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Cool L4d2 addons
Collection by Dr. Ixelf
Left 4 Dead 2 stuff
Collection by Talsimon
Kyle's a Cunt
Collection by flusha
Kyle's a cunt
SandVich Mod Pack
Collection by PandaPlaysAlot
Collection by Quartzonio
My Mods
Collection by SuperSeth9000
This is for my friends and family. For the people that are downloading this, I PROMISE it will be weird. (That's why there's a kitten thumbnail.)
L4D2 Modzz
Collection by [BL] Tweek
Mods i use
Collection by tx267(TES)
Calm Down's Dub Experience
Collection by [LFTH] Mr Steal Yo Gurl
Assembled for one of my broskis.
Collection by DE4DHAMST3R
Just Left 4 Dead (2) busi-ness!
Future Weapon Today
Collection by Roger_Stone
Blunt Bullets
Collection by -[FF]- Tura-Kenz
Hate going into Stealth mode? Oh wait you don't that's why you're here to look at some options. These guns are blunt and brutal so pick one of each kind! Every single one of em pack a punch soo becarful not to look down the barrle of one! :D Remember...
Raven's faves
Collection by RavenDarkness646
Just some stuff I like. =)
Funny Mods
Collection by _Eskimo
Just smoe mods for me and my friends
Shitty stuff
Collection by Frarf
Penguin House
L4D2 Mods
Collection by RhombusBomb
best map combo ever
Collection by lone wolf games
best map ever with these workshop items
best and most fun map and workshop items
Collection by lone wolf games
this wast the most fun and best map i ever have played whit these workshop items i recomend to download this and play this have fun guys
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