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This Is Just The Beginning
Collection by: Edward Kenway
Meryl's L4D2 Tank Theme Replacements
Collection by: Meryl
Making Survival Mode and Tanks Playground less boring... One song at a time... I do take requests, Put them in the comments section and I'll see what I can do.
Major Kitty's Fav's
Collection by: ❅Major Kitty❅
I did not make these mods but I would like to show you some of the mods I use most of the time so click,like subscibe and fav them if you wish. :)
Игра в HD формате
Collection by: NeneroG
Качественные работы, не портящие атмосферу игры, а так же не меняющие не чего, кроме текстур и анимаций. Всё проверено. Если какие то плагины...
Belgian 'Jigsaw' Camo pack
Collection by: Wolpharion [Be]
This collection contains all my skins featuring this camo scheme! Hope you like it! :D
Mastermans installed mods
Collection by: Masterman
This collection is al the mods i have installed on to my Left 4 Dead 2. (Greatest game of all time) I do up date this guys so don't wore about feeling like its out of date.
Fapplesauce's Collection
Collection by: [+--oo]-Nick-Fapplesauce
The Ragged Edge custom maps collection
Collection by: Choco*Fish
These are the custom maps installed on The Ragged Edge group server. Visit our L4D2 group here http://steamcommunity.com/groups/RaggedEdge Be sure to hit 'SUBCRIBE TO ALL' so any maps you do not currently have will be downloaded.
Complete Weapon Re-animation Pack
Collection by: Sir H. Roflstomp
Default Valve weapons, with new, better animations.
Star wars collection
Collection by: Shaggy_One
A collection of starwars mods for L4D 2.
Can you see what I see?
Collection by: Goodbob Gamepants
A collection for my friends and I so we see the same things.
Tatsuto's Path of Pain
Collection by: Tatsuto
Maps I want to play with my buddies.
Left 4 Doom - Pack
Collection by: STAR o Totozu
Best of all changes Based on the incredible game : Doom, from Fan to Fan, Now in a pack with Audios, characters, maps and items.
Weapons CS:GO
Collection by: Golden Freddy
Custom Pack
Collection by: Jamwes
Just a few random mods that make the game way funnier
komandos maps
Collection by: komando
my all maps
Girl's Day
Collection by: BEAST
Mods for fans of Girl's Day (K-POP group)
Waffen Die sie brauchen und wollen!!
Collection by: me_Andru
Hmm das sind L4D2 waffen die einfach nur geil si d und mir gefallen bitte aboniert es wenn es euch gefällt
House of the Dead 2 (Left 4 Dead 2 Sound Pack)
Collection by: MVDK
A collection of all of the HOTD2 soundpacks I've made. Enjoy! Also, if there are any other HOTD sound mods on the workshop, send me a link and I'll add them too. (I will give the creator full credit of course). All copyright for HOUSE OF THE DEAD be...
IAA Collection
Collection by: itsfreeman
International Anime Association's Left 4 Dead 2 mod collection for when we play together. Check out the IAA on Facebook! facebook.com/groups/internationalanimeassociation Looking for players to join us on L4D2, we use Skype to chat. Please friend me i...
Team Fortress 2
Collection by: Cappugino
Pumpkins! Spiderwebs! Hay bales! If you can think of anything scarier than that, maybe you should give Master of Horror John Carpenter a call, because he'll probably give you a job! But this terrifying new MvM mission didn't stop at hay bales, horror fans...
Collection by: Mr.Джоэл
The last of us/
Collection by: ¡¤Winterassault¤¡
for Captain Obvious
Anime Backgrounds~
Collection by: À Cookie Jar
A Collection of anime backgrounds i made....
ICS maps and campaigns
Collection by: ICS
This section contains maps that i have done or taken part with.
-KIWI- L4D2 Maps
Collection by: -KIWI-Zerodix
-KIWI- L4D2 Maps L4D2-Maps, die man als Left-4-Dead-2 Spieler und -KIWI-Clanmitglied haben sollte. Da diese Maps oft gespielt werden, sollten diese abonniert werden, damit diese immer zum Spielen bereit stehen. Diese Sammlung ist noch nicht vollständi...
Halo Conversion Modpack
Collection by: [1COG] Coggernaut
This modpack is used by the Gaming Community Coalition of Greatness (1COG). Free to use by anyone else.
Mods Deliciosos
Collection by: Steph †
My Little Pony meets Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by: (UF) (BRONY) The Nightmare King
This collection is a collection of all of the My Little Pony addons i subscribed to plus some extra addons i use in L4D2
My L4D2 Collection
Collection by: .SenzaH' #VERNiSSAGE
Mostly Optical Mods too make the Game look better in my opinion. (:
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