods
Collection by LMBX
You can see all this mods in my video http://youtu.be/3Ogkv2bzwsc
Arne & Pals: Special Infected!
Collection by Gilboron
The results of extensive boredom a long time ago, this (old) mod is a sound pack for most of the Special Infected, voiced by me and some old friends of mine. Will probably require manual extraction and rebuilding of the audio cache.
LFD2 Anime All The Things
Collection by TwilightSazuka
All survivors are anime characters.
Left 4 Dildos: 2 Kawaii to Live, 2 Sugoi to Die
Collection by Kamazaki
The mod collections used in Demolition D+'s video: Left 4 Dildos: 2 Kawaii to Live, 2 Sugoi to Die
Double Dragon Neon Music Mods
Collection by Dr. Chaos
Here are all the Double Dragon Neon Music Mods
Silent Hill: Otherside of Life
Collection by ru4noj banan
For special people: I am not the author of these maps. I only loaded them in Steam. I am grateful to people who did them. But it is more convenient to me to download maps in a workshop, it is obvious as well as to many other people. And if I have to reins...
Super Mario World Sounds and Musics
Collection by Titum
Super Mario World Music and Sound for Left 4 Dead 2.
Halo: Left 4 Dead
Collection by Soda
A collection of mods to Halofy your Left 4 Dead 2 game.
Sera-chan's hug pillow collection
Collection by Brian
Have shitty mods? nope
L4D2 Addon List
Collection by 「Noize」
Steam made me do this...
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