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Vietnam Mods
Collection by Dennis
"I love the smell of napalm in the morning..." This is a series of mods inspired by the Vietnam war as well as the late 20th century. Please note that certain items within this collection were not necessarily used in the Vietnam war, but instead share...
Darksword306 L4D2 Mod Essentials
Collection by KNewman
Left 4 dead awesomeness
Collection by Mr.SoniK
Co-op Campaigns for Friends
Collection by azmeangreen
A collection of campaigns to co-op with friends.
StalkingEmu's Minecraft Adventure Pack
Collection by StalkingEmu
This is a collection of mods that turn the game into a Minecraft Style game along with my custom survivor mods I've made in the past.
Collection by DrunkenDuckDance
Radiant Souls
Collection by Echo
A convenience collection for me and my friends to download for our private server. If you want to try it you can, there are some personal touches and in-joke mod picks, but the rest is generally fun.
Left 4 Chakas
Collection by Awesomlistic
Collection by XFUCKtor
Collection by Vi X Rathie
Silver Vision
Collection by whisperstatic
A mod pack which makes nothing fit tonally. I know the xenomorph mod is up twice but that's because it's so awesome it merits it.
left for dead
Collection by BigDownstairs45
left for dead
nicholes stofff
Collection by 돌팔이 의사
Collection by MeloN
Kollektion für Mich
Collection by man_im_schnee
Einfach für mich
Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by Honoka Kosaka
【HD】 Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by 人格失調
left 4 dead 2
Collection by megapikachu
L4d2 for Friends: C'est La Vie
Collection by |ExT| C'est La Vie
New Left 4 Dead Pack 2.0
Collection by Peak
It features HD things to make your gameplay experience more exciting!
Collection by PFC | Mooshles
A collection of things for SSL
Collection by zeppelinjackson
Cool stuff
Left 4 Dead 2 Collection
Collection by ♒♥Spector♥♒
This is a gather up of all of my addons
Silcenced SD guns
Collection by Jansen
SD guns, including sound files. I claim nothing, these are just workshop files I found. Pistols changed into Dual Silenced Pistols. Magnum changed to Silent. Silver Shotty into Tactical Both auto shotguns into "Extreme" Auto Rifle and AK...
deathcraft 2
Collection by Soccerpro100723
Elara's stuff and yeah
Collection by Elara
uh yeah yep.
Survivor Skins
Collection by SenorWombat
Collected survivor skins - realistic, not goofy
Anime n' stuff
Collection by mahoiku | FAKKU.net
This is what i made for fun, i'm just sharing it. Some mods are for the same thing, so disable and enable where neccasary.
My L4D2 crap
Collection by Prophet mwee
Collection by 虹髮伯爵
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