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add ons
Collection by 47th Pirate
l4d2 addons
Collection by 47th Pirate
Oblivion's L4D2 Collection 7/30/14
Collection by Oblivion Legacy
Blaze it 024$$
Collection by James Blunt
Only the Most MLG modZ
Left for dead storys
Collection by Chaoscat2001
Thanx mod makers
Dead Before Dawn - Complete
Collection by Future Mrs. Wenchy FartPorn
Dead Before Dawn Map for Z-Harmony Servers
meeeeee's L4D2 maps
Collection by meeeeee[ßŦ]
I found these maps and they seem to be on par with the official maps.
Collection by Razmir
Moist Bagels crap n yeah
Collection by MoistBagel
sure why not
Scooter's gamming anime pack
Collection by Scootershot
for personal use
For Friends Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by TonyTheOni
Kowagaru's L4D2 collection
Collection by Kowagaru
I'm putting up this collection so me and my friends can play with the same mods together and get them all easily.
My Favorites
Collection by spiderweber72
Collection by eXTREMEHRz !RECRUTE!
Collection by tfC
Minimal_Pack - changes some UI elements and textures.
L4D2 collection
Collection by cjfazzell
Dumb shit
Collection by Jaes
L4D2 Survivors Collection
Collection by [Kanga Klan] foxyguy13
Just a bunch of random different Survivor Packs for different themed mods, enjoy :)
L4D2 Random Weapons Collection
Collection by [Kanga Klan] foxyguy13
Tons of different weapon mods that are **MOSTLY** compatible.
Ultimate Boomer Pack
Collection by funny_puppy
Boomer pack 1.0
Collection by a cat
no fun
Collection by |GsX| Angry Canadian |SA|
not weapons
Collection by Bill-X
Collection by Bill-X
The Nexion Collection
Collection by Nexion
Make YOUR L4D2 Beautiful
Collection by TermsofUse999
Collection of modifications for making the game look better. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3n7g5wSJGQ
Collection by Voven1
left for dead awesome pack
Collection by Druid
Left 4 Dead 2收藏
Collection by [TW]MiniYung
Fun Times L4D
Collection by fatness5000
Sexy fun times.
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