Left 4 Dead 2
Your own custom apocalypse
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The Fetus Experience
Collection by: Mecha-Blaze
Basically, a collection of all the shit that I use in l4d.
Silent Hill in L4D2
Collection by: st-MK
Best Silent Hill mods for Left 4 Dead 2 found in Workshop.
Dr Medic Van Glickensberg L4D2 Pack O' Stuff
Collection by: [DP!] Dr Medic Van Glickensberg
A pack of L4D2 stuff
Foxy ladiesBotts!
Collection by: Crispy Duck
First collection
L4D2 (Collage)
Collection by: Ammper
Xok's L4D2 Favourites
Collection by: Xok
Collection of addons that I like or interest me. NOTE: I do not own and I did not create the collection pictures.
My Favorite Left 4 Dead 2 Mods
Collection by: KrypTo 3000
My favorite mods for Left 4 Dead 2 that i thought were cool and wanted to share them with others in one convienient collection credits go to their respective owners
Enhanced L4D2 Pack
Collection by: DJSchroth
A collection of mods to enhance your Left 4 Dead 2 experience.
Critico Negativo
Collection by: un nickname più carino
Collezione privata di gioco per il gruppo di Critico Negativo
left 4 dead 2
Collection by: ۣ-= ChocolateMystia ๖๖
just testing it out
Collection by: The Entire DayZ Development Team
swag me out< YEEEEEEAAAAAAH! There may be issues with some of the mods if you have your own items installed.
Deimos el ingeniero colection
Collection by: Deimos Conagher (O.I)
son todo tipo de armas de l4d2
Fun, interesting mods.
Collection by: Dr. Daft™
Some fun mods to enhance you're Left 4 Dead 2! By the way, I did not make these mods. If you want to give credit go to the real page of their item and post it. I will be adding more and more mods to this collection.
Left For Dead Realism Pack
Collection by: [0GS] Yarr
A more realistic L4D2.
John Cena Essentials
Collection by: Suoi Disney
All you need for a "Cena Certified" Left 4 Dead 2 experience, enjoy!
High Quality Resource Pack
Collection by: .bones
Faith's Home-made Clusterfuck
Collection by: SomeZombiefiedHobowithaMoustach
[ ! ! ! ] H U G E F U C K I N G W A R N I N G : write sv_consistency 0 in the console before hosting or joining a game. [ ! ! ! ] (CAUTION: PONIES) All of the strange, twisted, and out-of-place content replacements I find delightful, all wrapped up ...
Weaporns & characters collection
Collection by: Leonardo
This collection includes new skins of weapons, some campaigns and skins of players from residnt evil. All mods work 100%
One K
Collection by: -=FK=- One K
Collection by: She Wants The D
Hyrul's installed mod.
Collection by: Hyrul
Just for my friends.
Fidschi's Music Pack
Collection by: Fidschi
A Pack of all my Music Mods. I hope you enjoy.
Complete Weapon and item replacement - L4D2
Collection by: Hrum
Includes the following model replacements: All Primary and secondary weapons All Melee and ranged Medpacks Pills Defibrilator Gasoline and bonus. Conflict-free pack. With due respect to all the authors of the mods.
Mods Pack (Skins, Mods, Scripts) by Penta
Collection by: Penta
Huge pack of mods for l4d2 :)...
Dumme Kacke
Collection by: Otze
Voll mit dummer kacke
Collection by: Stianthegeneral
Hokuto Music Collection
Collection by: Kyo Tanaka
This is all the L4D2 mods that uses Hokuto Musou music.
Better 4 Dead 2
Collection by: [WizM] Wizard
Basicly Just Enhances The Game
Download, play, then read the list of mods! Very Funny!
Collection by: A Jiggly Fatkid
It's just a huge pack of funny mods that me and my friends wanted to play with. I did not make any of these mods i'm just simply a fan and i want everyone to enjoy the experience I had with these! Enjoy!
Extra Puppies
Collection by: Rabid Plays a Game
A collection of random of things, randomly assorted for a random experience on L4D2....Randomly
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